Episode 7 “The Art of Trust” First Look | Heartland: Season 13

Episode 7 “The Art of Trust” First Look | Heartland: Season 13

Alright, well thanks for the ride. Hey, wait. Can we just cut
the company manners for a second? Quinn, right? Uh, yes sir. Just wanted to properly introduce myself,
I’m Tim Fleming. I’m Georgie’s grandfather. Well it’s great to meet you Mr. Fleming. So you’re the guy? (chuckles) Interesting. Listen we’re just about to eat
dinner, so why don’t you join us? Give us a chance
to get to know you a little better. Oh, no no, Quinn’s… Quinn’s
busy he’s got umm– You know what? I’d love to. He’d love to! Great, so park over there and
we’ll see you inside. This’ll be fun. So I’ve decided I’m gonna take Spartan
with me to the retreat, and then that way I can go on some trail rides while Jane
is teaching her art classes. Well I’m glad you’re going because
every mom deserves some ‘me’ time. Sounds like you’re taking a little ‘me’
time yourself there Quinn. But why you’d choose Hudson
for your vacation… (laughs) Why not? Someone like you with a famous
family, lots of money to burn… Your Dad was an Olympic
show jumper right? Yes. My Dad was. Yeah I know, I did my research. Well I’m sure you also know that my
time here hasn’t just been vacation. Thanks to Lisa, I found a stud horse for my family’s equestrian facility in Wellington– Tim: In Wellington, Florida. Almost
as big as Spruce Meadows. Well, I don’t about that. It is, I know, I read the articles. So, you got your horse now, what
are you gonna do? Quinn, why don’t you tell us a little
bit about how you and Georgie met. At the uh, training program. Oh, Mum, nobody wants to know that. -Come on!
-Well it’s a pretty short story actually. I saw Georgie jump on her first day
and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I decided that I just had to know her. When you say you’re leaving again? I didn’t. And I’m actually not sure. Just waiting on a… couple things to hopefully
come together. Well. You’re welcome
anytime here Quinn. That is, unless, those things
you just mentioned, come too close together.

78 thoughts on “Episode 7 “The Art of Trust” First Look | Heartland: Season 13

  1. Can’t wait for this Sunday to watch this part, Now Georgie is you’re getting into deep and it looks funny what Jack just said .I being watching Heartland on Netflix and now watching on CBC,in 🇨🇦. Thank you for making Heartland

  2. Question ? what tv chanel i can watch season 13 ? Hulu , up family tv , netflix or Amazon .if somebody know please laymeknow.thanks

  3. I feel sooo sad for Wyatt, the goodbye scene in the last episode was heartbreaking, my eyes were full of tears. 😭😭

  4. OK, Here we go again. Where is Ty? Is this now the resurgence of a Georgie storyline that puts the Ty and Amy storyline in the background? Didn't we have enough of that in Seasons 9, 10, and 11?

  5. Georgie and Alisha Newton are my kind of humans, they are completely gorgeous inside and out, they both have hearts of gold, they are down to earth, inspirational, sassy and sexy!!❤❤❤🌠😎🌷
    Overtime, I have had a thing for them both!😇❤🌠 I would hope that Quinn treats Georgie with all the love, respect and admiration that she deserves!❤

  6. How can I watch this program in the states? Saw it on Netflix’s and loved it. Need more Heartland and all its cast!

  7. We need to warn you now, Quinn: should Jack think those "things" are coming a little too close together, there are two results: He will either kick you so far off Heartland, you'll be cr*ppin' in Montana, or one of those "things" will be removed. Actually, maybe Jack will do both, come to think of it…

  8. The last episode was very boring… this one seems like it's going to be as well. This whole Georgie love triangle is pointless. And how do they all of the sudden end up with this guy driving her around when I thought she didn't want anything to do with him

  9. heartland is all about horses and everything I lost a horses that I loved so much and I am afraid that I am not ready to rid again I need heartland to he,o me and my name is margaret rosiello is you want my phone number is 2034519769

  10. He's a marked improvement over the other drop-kicks Georgie has been throwing herself at. Wyatt was such a waste of oxygen I had to stop watching Heartland for a while.

  11. I love how Mama Lou is perfectly OK with Georgie knowing this boy and yet her grandfather and great grandfather are so overprotective.

  12. Porque?!?!? Dónde está Wyatt????? Era perfectos juntos!!! Este tipo que?? Nop no me gusta para a mi amiga George… Solo espero que está temporada no sea tan pequeña como la 12… Por cierto, donde demonios está Ty otra vez?!?!?

  13. "That is unless those things you mentioned come too close together", Jack doing what Jack does best, protecting his girls.

  14. I love heartland ,I live in America though so I have to wait 8 months till episodes are on uptv. NOT COOL☹☹☹☹☹

  15. Quando que vai vir as novas episódios eu adoro essa série Estou doida para ver essa série novamente eu amo

  16. Somehow I get the feeling there’s more to Georgie and Quinn than she’s letting on right now. I think they got “close” while she was away in Europe, similar to what happened with the Kerry character from that old show 8 Simple Rules when she went to Europe.

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