[ Eng sub ] Watercolor painting of a man | Watercolor Tips 水彩画の基本 男性の顔を描くコツ

[ Eng sub ] Watercolor painting of a man | Watercolor Tips 水彩画の基本 男性の顔を描くコツ

Today I will be painting a man’s face in profile. During this painting, there will be two important points so please watch closely until the end. First, draw a rough sketch. We’ll be using the shape of the neck too. Draw the body and add some tones to the background and let’s start painting. Using the bleeding effect and running paint, boldly lay the colors. No need to hesitate using a pure color. Lay a bit of the paint used in the face to the background to balance out the painting. Adds depth to the colors, doesn’t it? This is the hat area. Flat paint one color with plenty of paint. Next add a darker color since the shadow area is darker. Now this will be the first point. Distinctly express the sun-lit area and the shaded area to differentiate the front side of the face and the profile. Paint without hesitation. The front side of the face will be a dark color. By painting this side with a strong dark color, it clearly differentiates the face area and the profile. Still simply laying down the colors. Be sure not to paint in too much detail. Broadly differentiate the shaded face and the sun-lit profile. How is it? Being able to see a large three-dimensional form, this is what’s important. Don’t paint in the details yet. We’ll keep adding darker colors to the shaded area. Since this elderly man has a rich white beard, carefully leave the white of the paper under his nose. Now add some tones to the sun-lit profile. You gradually start to see the whole silhouette of the face. But still keep using large strokes. Brush strokes like this may help you in your paintings. Now I’m painting the beard. Paint like your scooping the brush from the bottom. Still depicting the general form. Don’t be afraid to paint the dark colors. Paint it without hesitation. Gradually darken the chin area. This sharpens the silhouette of the whole face doesn’t it? Something like this. Still leaving the beard area white. The beard is starting to come out. Add a bit here and there to the profile and neck area and let’s move on to the hat. Use broad strokes. Make it dark. How is it? The form is gradually appearing clearly. Scratch with your fingertips here. This is to express the wrinkles on the face. I’m using a painting knife to scratch here. This is also a very efficient way to express the elderly man’s wrinkles, so try it out. Paint a bit more of the hat. It has as much presence as the face. Now, for the 2nd point. I’m fiddling around the eye area right now. But I’m not painting much of the eyes, am I? There are many people who depict the eyes too strongly when painting faces. But what should be depicted strongly is the other parts. I’m painted in the beard area. By distinctly painting these parts besides the eyes, you bring out the model’s unique character. Not depicting the eyes too much, this is the 2nd point. Now, paint the clothes. This again strengthens the silhouette of the face. Paint the dark color in one go. Paint it without stopping. Right here too. Always use wet-in-wet, painting using the bleeding effect. I stroked a line here. This kind of line is nice isn’t it? After bleeding, defining the shape with a strong line. Try out this kind of contrast between indistinct and distinct. Now I’ll play around a bit with the background. There is a white cloud right here. The blue sky peeping out from in between the white clouds, this is the kind of expression we’ll depict. The blue sky peeping out from in between the thick clouds. A dramatic expression. Paint without stopping. Everything should be done before the paint dries. In watercolor painting, you don’t wait for the paint to dry. You paint while it’s still wet. Like this. All while it’s wet. Now I’ve added the blood’s color. You can see the paint bleeding and running, can’t you? The paint is bleeding into the area I scratched earlier, making it look like the elderly man’s wrinkles doesn’t it? I’ll scratch again. Moving on to the area near the eye. Don’t depict the eyes too much right? Need to be careful here. Express the person’s character by using the expression of the whole face. Add the color of the blood. Contrary to the face, the clothes will be very simplified. Moving to the background again. The blue sky is visible over here. Utilize the bleeding effect to its full extent. The white areas left will be the clouds. Try not to think too stringently. It’s very important to express it freely. This is the distant cloud. Now we’ve completed most of the painting. In the clothing, sort out the areas drawn in too much detail. Like this. And that completes the painting. Today I showed you how to paint a man’s face in profile. The key point was to distinguish the face and the profile by using the contrast between the sun-lit and shaded area. The other key point was to bring out the model’s individuality by not painting the eyes in too much detail and instead distinctly defining the parts besides the eyes. You’re welcome to try it out. Until next time, happy painting!

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  1. こんだけ濡らして濡らして塗り重ねてもモロモロしない紙ってどんだけ良い紙なんだろう……高いんだろうなあ……

  2. Brilliant technique and inspiring skills. Thank you for sharing and I loved watching you. I am subscribing to your channel. From Glasgow Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 thank you

  3. Your paintings are amazing and your voice is so calm when you explain stuff about your pqintings, arigato! 🙂

  4. Shibasaki is amazing, fantastic, kind, and their isn't enough praise in the world for him. This man deserves his own tv show cause i can tell you that i will watch his show even if it's at 1am i will still watch it.

  5. There was a cut at a really important part, and I wonder how Shibasaki-san managed to put the white into the right eye. It's just a black/dark-blue eye at first and then there's a cut where the sclera is added. I would like to know how to do that.

  6. 私は絵を描くのとは無縁ですが、こういう方の頭の構造ってどうなってるの??

  7. With every stroke he does I think "no that's too much color in the wrong place, it's going to ruin the picture!" but then it turns out beautiful
    I guess I still have to work on that "without hesitation" part

  8. You have the same energy of bob ross, but japanese, also you teach watercolors instead of oil. Both wholesome.

  9. "There are many people who depict the eyes too strongly when painting faces." – I see you too have seen Clannad.

  10. I know I just watched you paint this, but still, I'm baffled by how you turned blobs of color into a man's face! I watched the whole video in a state of disbelief. Amazing! This was super cool to watch. Thank you for sharing Shibasaki-san!

  11. Thanks for teaching this. I’m trying this and enjoying the technics you teach. Even though it doesn’t look like the same man as yours.

  12. 凄いテクニックです!

  13. ずっと見てたのにいつの間にかどうしてこうなったっていう凄い絵になっていく…(`-ω-´)

  14. とても勉強になります。

  15. 全くの初心者なのですが、水彩画を始めたいという時にはどのような紙や絵の具を使うと良いのですか?それとも細かいことは気にせず、学校の美術の授業で配られたセットを使えばいいのですか?教えて頂けると幸いです。

  16. あなたは本当に才能があります。これはあなたによる私のお気に入りの絵です。

  17. 初めはこんなに大胆に色を置いて大丈夫なのかとドキドキしながら見ていましたが、最後にはとても綺麗に仕上がって本当に驚きました!勉強になります!!m(_ _)m

  18. 動画の一分台を見てるとそこそんな色でいいの!?と内心思ってしまいましたが完成を見て素晴らしさに驚嘆しました

  19. Pharmacy and doctors sould prescribe this man/artist as a anti-anxity medecine to everyone, so peacefull, relaxing et somekind of poetic, I feel like the world is beautiful again.
    Sorry, got emotional 😁

  20. 柴崎先生が描いた水彩画は

  21. コメント失礼致します。

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