Ebz the Artist - Gone.

Ebz the Artist – Gone.

break the money like a striptease can give a football with your bitch today home really think you listening not by running shit since on for 16 love beneath a nigga slipper you know that the flow is a pristine niggas women and they get me to ahead of yourself let you miss me but he'll be on the cash I know I'm never looking back yeah take a skip into his hash then I totaled up a slash no I'm never coming back here only to visit my family it's sad that I had to go through this with niggas we'll finally Know Who I am at the SFA mystery she came to visit me waiting patiently to shit on all the niggas claiming that they pave the way for me just wait and see I'm trying to boost my latency just rankle me and hope that I can travel armed and all really mean it Babylon but I do something like y'all belong because these niggas from the city claiming fucking with me but they really trying to leech I can't give you what you reek sorry nigga I free huh this is something you can lace you won't see me in the wig gonna be chillin with y'all shot is heaven on and later on the beach

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  1. Crystal Sounds | Ebz the Artist.
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