Eddie Lopez -  Artist

Eddie Lopez – Artist

and the head started I think I have a fuss my ear ok ok I don't want to kill it I believe in saving everything I've been wearing its form of six years now the minute you will hardly touch but you have a photo and be yourself and not less than one in ten days you just like this is a tagging oh my god is this reflection I just went out from here this is my bond i'm extremely sorry by the way i'm i'm not a loner but i'm shy and i have people come by all the time and they go to my window I have a lot of peeping toms here but they're calm down most of them and I have my candles and knowing i do some today yeah it's all spiritual no excuse my imaginations beyond my imagination beyond my third imagination this toilet is my LGBT QRS you can actually add more letters depending on your sexuality I'm against told you and I'm fucking pissed off anyway I believe in equal rights gay rights do is black Hispanic everyone we need to do something I'm an artist and this year I'm going to come extremely political with my art I was inspired by the gay marriage fight upper right it's really a bumpy but has a huge statement behind it and the mannequin represents he or she it doesn't represent one of the other one and that's who you think this person is it could be a mannequin be a woman the disco ball we need a disco ball on the public bathroom with it make sense it releases a lot of tension okay and over here I have my chandeliers and my disco ball and they're fun to look at and this practically started with I think it started with this baby right here and the whole kind of your thing then I started finding more and hang them up and promoters on them so now my house is literally spinning with chandeliers but these guys are a lot of fun to look at night and they glow where's my blue lights in my red light and this has become like a little art piece for me I loved every morning I wake up and I you know like even spinning and it makes me happy and it's fun probably I was probably the nine years old when I was started I was young and I was limited to what i could do have to be home at one time but I had cousins their work or Phoebe artist and it was really good all my goodness sometimes one of my cousins will take me out in the subway we love the bronze for this family and the repeated was just a dormant inside and outside the Train special number three tries and all of that inspired me and then I started thinking am I Oswald you know we could I couldn't even afford sketchbook everywhere we came from the screaming Ford family so but a pencil is good enough for me I just write on everything anything in anything do sketches little sketchy from in there and that's auto starter basically what I think I like to be alone with my cats art is incredibly important because you can express yourself and you know whatever your mind is thinking you can just put it out there on campus and let other people know you feel I know lots of artists and the majority of the artists i know they express themselves through their art not talking it's a natural high for me it is the best in the world keep on see over the world you drift away it is just the coolest thing and thank you most of my life to relax my mind it works do my art I prefer lots of color with color just hasti I else and you cannot help to even look at a piece of art without color without color you see darkness I don't feed on it to myself I believe in a lot of color lot of beauty and we need a lot more of that Oh you asking is really personal for me but it's incredibly fun and I started whole dancing actually universe I'll five years ago and what used to be my bedroom and Lulu technique for 500 please I need to look for my window I take a peek this is down the summers the studio 54 days this was a lot of fun to make celebrities I love celebrities but from a distance wouldn't want to meet any of them welcome using Roseman some of my favorite songs on the canvas I rather work around them and use their ideas and their beauty I want our concert this year california dreams and with a lot of fun i'm a big fan and just put it out and you know for future generations so they can still exist which is the reason i did its whole series you have the Beastie Boys they came out of Brooklyn because I grew up with this generation most of them are slowly disappearing I really missed a lot of them and then you have bloggers stride sandwiches she was born and raised in Brooklyn I just want to put them on paper and give them eternal life I believe in looking up when clicking something is wrong or I think something's going to go wrong can just pick up that person just keep painting paint paint paint strong that's the best feeling in the world of pain you know get away from your troubles whatever you know you're feeling that day if it's negative pick up that brush makes a big difference I've been doing it for years and it's a form of therapy also the best therapy in the world either that or tab key topics find me anyway nice i'm for the more pictures treating look in your window 0n you have to smoke that's why I got that kind of one

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