Easy way to Paint Great Bushes, Oil

Easy way to Paint Great Bushes, Oil

Well good afternoon, this is Yovette
again at my magic brushes. I have what I think is a really fun lesson for you
today. It’s on how to do bushes with a one inch brush. It’s very easy to do once
you learn the technique, so just pay really close attention and let’s get
started. Well as you can see I’ve already got some, I’ve covered my
canvas with liquid white, and I put some blue in there just to make it look like
a little water, and so from there what you want to do is take a palette knife,
and just mix up some dark colors. So here I have some black, blue, green, alizarin,
both the dark and a light brown, and just making a pile here and mixing it lightly. And that’s all there is to that. Now this
is a 1 inch brush this is the brush that I had used to make the blue
background, but I’m also going to use it to start my bushes. So see this, can you
see this little Ridge here? Every brush has a little Ridge on the top of it. Well
that’s what I use as my guide when I’m, when I’m loading my paint on the
brush, because I want that little Ridge to be up when I do it. And what I do is
drag it through the paint like this. Notice how it’s just, I’m going one
direction, I don’t have my handle down, I have my handle up, just dragging it
through. Turn the brush upside down, and go to your canvas, and just start filling in. Turn it over
to do the bottom. And load a little more paint in here.
You notice how when I push, when I’m pushing, I’m not pushing real hard, I’m
just letting enough of that paint come off the canvas
that actually wants to come off. I don’t force it. Turning the brush again to do
the bottom. There. Now what I want to do is switch brushes, and now this time I’m
using a different brush, but notice that I do have this little rim up. I’m going
to dip in just a little bit of liquid white, liquid white, to just dip in, just
to get just a little bit on your brush. What this does is thin the paint out so
that it comes off very easily on your canvas. And then I want to go into
just a little bit of this dark color, and let’s go into a little yellow,
and that just makes a nice highlight color. Again my rim is up, I’m pulling in
one direction, turn the brush upside down, and watch this! Just fill in a little bit, let’s load
again, maybe, maybe we’ll use a little different color yellow this time. And be sure and leave these dark spaces,
because that is what really makes the the bushes pop out. This time let’s maybe just add just a
touch more of a greenish color. You can really make these just about any color
that you want. See how just by lightly touching, when I say light, I mean I’m
just barely barely touching. How about let’s try just a little bit of red, that
should be very interesting. I love this color.
Pull through, turn your brush, your rim down, now is that not pretty? I like
that color, beautiful. let’s do right here. Isn’t that
gorgeous? Now, if you want it to highlight just
a wee bit, what I’m going to do is take and brush, just just wipe this brush off
on paper towel, wipe it so you get most of the color off, again you have some
liquid white here, and let’s say that you want to highlight even more than what
that is there. Well, just come through you’re, just pure yellow, when it’s just
got a slight bit of green there with it, flip, and just go lightly on top of what you
already did. And then for like grassy areas like down
below after you get your bushes in, there’s still a lot of paint in this
brush, so what you can do is just go like this. And let’s get a little more dark
color here. And you instantly have grass below. So
that’s the lesson on bushes. It was not very difficult was it? So you know
the routine, grab those brushes. Well I hope you
enjoyed today’s lesson on bushes. It was fun doing it for you, and as always you
know I just keep telling you to pick up those brushes and just try. Doesn’t take
very much to do it, and just a few times and you’ll have it learned down
pat. Again this was an oil lesson using the Bob Ross wet-on-wet technique. Bye

80 thoughts on “Easy way to Paint Great Bushes, Oil

  1. excellent teaching ,well detailed instructions.foliage is one thing I sometimes struggle with.Thankyou and happy painting

  2. thank u so much for sharing such important part of the painting.. plz tell me what is the type of brush u used and the colours too..😊

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  4. Yovette, as usual, great lesson with clear explanations. Thank you for the tricks to use the brush. A big thank from France

  5. What a clear lesson, thanks so much. Something I loved was the fact that you are left handed which allows us to see perfectly your movements.

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  8. What I have found to be sooo fun is back lighting my foliage on trees where you start bright then go darker have you done that 😀👍🙏🏻

  9. Brilliant thank you! I worked hours on a little painting yesterday and at the end ruined it with terrible bushes. I'll try again now that I've seen this.

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  13. this was such a good tutorial!! I was stumped on how to make my bushes look more realistic and you showed me how! now I will start practicing how to become more experienced at it! Thank you soooo much!!!

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