Egg Art!

Egg Art!

– Hey guys, how’s it going? Welcome back to my kitchen. Today we are gonna be making eggs. Eggs is pretty much the
only thing that I actually am really good at. But I’m throwing myself for
quite the curveball today, because we are gonna be making egg shapes, egg art, I don’t know, but
I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve got a couple different molds here. This one is a little dog. We’ve got a little bunny. I’m not sure what this is. It potentially could be a cat. Owl. Frog. Let’s spray this up. Let’s do the frog. (cracking) Put the egg whites in first. There’s that’s what happened, oh freaking fantastic. And the yolk broke? Oh shoot. Let me give it a little jiggle? Okay, so this is not
a toy, it’s food safe, dishwasher safe. This was supposed to be easy and, oh no, I definitely messed this up. I guess this will just be a warm up. Well, this is looking like trash. I guess I’ll just call this
one fail and try again. I guess maybe if I just
like, cut around the edges, this is a practice. This was supposed to be so easy. (laid back groove) Why? Oh, I think his eye is about to pop. Ugh, my god. (sizzling) This is not at all what I was expecting. Well, I guess I’ll flip him over. Oh, my gee. This looks like roadkill. This is actually shocking
how terrible this turned out. I’m pretty upset about it. We’re gonna get this. We’re gonna get this,
it’s gonna be fantastic. Spray you up. I’m upset and I haven’t even started yet. (cracking) I haven’t even started and I
know it’s not gonna work out. I’m gonna save that eye for later. Get a little more. Yeah, oh gosh, okay. Oh shoot. (groaning) This is disgusting. Like, that’s not right. I’m gonna put a lid over top of it so that it’ll also be
cooking at the top too. So I’ve got a little hole right here. So I’m gonna drop some water in there. I just wanted to make
something successful and nice for my audience for once. That is such a small hole. Ow! Ow! No! Oh god, what have I done? Water and oil, hmm. What do you never throw on a grease fire. Water. It’s steamin’ though. Should I just delete this video? I’m just gonna turn it
up just a little bit. I want more steam. Ow! Ow! Get in there! (bells chiming) Oh! Was that our food? Postmates. Okay, I’m pretty surprised
with how this is looking. I’ve got a concern though,
because the yolks are overpowering and like,
over top of the face, that I don’t even know
if I’m gonna be able to do anything with this. Like, look. Oh god, oh god, burning my body. Look at him. Look at your different colored hats. How am I gonna get him out
of here is the question. (groaning) Get freaking off of there, you garbage. I’m burning myself, I’m burning myself. Ow. Okay, okay. Okay! I think it looks good. This is like pancake art. But with eggs. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh. Alright, so there’s one. You know, when people question, “I’m just saying you have zero talent,” I’m gonna be like, “Look what I made.” So this one is a little bit more premium. It was way more expensive
than the other ones. Let’s plop in our eggs, into the eyes. (cracking) So there we go. One, two. And now we cover. And now we wait. Play Post Malone, “Better Now.” I think this might actually
work out pretty well. (slurping) (sighing) (sizzling) Okay, well, geeze, oh god. Ow! Get in there. Ow! I’m trying to get the
water to go that way. Oh no, now it’s cooking too much. Well, shoot. (sizzling) Man! Now I just like, freaking boiled it. Well, here it is. This looks eggs-ellent. I’m extremely eggs-ited about it. I think this is where
I will make my eggs-it. That, I might need to do
a little more practicing. I don’t think I’m prepared to make this for friends or family or you guys yet. If you have any suggestions
on what I was doing wrong, feel free to leave them
in the comments below, but I’m pretty sure that I
already know what I did wrong. But this looks,
surprisingly, a little better than the previous one,
if you guys wanna recall. This was where we started. So if you guys wanna tweet
Drake, so that he knows that I am just like him. I started from the bottom. Now I’m here. It’s okay, I’m gonna flip
this, just cause I can. Oh my god. Wow. So, alright. Well, guys, thank
you so much for watching. Hope you guys somewhat enjoyed this, and if you didn’t I completely
am totally okay with that. That’s all I’ve got now,
and I will hopefully see you guys in the next video. If you guys have any fun
suggestions for things that you would like to see me make here, if you have any fun kitchen tech, be sure to leave those
also in the comments below and be sure to subscribe
so that you can see me potentially not mess up
something in the next video. Unless you like seeing me mess up, then you’re mean. See ya later. (laid back groove)

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  3. I like seeing you mess up, but it's not because I'm mean; it's because that's relatable. It's exactly what would happen if I tried to cook these things! 🙈 So I'm sharing your pain, just as you sharing mine. 😊

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