Epic! Drawing a 747 on LAST EL AL 747 Flight

Epic! Drawing a 747 on LAST EL AL 747 Flight

– Today, one last flight
on EL AL back to Tel Aviv. Gonna be a very special
flight, I promise you. (upbeat music) – Final Boeing 747 flight. It’s gonna be a really classy event. Everyone is dressed in
their actual uniform. (upbeat music) (crowd cheers) – Cheers to EL AL 747, guys! The boarding just started for
the last EL AL 747 flight. Let’s go guys! (upbeat music) You know, walking down the jet bridge boarding the 747 is a
very special feeling. (jet engine whining) – Hello!
– [Sam] Hello! Welcome! – Hi!
– [Sam] Wow, look at you guys! – We missed you! – [Sam] You changed your actual uniform! – Welcome to the 70s! (jet engine whining) – Hello
– Hello! (speaking Hebrew) – Hello!
– Hello! – [Sam] Hello, welcome back!
– Welcome back, thank you! – I used to wear this uniform. – [Sam] Which year was this from? – ’74 – [Sam] Oh my god! Wow! – This is the 74 model! – (engine drowns out voice) first 747-400 to Israel from Seattle. – 1994 – [Sam] You are the first crew? – Yup.
– Yes. – [Sam] And today you’re a crew going back on the last flight. Must be emotional for you. – Yes, very emotional. You asked me about my
work, I love this work. We have various kind of people, from all ages, religions and we love it. Every flight is different. – Hello everyone. My name is Jonathan Gat. I’m the captain flying this
Jumbo for the last time. Here from Rome back to
Tel Aviv, home base. I’m excited, I am. Being the last ever EL AL
pilot to hold this stick fly from here, Rome, and land it for the last time in Tel Aviv. We’ll be cruising at flight level 350. Nice, smooth ride and
then in the early descent over the Mediterranean
Sea, just south of Cyprus, we’re going to draw a Jumbo in the sky. Those of you who are
watching the flight radar, are going to see the Jumbo
as it’s being written, or drawn in the sky, it’s
going to be thrilling. I hope you will enjoy this flight with us. It’s a unique, last ever
flight of EL AL in 747. So, enjoy it! – Commandante, bon giorno! So, just to say bye bye. Thanks for your assistance. – Grazie mille! – I hope that everything will be great. It was a very, it was a pleasure
to operate with this 747. It’s our last one in Roma Fiumicino. (speaking Italian) You know the word
spaghetti! (Sam laughing) – Okay, we will meet each
other on the other end. – On the 737.
– On the 737. We are waiting for you. – Dear passengers, I’m
Captain Jonathan Gat. (mumbling through the speakers) I’m privileged to join you
and this wonderful crew to fly this last and final fleet, I’ve been managing for
the last four years. Flight time will be just
over four and a half hours. It’s favourable conditions
on the route, I wish us all a safe and enjoyable flight. Thank you! – Initially 4000 feet, squawk is 1203. (radio chatter) – Push and start approved,
stand 70, EL AL 747. (relaxing piano music) – Number three.
– Start. (relaxing piano music) – [Marshall] Pushback is completed. Parking brake set. – [Captain Gat] Ground, thank you. Start up is complete,
please prepare for taxi. Standing by for hand signal. – [Marshall] Okay, you can
proceed on the right, bye bye! – [Captain Gat] Bye bye, ciao from 747! – [Marshall] Bye bye, ciao! – [Captain Gat] Before taxi checklist. – [First Officer] Anti-ice
– [Captain Gat] off – [First Officer] Recall
– [Captain Gat] Checked. – [First Officer] Auto brakes.
– [Captain] (mumbling) off. – [First Officer] Flaps.
– [Captain] 20 set. – [First Officer] Flight controls. – [Captain] Checked. – [First Officer] Ground equipment. – [Captain] Clear. – [First Officer] Clear on my side. Before taxi checklist complete. (mumbling) – EL AL 1747, request taxi. – [ATC] EL AL 1747, to
the holding point two five taxi mike, romeo, bravo. – [First Officer] Continue taxi, Mike, Romeo, Bravo, EL AL 1747. – [ATC] EL AL 1747,
continue holding point 25, after November stand by, tower 118.7 – [First Officer]
Continue holding point 25 after November contact tower 118.7, EL AL 1747. – [ATC] EL AL 1747, runway
25, line up and wait – [First Officer] Line up and
wait, runway 25, EL AL 1747. – [ATC] EL AL 1747, (mumbling) runway 25, wind 210 at 16 knots,
cleared for take off. – [First Officer] Cleared for take off, runway 25, EL AL 1747. (turbines roaring powerfully) – [First Officer] 80 knots. V1. Rotate. – [First Officer] Positive rate. – [Captain] Gear up. – [ATC] EL AL 1747, contact
Roma 130.9, good bye. – [First Officer] 130.9,
good day, EL AL 1747. Departure, hello EL AL
1747, passing 1300 feet. – [ATC] EL AL 1747,
climb flight level 230 to (mumbling) – [First Officer] Flight level
230 to (mumbling) EL AL 1747. (uplifting orchestral music) – We have a bartender. We have special cocktails
and a special barman from a very good bar in Tel Aviv. (loud static cabin noise) – [Flight Attendant On
Speaker] … with cocktails and snacks. – So this is the Jasmine cocktail. – The Jasmine cocktail?
– Jasmine cocktail. This is basically
– With alcohol? – With alcohol: Gin, Campari,
Passion fruit, lime juice… – Okay, let me try. – Okay, enjoy it, have fun. It’s very good, very refreshing. – Quite strong, lot’s of Gin here. – This is our Piña Tropical (talking over each other) – Kinda twist of Piña Colada, pineapple, coconut, spiced rum and lemon. – Cheers guys, on the EL AL Jumbo. Cheers.
– Cheers. – My name is Lior, I am a
boarding area blogger from Israel. I blog flying out, I’m
obviously on this flight. I bought a ticket, same as everyone else. Very unique concept of
buying the tickets here. No cash tickets, only award, award miles, award points in case of EL AL. – All the passenger here has to use their EL AL frequent flyer
club points to redeem. – Exactly.
– Like you said. 747 points in business class, like here. 400 points in the back, so the whole thing is pretty smart: 747, 400 – [Sam] Hi guys! (mumbling) Cheers to 747! – Special bottle for only today. – [Passenger] Oh no, we
serve those every flight. – Nah. – Hey, I’m the marketing
communication manager of EL AL. Who is producing this flight, but in 1994, in my first flight to New
York, as a stewardess, I flew, it was in the back galley, of a 747 in its first flight to New York. So today we are closing
circles and doing all this fun. You are great, great passengers. – … trolleys and
carts to the upper deck. And you can see the other
side, when you go upstairs. – [Sam] Alright, so you
can send this to go up? (talking over each other) – [Sam] Only 747 has this elevator? – (mumbling) right. See here, you can see it coming up. – [Sam] Oh, it’s going up, oh. – [Man With Glasses] And again. This is the upper deck side of
this elevator, of this lift. (both are mumbling over each other) – [Sam] You can put a trolley inside. – Just press it and it goes down. – [Sam] Oh, it went down, alright. – It’s very good exercise, actually. (Sam chuckling) Going uphill. – [Sam] Must be a lot of weight, – Oh yeah. – [Sam] to pull up the
trolley here, so heavy. – A lot of good food. – We have wrapped crepe
with cabbages and spinach. – [Sam] Very nice!
– [Stewardess] Yeah, it is. – This is Lasagna, with cheese. – [Sam] Lasagna with cheese, look at that. Whoa. – [Stewardess] Smells amazing. (speaking Hebrew) – This is our special
chocolate from (mumbling), and this is the Tiramisu cake,
the famous Tiramisu cake. – Good bye, 747 chocolate. – Sam, especially for you. The first time you’re
being served by a captain, It will be a delicious
meal, this is your table. – This is an absolute
priceless experience. I was treated like a VIP, like a King. I can proudly say, I’m the last person having lunch inside a
cockpit on the EL AL 747. (being drowned out by loud static noise) – 30 minutes more or less. The first time ever in the
world, the last time for the 747. A great great opportunity to be here. – Yup, we’ve just started drawing. Amazing! I’m a great drawer. – We are going to see the
activity in the main cabin. Now we’re starting the draw of 747. Um, you can feel the aeroplanes
frottling up and down now because soon its going to do
turns, to draw the 747 shape. (turbine sounds) This is quite a special moment
now, we descend to 10,000 feet over now, to the
cosier Cyprus airspace. We don’t know what’s going to
happen, we are all going to write a history on the 747 shape. Oh, you can hear the engine
pitch up, so he is frottling the engine. – [Man holding Camera] He’s speeding up – He’s speeding up, he’s doing
a straight line , so he’s doing a straight line he’ll
speed up then he’s going to slow down when he is doing the
turns and doing a drawing with little turns on the 747. So we are now at the Northern
top of the wing, after we drawing the body and a two
engine and continuing, then we’re going to fly down to draw the
complete wing and the AF body and the tail. (upbeat music) – The engines are perfect Sivan. – So we uh just finished drawing
the AF body, and now we are about to draw the tail. – We were worried there is going
to be some weather here and then it’s gonna be bumpy and
the feeling in the cabin will not be that good but everything
is nice and smooth, the cabin is relaxed, everybody
is enjoying themselves, we are enjoying ourselves, everything
is perfect just according to the planning. Our engineer who drew this on
the paper should be satisfied. – Okay so yeah we had to have
about 80 points to draw the 747 in the sky and in order to
load it into the FMC, we had to load one route and then in
the middle of the drawing we loaded the other route so we
could fly the other half of the aeroplane. – We just finished our big
point, so we drew half of the 747 which probably you can see on
your flight radar right now so there’s just one half to go. (upbeat music) – I will say, we just received
a message from the Suprian traffic controller, she told
us that she can see the picture that we are drawing on the
flight radar where she is sitting in the station and she
said that it’s amazing! (inaudible overhead speaker on aeroplane) – We will be landing an hour
from now, so enjoy the rest of your flight. (cheering) – Now he is going to do the windows. – We’ll be here another 10 hours. – We’ve prepared a lot of
surprises to our passengers. Here we have a postcard to
commemorate this flight and commemorate all the years of 747 El Al. Everything inside and it is
special edition it’s a limited edition, this is 70 out of 550. So now we are preparing to
hand it out to all of our passengers. Souvenir time! (Dramatic music) (plane noises) – [Pilots speaker] 2500,
gear down, gear down. – El Al 17471350 0 degrees
(inaudible) clear to land. – Clear to land El Al 1747. – Landing checklist. (inaudible muffling sounds) – Landing checklist is complete. – 500 (plane turbines) – 100 – 50 – 40 – 20 – 10 (dramatic music) – Great landing, man. (Non-English language) (dramatic music) – I was getting so emotional,
the last landing back to Tel Aviv. My love of aviation started
with a 747 and what we have accomplished today drawing a
747 to the sky and a smooth landing, Captain, thank you
very much, Congratulations again. – Thank you so much for joining us – Thank you as well. Because of the 747, you know
it connects the globe, it connects all of us, it unites
us, it doesn’t divide us. It doesn’t matter your
colour, your background, your religion, you know in aviation
this is fantastic you know. I just really appreciate
what you guys given me the opportunity and God bless,
thank you so much for having me here. – Thank you being with us. – End of an era, end of a great flight. Thank you so much guys – Thank you so much Al. – Ah come on give us some energy! – I don’t know energy,
only tears I’m sorry. – It was a pleasure flying
with you, for the last time. (inaudible speaking) (cheering) – Thank you for signing my T-shirt. Thank you! Thank you very much guys. (cheering) (dramatic music)

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  1. I wonder if the exiting Airbus A340s would get as much attention and have goodbye events like the Boeing 747s do. Not anything against A340s, but I guess Boeing 747 had much more impacts on people that a lot of people do know or remember 747s, even if you are not a plane 🤓 geek.

  2. Marvellous video . Great crew though not too sure if I liked the '74 uniform . In Europe that leaves LH , BA and KL as the sole airlines exploiting the model and the last 2 will cease their operation in '21 . Sad . I wonder if the Capt . will convert to the B777/787 or retire ?

  3. Remarkable flight to sign off ElAl’s final B744 flight LY1747! I was surprised to see that the leading edge flaps were deployed during the ‘’drawing of the B747 in the sky’’ at 10K feet. Well done documentation Sam once again and thank you!

  4. I live next to TLV, the planes land and take off regularly right over my house. The 747 is very retro in a good way and a marvel of engineering, despite it becoming obsolete. Its engines sound like a symphony, and its size is more than impressive. It has been a dream of mine to fly on one (as I am only 16 years old, it was way more common back then), but the chances of me boarding one are way lower now. Sad to see it go from El Al’s fleet.

  5. Am I the only one crying at the end of this video? I am so happy for Sam and his wonderful experience on El Al's final 747 flight. It is so nice to see him receive the 'royal treatment'. Sam Chui is a genuine YouTube star. Thank you El Al. Thank you Sam!

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  7. I'm surprised that you were allowed into the cockpit, that was interesting to see.

    It was also interesting to note that the pilots spoke English with different accents based on who they were talking to. When speaking with ATC and the passengers they used I believe a South African (pilot) accent and an American (co-pilot) accent but used an Israeli accent when speaking English to each other.

    My first flight to Israel was on an El Al 747 and it's sad to see it go, but I'm also excited for the planes of the future (provided they have a better story than the 737 max).

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    Tel aVIV
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    Thank you Sam. Welcome to Palestine Free Palestine for ever ! God bless The Palestine . 🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩

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