[Eng sub] #23 Watercolor painting for beginners  | Light/Dark Value Contrast

[Eng sub] #23 Watercolor painting for beginners | Light/Dark Value Contrast

Hello, everyone! Shibasaki here! Hope everyone’s doing well. This is another session for super beginners. Unlike our usual lessons, we’ll discuss how to paint today. How to paint… this landscape for example. I suppose everyone thinks of colors to use when painting. Trees are green. The rice field is yellowish. Usually people think of specific colors to use,like green, yellow… I don’t look that way, however. I look at things by light and dark. Light and dark are made by lighting. They are the most important point for painting. It’s the very basic for super beginners. What you need to use for that is… …paper. Any paper will do. Get some paper and… …a pencil. The darker the better, like a 4B. I will draw this landscape with a pencil… …and in a simple way. Making is simple. This is another tip. Here is the rice patty. Dark trees in the background roughly. And a building. Hey, there’s a kitty~!! That’s done! I’ll view this landscape with four different tones of lighting. What’s the darkest here? Yes, it’s the trees. The forest back here uses the darkest of the four tones. That’s it. Now the rice patty may be the second darkest. Just make it simple. Just use this one tone to color the whole field. Then the building is in the lighter tone. In this way. This is how I see things. This concept of light and dark is the most important thing. Let’s paint it based on this sketch. Let me show you. Well… Any color… I’ll use a clear color to pull it into shape. Here is the rice patty… …and the building. The trees here and the sky. See what the rough sketch is like? The trees are the darkest, then the rice field. The sky is the lightest. Because the sky is the lightest, we’ll just leave the area unpainted… …or use a very light color close to white. The color of the sky is very light… I tell myself… …to follow the plan. Then the darkest. Because it’s dark, use a really dark color. Use green because they are trees. Add some brownish color as well because it’s almost winter… Prepare a really dark color in a dark tone. This is very important. Make an extremely dark tone of color without hesitation. Paint this area… in this way. Isn’t it pretty? That’s it. The color may vary in each spot, but don’t think too much. The most important thing is that this area is in the darkest tone in the landscape. Once you master light and dark, you’ll have mastered painting. Then here the rice field. Look at this. 1, 2, 3, 4… The rice field is the third lightest area. It’s quite dark. In this color… Make it pretty dark… That’s the priority to consider. It’s lighter than this but darker than this area. What color to use is up to you. Darkness is essential. Squint to look as you paint. It’ll be fantastic if you acquire this sense. Add lots of colors but stick to the darkness. Then the building. Lighter than the sky but darker than the field. Use whatever color you want. That’s it… Add some dark tone of color here. If you don’t think it’s dark enough, add more color in a darker tone. The rice patty is in the third lightest color. Be bold and use lots of colors. But keep the darkness in mind as you paint. You can gradually add more details… …but again the sense of light and dark is crucial. Is it gradually pulling into shape? This is the point. Any color that overflows can be removed. But rather than adding too much detail…, …the lightness and darkness that was planned out in the initial sketch makes up the whole painting. In this painting, the sky is the lightest. Then this is the second, the third, and the fourth. Keep that in mind when adding colors, and add details as you like. I’ll add a hydro pole before finishing it. That’s it. Light and dark determines the painting. It’s very basic among the basics. Rather than paying too much attention to the details, examine the landscape by light and dark. Well, what do you think? If you find this video useful, please like it and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so. Thank you very much for watching until the end. See you next time!

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  1. Wow you taught me some really great tips that no one has before! Will try this out next. Glad to see you so jolly sensei!

  2. 明暗のお話、とてもわかりやすかったです!頭で理解は出来ても、やろうとするとなかなか出来ないとは思いますが、頑張ってみます。その場に馴染むように入り込み、座る猫ちゃん!可愛かったです。それに喜ぶ先生のその姿に、和み癒される私です(^^)

  3. I always struggle with this topic when painting, thank you so much for helping, Shibasaki-Sensei. Glad to see you’re well and happy!!

    P.S. I loved the kitty moment!! So charming!

  4. thank you! I really struggle with value in painting, whether with watercolour or digital. Splitting the entire image into 4 tones is a very helpful way to approach the values in a painting, thank you for this!

  5. 素晴らしい!私は前にこのようなそれを見たことがありませんでした!どうもありがとう!

  6. love that you are always so enthusiastic and passionate about painting, this actually makes me want to pick up watercolour as a side-hobby in the future.

  7. いい場所だなあ、カラスの声も良いし

  8. I have the habit to try to draw every detail and my paintings are still dull. It is because i didn't pay atention to the light and dark, i can figure out this now. Thank you very very much! P.S > Glad to see you in such good shape!

  9. Thank you so much for the video, Shibasaki-san!! It really made me want to go outside and paint… such a shame it's already so cold where I live! I really love the colours on your painting, they truly made me smile (*^.^*) ありがとうございます!

  10. ジャカジャカッと描きだしてすぐに目の前の景色とスケッチブックの中の景色が相似形のように見えるって…凄い…最初に明暗で形をとってスケッチブックの中を分けていくことが大切なのですね…こうなりたい!こうなりたいですよ~泣

  11. Thank you for this video. After seeing it yesterday I've been looking around at venues with your light/dark exercise! You clearly explained the concept.

  12. Thank you for the awesome and helpful video! I really love your videos, and your calm and positive energy 🙂 I haven't painted in a long time, but seeing your videos makes me want to start painting, so I might as well do it this weekend 🙂

  13. Shibasaki these videos are so inspiring! Because of you I am able to do watercolors for projects for school and everyone loves them, you are so helpful! this lesson was very informative!

  14. Merci pour cette vidéo j ai compris quelque chose d essentiel, la lumière et le sombre sont des choses très importante merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo très utile

  15. I liked the tip with seeing the brightness of in object in relation to other things in the picture. Like… the rice field is darker than the house but lighter than foliage. That makes it easier than trying to find the right value without context. Thank you, Shibisaki-san. ☺

  16. Watching this video on my way home from work is so comforting and makes me think of my passions again, which i happen to forget too often sadly. Thank you for this lesson and the energy you bring to us! ~

  17. I am currently learning japanese as a part of what I'm studying at university, I am starting to understand more and more…
    In one year I will come back to this video and hopefully understand everything you are saying!

  18. In this video I understood the importance of sketches. Despite the English, which I do not understand very well, the video has been very illustrative and I have seen the need to make a previous sketch. I always understood that if an artist knows how to draw for that to make a previous sketch, but his video has made me understand. Thank you very much again Shibasaki sensei.

    En este vídeo he comprendido la importancia de los bocetos. A pesar del ingles, que no entiendo muy bien, el vídeo ha sido muy ilustrativo y he visto la necesidad de hacer un boceto previo. Yo siempre entendía que si un artista sabe dibujar para que hacer un boceto previo, pero su vídeo me lo ha hecho comprender. Muchas gracias otra vez

  19. I've been painting for some time now but i still watch beginners videos because there's always something to learn from them, specially this one, i never thought to see my paintings that way!
    Thanks a lot sensei!💕

  20. 絵をちゃんと習える機会が身の回りになくて本当に超基礎が一番分からないので、こういうのすごい参考になります…今まで明暗ちゃんと意識できてなかった…

  21. I hope you are doing better these days. I was very sad when I heard you were in bad health, because starting to paint with watercolors has helped me a great deal fighting my depression after my mother died. Thanks for all your teachings. Greetings from Germany.


  22. 確かに絵は明暗ですね。勉強になります。例えば全て同じ色を使っても明暗がはっきりしていれば絵として美しいですね。

  23. Mr Shibasaki, never did I consider this particular aspect of painting in such a clear, simple way. Thank you so much for teaching us. And I am glad to see you in good health and good spirits!

  24. This man is such a treasure , we are so lucky to have someone in youtube like you ! Thank you for the class my watercolor paintings are getting better !

  25. So happy to see you healthy Shibasaki-sensei! I have so many doubts about this topic, but your explanation was perfect as always, made super simple! Thank you!

  26. 大学の先生に水彩パレットは拭き取らないでそのまま残しておいた方がいいと言われたのですが、柴崎さんは普段どうしてますか?

  27. These videos are getting better and better! Seeing you paint makes me want to paint again. Plus, it also makes me remember that the paint brush isn't the only tool that painters use…

  28. It's so nice to see you out and about. I love these kinds of videos. You look in good health. The kitty wanted to watch you paint!

  29. This was really helpful! The next time I get the chance to paint I'm definitely going to try out this method! Thank you so much 🙂

  30. 明暗に関してそういう感覚は持ってなかったので驚きました。

  31. LOVE the idea of looking at something as shades instead of colors! it really breaks down and makes you analyze the important foregrounds of a painting. I'm a bit more advanced than a beginner but I find this VERY useful and I cant wait to try this out for my next painting!! thaank you Shibasaki-sensei!!

  32. 先生が楽しそうに教えてくれるから、こちらも楽しんで描いていられる。

  33. Shibasaki sensei, I often watch your videos, and sometimes I try to paint. I like watch your videos because your brush always flows freely on paper and that relaxes me, going in all directions mixing colors, it is beautiful.

  34. 超基礎編。楽しみにしてました。そして、先生の元気なお姿を拝見できて楽しさ倍増です。私は今、グレー1色だけで描く練習をしてます。私は来年、年男で還暦になりますが、絵を描いているときは年令を忘れてしまいます。これから寒くなります。先生もインフルエンザのワクチン接種を受けて元気でいてください。いつもありがとうございます(^-^)

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