Easy Watercolor Plants | Watercolor Sketchbook Painting Ideas | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 1

Easy Watercolor Plants | Watercolor Sketchbook Painting Ideas | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 1

(soft music) – [Mako] Hey guys. Welcome to Art Journal
Thursday where we hang out together and get creative
every single Thursday here on my channel. A lot of you guys that watched
my first Art Journal video that I posted few weeks
ago said that I should definitely make this into
a series and that’s why I decided, let’s do it. I was thinking we could
practice different things together like hand letterings,
sketching, doodling, and having challenges from
time to time where we use different things to create art. Most of the times you
are busy with school, work, or other things and we feel like we have never enough time to just sit down and to create something. If you feel the same and
can relate, then this series could be a great inspiration
and motivator for you. I know it’s hard to just
make time for something but if you think about
it, sometimes we browse on the Internet, or on
our phones way too much and we could just use
this time to do a little, even if just for five
or 10 minutes to relax and have fun and just
have a quiet me time. And I think I’ve been
saying that for months now that I want to create more
art, I want to sit down and just paint something
but for some reason, I never do that. That’s why I thought that this
series could be a great way to push myself to get
creative on a regular basis and you can join me. You can use this time to just relax for a few minutes and
paint or draw with me, whatever we are up to that day. If you ever have any ideas or suggestions what we could paint, draw, or doodle, or if you have something
else in mind for the series, please let me know in
the comments down below. And also, if you haven’t noticed yet, I always feature your artwork
at the end of each video. So if you want to be
featured in my videos, just either tag me or use
the hashtag, #lookmako so I can find your art. You can do that on Twitter,
Facebook, or Instagram, whatever works best for you. In today’s episode, I
wanted to paint something cute and simple, like cute
plants and also add a quote because I love quotes. Here I’m using watercolors
and also a watercolor sketchbook by Hahnemühle. I wanted to use it
because it has more space than my other notebook I
use for my art journal. And I wanted to test
it out as well because I have never used it before. By the way, if you’re
interested in what art supplies I’m using in this video,
I have everything linked in the description box below
so you can check it out. But back to the topic of what
we’re going to paint today. One of the reasons I chose
something nature related is because it’s always a
great idea for whenever you don’t know what to paint or draw. In nature, you can find
so many beautiful plants, flowers, sceneries, so
many different colors and color combinations,
and you can just sit down and paint anything you
want just by looking outside your window or
just by going out somewhere and paint outside at
the park or in a cafe. Or you can even just take
pictures of pretty flowers and paint them at home. It doesn’t always have to be something super out of this world that you create. There’s such a huge variety
of things you can paint. And sometimes we don’t even
think about these small things. If you’ve seen my video
about art tips and tricks, one of the ideas I
shared with you guys was illustrating a recipe
and making it into an illustrated cookbook. And I feel like there
is so many other small, everyday things that we
don’t pay much attention to, which is kind of sad,
and I’m actually one of these weird people who
gets excited and happy about every little thing, like just having a cup of coffee, finding a beautiful stone on the street, or just finding a cute, funny
toy in a Kinder Surprise egg. As I said before, I believe that happiness consists of small little things and to some people, it might sound stupid, but if you think about it, we have so many things around us that we should be thankful for and happy about but because they become either routines or something that we
start taking for granted, we kind of become blind
to all these small things that make us happy, that are around us. And you feel like there
must be something huge out there or something
amazing needs to happen, or we can’t call ourselves happy. And if you feel happy
dancing like a three year old while eating a Chupa Chups,
and watching cartoons while you’re almost 30, there’s nothing wrong about it. Which brings me back to
the topic of creating art. I think most of us painted or doodled when we were little kids
and we didn’t really pay attention to what we
painted, how it looked. We just did it and we
actually totally loved it. But, the older we got,
the more self conscious we became about our
art, and the more people started telling us that
doing art is something for small kids and it’s a waste of time. But I believe that we should
get back to exactly that, this feeling of just being
happy what we create. If we feel like doodling
like three year old kids, then let’s do it. Even if people will think, “What is this blob and why are you not “rather studying for school?” For some reason, getting
good grades in art classes is never seen as an achievement
because it’s just art. It’s not math, it’s not physics, you basically get good
grades for a doodle. And it’s kind of discouraging and stupid and I always got annoyed by this fact that people thought that. But if this is something you enjoy, then you should do it and
be proud of your work, regardless of what people say. And I hope that my videos will encourage you guys to join me to just
start getting creative, and have fun. I’m not an expert in painting or drawing. I’m still learning and
I think it will be fun to do it together. Even if you just sit down
and paint different patterns or just circles and
color them in, why not? It’s always fun to get creative,
and to express yourself, and I always feel so calm
and relaxed after painting or drawing something. But the most important thing here is that we shouldn’t be scared to mess up. To create something we’re not happy with. It’s just a time for us
to let go of this fear and to work on ourselves by not worrying and just learning to have
fun creating whatever we come up with. So I’m looking forward
to fill our sketchbooks and papers with art to express ourself and to learn new things together. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. It will mean a lot to me. Thank you so much for watching guys, have a wonderful day and I will see you either on Saturday, or next Thursday for another Art Journal Thursday episode. Bye. (soft music)

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