EPIC ART with SALT!? - *Emotional*

EPIC ART with SALT!? – *Emotional*

today I'm going to attempt to create art with salt but art is not real art unless it's emotional so this salt is no ordinary table of cooking salt this salt is tear salt that's right every time I lost a competitive game whether it been donor or pub G I collected those tears every time I plucked my endlessly growing monobrow and forest of nose hairs every onion I cut every time I looked at the sad Keanu Reaves meme he just looks so sad and in the last six months the tear collection has ramped to an unprecedented level with politics the way that they've been every time the news was on I collected those tears and of course with my newborn infant daughter every night she kept me up every sleep-deprived emotional tear was collected and all of these were carefully distilled into the purest most emotional salt man can create what you're about to witness being created ladies and gentlemen is artwork that is accumulated from the most intense amount of emotion ever collected from a human being let's get started get analyzed and gentleman welcome to draw with Jazza i'm Jezza and every now and then I like to splash in some unconventional art materials and today it's going to be salt on black before we get started I want to thank the sponsor of this video audible without whom this activity wouldn't be possible seriously one of the most effective tear collecting methods has been listening to the Fault in Our Stars by John Green over and over and over cut that book makes correct audible is an amazing place for you listen to fantastic audiobooks an unprecedented library whether you're looking for self betterment or adventure medieval history sci-fi fantasy there is just an almost endless library of audiobooks for you to listen to and if you sign up and by going to audible.com/veritasium Jezza de 500 500 new members can get three months of audible for just 695 a month let me just put that in context for you for a second you could get the first three books of The Wheel of Time series that's over $200 worth of books and over 80 hours of epic fantasy listening adventure stories listening adventure stories I feel like that's what audible should change their name in my last audible sponsored video I asked you for your recommendations and someone suggested we'll save the galaxy for food so I listened to that one while I work on a piece today because I have a feeling the artwork itself is gonna be a little space themes because we have a lot of black to work with it so I feel like this might get me in the mood and be a cool book to listen to you thanks for your ekiden Dacian by the way and of course a huge thank you to audible for sponsoring this video now let's get started in today's activity I think before I attempt an ambitious piece to fill this whole thing with I'm going to play a little bit with the medium and see how it works and use these containers in theory to paint with do you say paint or I don't know the technical term anyway I don't want to spill a single grain of my precious tear sand took me a long time to gather all those tears my tears salt no these are my applicators applicator one or that seems that that seems pretty effective and I could maybe maybe holding my finger over that over the tip it's not a steady enough flow you know like how people like when they cut cocaine I like use their credit card and then snort the coke I don't do cocaine okay alright just gonna use my my my key transportation card I definitely don't do this all the time the idea is I can shape the lines and get a cleaner edge by using the cut all right now gradients get fancy now what do I do I like to watch it's just like like this around that's sort of work I do think that this is uh this is gonna work and the cool thing is there seems to be it's pretty easy method of cleaning up and so the moving things around I can just sort of move it around oh that's fancy I'm gonna do a spear I was gonna say like when you're putting this down to get a gradient that you just pepper it around but D like is pepper at the verb that board is an adjective I don't even know but you don't pepper it cuz it's salt but can you say you just salt it no who says that just salt it what I wanted this to be like way smoother I'm gonna try a different applicator all right I've got this for the cleanup later and I'm gonna try this out I feel like maybe with a bit of a bit of squeeze control I could get a cleaner look so much emotion in this bottle yeah there's some oh this is terrible maybe if I cut holes in it so this is why the experimentation process is important because I need to know how to work with the medium oh it's a bit poopy I don't know could be useful for something but I want to clean like solid stream how do I it's kind of big hole oh these are falling apart I'm worried I'm gonna cut myself on the handle the handle on these scissors is really sharp huh this is less a smooth of an opening let's let's have a smooth then I would've hoped Oh God didn't cut myself that's alright we're all good we're all good oh oh yeah it wasn't pointless doing all of that faffing about look at that gorgeous clean line oh my god I am disproportionately excited about this I've never been so excited about pouring salt in my entire life I'm such a child so you really can get quite a clean edge and it looks sort of cool ready for the magic that's awesome here's that except it doesn't look very spherical I can fix that just gonna hand-paint I keep saying pain it's not painting what is this well there's a bit of a sphere it looks pretty cool it definitely looks like a planet like for sure it looks like I mean you could almost where's the light coming from you know is ad like this and this could easily be sort of seen as like a Sun behind the planet which is kind of cool really need to build up that soul sir my name's a leave me some more tears I need to get more emotional to make sure I have enough salt cuz cuz the salt is from my tears I'm sorry just looks like has it's human now doesn't need to be Gloria how do I make it look like a Sun I need it just go wow make it gradient Hey look at that and it's got a lens flare does that work is this working not really that look like a lens flare me sort out ish I feel like I've definitely experimented enough gonna take me just as long to clean up as it did to set up but then I'm gonna try and get started on an epic artwork and I definitely think the space theme is the way to make this work as effectively as possible I mean just like that that's just my test oh and that's really it's even satisfying to like see it like get cut into and disappear as I sweep it's really cool you just try this at home kids your parents will think you're really clever Scrabble you kitchen salt and spill all over the and make a cool picture they gonna love it less effective than I heard I'm just making a moment it's gonna take well I'm gonna clean up but I'm gonna cut now to an epic time-lapse and make an epic artwork so I hope you enjoy it it's gonna be very time consuming fortunately I'm great space themed audio book to listen to let's get stuck into it I hope you like the result of my epic space battle now I know what you were thinking Jazza with the vast amount of time and emotion it took to collect all of those tears to turn into all of that salt why did you make your ultra heartfelt emotional peace a big space battle I don't know it seems sort of fun I mean I guess this is emotional there's a protagonist here who could be feeling things but that's a ship being blown up I probably have certain feelings about that bit upset maybe oh no my ship in fact the true meaning of this piece is a little under the surface because where war is being waged in space truly everyone inside their space suit is crying salty tears until the war is over at least that's how I'm justifying it for the guy and before you go make sure to check out audible go to audible.com slash Jazza or text in jazz at five hundred five hundred and if you do that as a new member you will get three months of audible for only 695 I can't recommend it enough it's a great deal and a great chance to really dive into the service and see how addictive it is I've been listening to will save the galaxy for food web painting this that's probably the main reason I got really into the whole space theme because it's a really fun start to an audiobook and I can't wait to listen to more of it go check it out I'll put some recommendations in the description to audiobooks you can get and check out you're gonna love it I love it thank you to audible for sponsoring this video and thank you for watching make sure to smash that like button subscribe to George as more fun with art and creativity and until next time no point wasting it we can use this on fish and chips as well I tell people why it tastes like feet say Leia make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

33 thoughts on “EPIC ART with SALT!? – *Emotional*

  1. I can’t even draw good and Jazz’s be like:
    Today I’m goin to draw with salt!
    sees ends result Maybe I shouldn’t draw at all…

  2. I can’t tell if he’s joking or not I believe he’d actually collect a jar of tears like on crybaby

  3. This nan be drawing space shoot outs with SALT when my dumb ass can’t even draw a straight line with a pencil and ruler. fml

  4. Me:draws a person

    Jazza: draws space battle with salt
    Me: O^O oh ok it’s like that well…………….okay you win T-T
    My dog:why are you crying?
    Me:jahsns shdyha ,dckudhwn ajddhhsnsjjsjsuYwg
    me: ammmm I talking to my self or do i know that I have no talent

  5. You could say that picture is very salty also didn’t you make it into sugar and not Salt that’s my question because when it’s sugar it’s gonna be sweet and you could just lick it off or just take some strawberries and dip it in the sugar drawling

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