Electro Dragon (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Electro Dragon (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today, we are going to create the Electro Dragon from Clash Royale! It’s been a while since I created Clash Royale on my channel. The last video was the Goblin Giant, but as there was a new card released just last week the Electro Dragon. I decided to bring it back and to create this card which also introduces a new technique to the game, which I’m really excited about. It’s the ‘chain lightning’. It has a 3,5 tile range and each unit will hit another target and this will repeat three times in a row and this is why it is called Chain Lightning. So it’s quite strong against multiple targets like the Rascals, for example, but it’s also quite useful against let’s say the Battle Ram and it also, it stops completely in the Battle Ram and even takes out the Barbarians from inside the Ram or the lava hound it’s also quite strong against it and even the lava pups when the lava hound disappears. Let’s start creating! And we start creating with a stand. This was quite funny because it’s been a while since I created this clash Royale stand. And a few months ago I created this once a week, so this was somehow weird, but also nice to create another Clash Royale stand. It’s quite simple. You have seen the technique I use, now we will add some tiny pieces of grass to give it this extra level of detail and it already looks quite nice. I’m only placing these pieces in the front because this is what you are looking at. And now I’m using the scalpel to get some texture onto the surface, onto the grass and the stand is already finished. Well, of course, you can also create the Electro Dragon as it is, but flying in the air it always looks better. I did the same technique with the Inferno Dragon. It was one of the first videos from me, which was featured in the Royale news and I was really excited about that. The Electro Dragon itself contains two different colors of blue. This is bright blue. It’s called just aqua. It’s an official color, so you don’t have to mix it. If you don’t have this one just take a lot of white and only a tiny piece of blue. And this blue is called real blue. It really says so on the package real blue. So this will be one of the feet and the other one the other leg, as well. And the Electro Dragon has these tiny toes like all of the dragons have. It’s quite simple to create if you have a knife or a scalpel. Placing them onto the right leg and also the left And well, the legs are already finished. We can stick it onto the pin of the stand. So it’s not only for the purpose of good looking the stand. It also helps you a lot while creating because this character has some details on every side of the creation and sometimes when you just place it onto the ground onto the table, for example, you destroy the details or you get just flat imprint and it just doesn’t look nice. This then helps a lot. We need four fingers on each side. The thumb is already included. And also on the other hand as well. Well the hand expression should be like as if he is taking back the hands just a little bit to pull his head quite forward. I hope you get me. And these will be the wings. I decided to go with some wire inside, so that they won’t break that easily. There is also one let’s call it wing finger in the middle and we fill up the gaps in between with a very thin layer of this bright blue, with aqua blue. Also the other wing. And with the scalpel we get it into shape because these spaces in between have this certain circle shape and we can place them onto the creation, as well. It’s not that difficult to create and it helps quite a lot that you don’t have to use that many colors. This is the first thorn and I really mix it up. No, I messed it up. There are three thorns on the backside of the creation and I only created two of them because I just use some images I found and they didn’t show the third thorn on the backside. This will be the head. Before I started creating the head I was struggling. I didn’t know how to start. Should I start with the lower part of the head, the brighter part or should I start with a darker one on top? But then I thought well, there are some teeth which also makes it quite difficult to create. In the end I came up with this solution. I started from the top. I created the surface which I’m doing right now. Then I went to the side of the head. So this means the eyes and the iris. And after that we will focus on the teeth and I’m quite careful with that so that I don’t destroy the teeth by just putting it onto the plate again. Because in the end it’s clay and it changes the shape too quickly. So very thin layers of black and blue and this hopefully will give us a nice effect on the iris. This is the black part of the iris. And now the upper no the lower part of the eyelid, which is covering the eye and it makes such a difference. Well, look at the finished left eye and now the right eye. It looks so much more alive when you place an eyelid onto the creation. I don’t know why. OK. Some more details now, there’s another thorn right in the front. And these are the nose holes. It already looks nice. Now I start cutting cutting out the teeth. And this poor guy only has two teeth on each side. And we are removing the clay and also from the other side. It helps a lot when you just turn around the head and see where you’ve cut the clay on the other half on the other side. So it’s quite thin and hopefully it won’t destroy the teeth by just putting them onto the plate. The lower jaw of Electro Dragon is slightly bigger than the upper jaw. And I’m marking where to cut the clay and after that, we will focus on the teeth, as well. We need these two teeth. Also in the front. And we start cutting away with the scalpel, which works quite nice. The Halloween event in Clash Royale was called Shocktober I think and I am quite happy that you liked my Halloween special. You came up with so many crazy ideas what the ingredients are for the secret clay in this video. It was just hilarious! You should really read some of these comments. Maybe I will put some of them into the next video. Well, it was a lot of work shooting this Halloween special in this old factory. It was such a great location and even just by going through by daylight this was spooky and horrifying. Unfortunately this location will be torn down in just a few months, so I think this was the last video which was shot right there. So for next year’s Halloween special I have to look for a new location. I’m putting a piece of toilet paper in between the jaw bones, so that the mouth is not closing while putting this into the oven. Freshly baked Electro Dragon! Removing the toilet paper and filling in the wire which should look like the electro effect. And I’m taking some acrylic paint. We start by coloring it just white and then I throw in some blue. And the effect looks quite nice. I did the same technique on the Electro Wizard This was the very first creation which featured any kind of electro effects. Later, I did the same one on the Sparky tutorial. Well, this was also a struggle. There were some patterns on the surface of the skin from the dragon and I decided to just go with a transparent polish. Also using for the tongue. Taking the superglue and we are gluing in the electro effect. Pacing it just for hardening. Removing the plate. The glue has dried and I guess… …that’s it Electro Dragon! That was a cute nice tutorial from Clash Royale. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and have a great weekend! I am looking forward to see you next week. Take care. Bye! And you’re such a cute little dragon. No, the heart is on the left side.

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