Eating Peely (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay

Eating Peely (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create Peely from Fortnite Season 8 by using a real banana and as I don’t really like wasting food, I will eat him alive at the end of this video. No! No banana will be wasted in today’s video and I will use a lot of bananas. Let’s start with a small snack and then we will start creating Peely the new skin in season 8. And I got really a lot of messages that you love this skin and he really looks unique. I hope it’s not disturbing that I am eating bananas, but I don’t really want to waste food and I bought so many tiny bananas for this tutorial, To find the real, the best, the perfect one for our Peely. Let’s start with the aluminum wire. Meanwhile, I’m finishing the first banana. Wrapping around the 3rd string. I think it looks nice. Well, at first I thought it would be a good idea to start with the aluminum foil, because I thought it would be nice to create the whole creation from polymer clay, but then while eating the banana I thought hey I should probably look for these you know, these tiny tiny bananas. Well, let’s have a look. These are the big ones. Doesn’t really fit well for our skin, but what about these maybe a little bit too green? Yeah, I think these are great. And we can go on we can… …unbox them. The banana unboxing video. Probably and then we can go on. Meanwhile, I finished two bananas while recording. Well, this is a bit old some may say disgusting, but I would not waste this delicious piece of banana. There are some parts of the creation where I can’t use a real banana and this is of course the legs and also the arms. And the part of the two eyes and the mouth, so I start mixing the yellow for the legs and also the other one as well. All the small ones really are way more sweeter than bigger bananas. I just finished the third one. Now the fourth, the small one. Well, these ones are quite delicious. I think they are from Spain. It said so on the package. And I really care about where my food is from, because I don’t want my food to be transported half around the globe just for me, because it’s too much waste of energy and there is so much delicious food around us. So for me, it doesn’t really make sense to get let’s say kiwis from New Zealand, when I am in Europe, for example, but I guess everyone has to decide for himself where his food is from. So, a very thin layer of brown clay for the shoes of the banana skin. What I really love about this character is that he looks so simple. I think it is one of the most simple characters from Fortnite, the most simple skins I have seen so far. That was number four. Now about to start with number five. Boy, my stomach is going to be really full, although they are just small ones. But as I told you I don’t want to waste food. I read that… …figure that 40% of our food is wasted in most countries. Well and not in the emerging ones but in the… …let’s call them Western world. 40% this is crazy. It’s somehow really disgusting when you think about it that every, almost every second tomato is thrown away, almost every second chicken is killed for nothing. That’s really disgusting. Yeah, but not this banana, it’s quite delicious. Okay now the other hand as well and that’s it almost for the clay creating part. Told you this video would be not a regular one. No, I don’t think I told you before, so I tell you now. It’s not a regular video we are doing right now. At first I thought it would be funny to call this video how to create a banana stand. It’s like a reference similar to my mobile phone stand I created from Adventure Time. Now, this is the tongue we are placing, right in the middle. This is the last piece from clay we had to create and we are ready to go into the oven. I just dropped the banana. Wait for it. Freshly baked Peely. I’m so sorry. I know that some of you will watch this video as the very first video on my channel, so my apologies. It is not always like this. Whoa! Now it’s getting quite a challenge to eat the next banana. But I will go for it. Yeah, so we remove the aluminum foil again and we are placing the… I cut it open. I’m really struggling here to talk and to eat all the bananas, the small ones, but they are still so delicious. Well, that’s the problem about sweet food although your stomach oops is really full you can’t stop eating. Well, you know this feeling when you eat a delicious cake, which is really sweet and your stomach is so so full, but you can’t stop eating. Yeah, so we take the glue and we put the two eyes and also the mouth right in front of the banana. I hope I will finish this one. Now some transparent polish for the shiny effect and the brown part on top and well, let’s try how to get these two lose parts of the peel. Yeah, I think this works fine so we make the same. Oh no, tears of joy. He’s a little bit afraid that it will hurt. It already looks like the one on the blueprint and a little bit more open I guess that’s it Peely! I really hope you enjoyed today’s video creating Peely and now the time has come. I’m quite hungry. We will peel Peely. – No! No! Have you ever wondered what it sounds like when you’re peeling a banana? Yeah, me neither. Okay. That’s number six. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great week and see you soon. Take care. Bye! OK, who’s next? No! Take him!

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  1. You’re right, this is my first time watching ur video and u seemed like I nice guy. U are great with clay art. I also really liked the fact that you didn’t want to waste any food. U deserve my sub 🙂

    Btw Incase ppl wonder why my comment is edited it’s cuz I fixed “your” to “you’re” cuz I knew someone would correct that if I didn’t

  2. Peels takes up the whole screen when I’m in a build battle I can’t see also it gives other players a bigger target on your head since the heads so big other than that it’s kinda cool 😐

  3. Just seeing a banana skin that makes me sad because I always wanted that skin in Fortnite and never got the chance

  4. This is why you cannot make skins like food…

    Peely: What nice day not to get eaten 😀

    Me: Murders Peely and eats him

    Peely: NOOOOO!!! D;

  5. I love peely bc he’s a Banana why did bunker Jones eat eat him 😭🙏🏻 One comment= One life for peely

  6. I like how all the bananas were crying at the end of the video when he was going to eat all the bananas at the end

  7. This is the first video I've watched from you and to be honest, it's really weird. I love it and you have a new subscriber

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