[Eng sub] How to paint watercolor Lesson 8 / Step by Step Painting / Last of 3 sections [ART JACK]

[Eng sub] How to paint watercolor Lesson 8 / Step by Step Painting / Last of 3 sections [ART JACK]

Hello everyone, this is Art Jack. Today is the last of three lessons. Draw plants with hookers green. Because there is masking, it becomes 3D anyway.
It’s bright and dark. Don’t be scared of painting because of masking. I only paint dark stems Please draw a lot with the lower part.
The upper part will be painted with a thin brush. The thin brush looks like this. Voila!! Did you see me use this a lot?
I use it when I draw wood, I use it when I draw this grass, You will use it a lot. Look at the grass like this kind of twisted things.
It looks like this. There are various shapes.
Some go up like this, Like here
Growing obliquely, Some are bent, There is an A shape,
Not all grass grows upright. You can get an idea for that
Avoid too many changes, Moderately. How to draw grass once
I was going to give a special lecture on how to draw I demonstrated a lot how to program today, I don’t think you need to do a special lecture.
It’s almost over an hour today. Then with a brush like this Sprinkle it. Sprinkle dark, sprinkle bright, From this time on, I’ll start trimming As you draw, the wood thickens to the bottom.
Please put this dark color band down. Down the lump, so under the lump,
So you can put it on the lower part Why are you masking here first?
The sky is blue. Paint the sky without masking, then the colors of the bright tree leaves are mixed.
The color of the bright leaves is difficult to color. The color also darkens.
So masking like this. Bright trees are masked like this. Dark woods don’t mask dark woods like this. You can do it like this.
Now let’s take a dark shot when drawing. This one It’s a bunch of clusters on a big tree. This one gets dark
This is what I’m going to draw as a lightening phenomenon. The tree trunk side
The leaves will be sparing. Please cover these parts as well. Then, because this mass comes out, it’s not that awkward. Because it is dark wood originally Leave the bright parts. Oops !! I painted the part of the sky.
When I draw like this, I sometimes make mistakes without knowing. I painted this part of the sky. In particular, the extruded lessons are a bit crazy. I have to shoot I care about what you say I have to set the timing Mind your stroke I should say
There’s so much to do, But I have a lot of experience so I know how to fix it.
I think it’s better for you. I’ll teach you how to fix it. If I drew perfectly,
You lose the chance to learn how to fix it. Now, there is a way to fix the tree that is filled up later.
As you may have noticed, Way
I’m painting with bright paints. Opaque. I do oil paintings, so there are a lot of ways that come from oil paintings.
Because of the technology of painting oil painting, Watercolor is the same way. It’s very dark, but if you bend the space between them,
problem solving. Oh, I’m emphasizing it darker than it looks here. I usually have a strong contrast in my picture so
In short, I try to add more depth, Have experience interpreting differently from the original color
So why does the student draw “Teacher not that color”? Ask a question. Natural color may not be that color, but you think so.
To emphasize now. What if the color is a little wrong?
Anyway, I paint colors, take pictures, and go from raw materials It’s a different dye, can it be the same?
How else will the colors be the same? Isn’t it especially a picture of the sun that glows?
The sunset turns red, like that, with watercolor paint, I didn’t see anyone working properly.
Similarly but practically, Place it next to the picture and the picture and contrast is completely wrong.
Take a picture It’s different from the paint. Ingredient There are people who color it very similarly. The light is shining from the left, so the shadow is right.
These trees are created, but You can expect it like this. Then I will remove the masking If you don’t show the masking process, the screen suddenly changes. so
How did you do the magic? There are people who show you how to open this masking.
But if you know this again, it’s not fun to open. Today I showed you smartly. haha Next time Lotus leaf
Carefully paint them one by one. Unfortunately, the area where the lotus leaf is concentrated and the clouds are adjacent, There is no masking effect. If this side becomes dark, It’s really effective. This works for sure, It’s connected to the cloud here, Even if I open the masking, I mask it like that
The parts that are covered are not clearly visible. Paint lotus leaves. Where the masking was put, the pencil marks are removed. Well, I did it in dark turquoise If you darken only the part under the lotus leaf It’s a little bit more three-dimensional. Do not cross the line too straight Because it changes like a cartoon. Now let’s modify this tree. Apply some water and wipe off the bright areas Then wipe off the bright spots a little with a tissue. If you do that, you get bright parts.
Dark tall trees. The bright parts are made like this Wipe it with water.
It’s a water eraser. If you want to make it brighter, you can rub it with a brush that contains water for a long time. But don’t break the volume by wiping down to dark areas. Now it’s Jaune Brillant Color Draw bright tree branches. Do not leave white. The video was a lot of time. So it’s hard to make this a full video Some of Youtube’s videos are doing so now, but videos that are too long, Poor concentration reduces education effect. I’m worried. Now let’s fix the tree. I use a white gouache. Mix Horizon Blue and Gouache to create a light sky blue. Soak paint in a round brush. It can be called opaque watercolor.
So again find the bright parts between the leaves. Although mainly used in oil painting,
In the part that becomes dark in the watercolor and is frustrating, It can also serve as a space between trees. Is it cool to do this?
I can see the sky through the gap. I’m not using oil painting techniques. Switched to opaque watercolors Koreans think that watercolors are all transparent. There’s a stereotype. Opaque watercolor. Especially in dark places.
It’s a contrast. But be careful because too much can be nasty. How are you? Is the blockage open?
So it looks cool. Now the lotus leaf. There was only light and dark, but now it’s more dark. Anything should have three basic contrasts to create volume. Because only two tones
I put another ton What to watch out for
Make the right side darker than the left side. More to the right, dark things should go in. So the whole lump doesn’t break. I always emphasize the three basic contrasts as I draw. The same goes for other teachers, but I’m still emphasizing the overall volume. It does not break the chunks in that form to complete the finish. That’s more important than anything. This is the same way. I’m just arranging a few things to the front.
Don’t bother. You just need to tidy up a few.
And the rest is done in chunks. Some people draw grass in great detail. Depicting the grass realistically. There’s a way, but I won’t do that here. To do that, we have to draw the grass in detail. You can’t go over it like this. I draw all the lumps one by one You have to realistically draw the contrast of the branches of the grass. All the contrast, even the shadow on it, it’s all real, like that This requires great concentration and meticulousness. Today’s picture is not such hyperrealism. This dark grass branch goes in like this. Then it will break at this point Broken and subsequent repetition These descriptions should be there. In this way … I can see you in the middle. And this way I just need a few of these parts. How to draw a few pictures without having to draw them all. If you draw the typical details in detail, the illusion of an eye that seems to be drawn even if you draw roughly what is behind. Use effects. The bottom of the grass is so dark It is because there is little light. Here too
When it comes down to a little darker. I live near the square. It’s noisy. The room is not soundproof, If you’re a little noisy outside, you’re having trouble recording. Don’t try to explain too much. You can live feeling it. Do not try to draw the lines very clearly, You have to compromise and live in moderation I think by drawing … I learn about life. 순수 예술 이란, 많은 부분들을 생각하게 만드는것. It may be similar to life, and I think about it sometimes. If the lotus leaves are too clean, is no fun. So here are a few … Some are curved, some are lifted, not all straight. In this way, let’s finish the picture.
I don’t know how you saw this work. See you next time.

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