[ENG CC] Double trouble! Drawing ALIBI

[ENG CC] Double trouble! Drawing ALIBI

Hi, everyone! This is SUISUI again Today I turned on the microphone because I wanted to talk about the thoughts and small tips I usually had while drawing! The picture I’m going to show you today is Alibi from Rainbow Six Siege. Alibi, like her name, She has the ability to trick enemies with holograms that look exactly like their own. I started drawing this to practice drawing faces with different perspectives It was helpful to draw the same character in various perspectives There are three ways to see from below, from the eye level, and from above. I’m going to put the alibi drawn in three different perspectives on the same screen The top two are hologram The alibi with the gesture of quiet at the bottom is the real alibi. I imagined her sitting down and hiding. In this picture, I’m sketching in a different way than usual Today I’m trying to make it look like a marker Set the brush to be translucent like a real marker Drawing the dark areas with multiple touches and the light areas once Rather than keeping the contrast evenly smooth, it’s easy to grab the shadows. It looks like a graphic novel from DC or Marvel comics I think it’s a soft version I’m almost done with the shadow or the contrast plan only need to fill the colors The goal of this painting was to express the goggles, hats, and costumes to be worn on the character’s body. I started this to practice drawing perspectives I’ve been drawing the same thing three times I think I studied more because of this When I painted the first goggles, I couldn’t figure out the shape well and it was difficult After finishing the third time, it became clear what it looked like I went back to the first goggles and edited the details in that short time of drawing a picture The skill of drawing goggles increased If you study painting by yourself like this Many times I feel tired ‘When do you finish all this, when do I draw well?’ Often feel frustrated But, It’s nice to know a little thing, even though it’s slow. After choosing one character as I did and practice putting together various perspectives it will definitely help There is no right answer in the painting ” It should be drawn like this!” “If you draw it like that, you’re wrong!” I don’t really like these kinds of approaches When I first started drawing I was so worried that my painting might be wrong. I think that’s why it’s usually the reason that many people can not enjoy the paintings by itself When I was young, I used to doodle on the sly I was afraid to show my works to people. I had to concentrate to study when I was a student so, Drawing in the classroom looks like I’m Procrastinating I hid a small notebook under the book and drew it there When my teacher passed by, I covered up my notebook right away 😂 When I was hanging out with my friends at the cafe, Because I don’t want to show it to my friends It’s funny to think about it now At that time, I looked at my picture When People asked “who is this?”, “she looks like someone” “Huge eyes!”,” Long neck!” I don’t want to hear these questions or comments. I think there are similarities when people sing or play the instruments. At that time, Drawing was like a song that I sing alone while taking a shower I actually don’t do that Anyway, it’s so diverse Some people like to sing in karaoke Some people like to write their own stories and tell others their stories. The difference between then and now is that the reason for drawing has been changed Now it’s more important to achieve something while I’m drawing I don’t mean that you have to get something special I felt better after I draw some sweet things I was not bored to spend time alone Those can also be a reason for drawing In my case When I found a new way of painting while I was studying the painting or if I painted so well as intended Then, It becomes meaningful! I liked this I made today! Now I’ll show you the final illustration! Thank you for watching this video! I appreciate all the likes and comments! you can see more illustrations on my Instagram and Twitter! Plz, Follow SUISUI_again

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