I don’t want to braid my hair today I want to wear a hair band It’s my friend’s birthday today I don’t have a new hairband and If I get a matching purse with it, it will be amazing Come friends We will learn to make matching purse and hairband today It’s very easy It will be ready in 5 minutes Come on let us learn and please subscribe if you haven’t To make the purse we need Sheet, and coloured sheet would work a black sheet wool, Pen, press button, scissors, thread zip and googly eyes and glue gun First of all take a coloured sheet of your choice and put hot glue gun on one side of the zip and stick it to one side of the sheet similarly put glue on the other side stick the other side of sheet too now it’s stuck from the 2 sides press it nicely but the sides are still open First we will pull it inside out and we will stick it from the inside too so that the sides stick too so just like the shape of a purse from bottom put glue in that shape and stick it properly from both the sides after sticking it straighten it out again So our purse is ready But we still have to decorate it Now we will cut it in a nice shape So that it looks beautiful from the top So we will cut the sheet in a semi circle after cutting it we will put hot glue on it and stick it from one side on the purse So that it folds from the top Here will have to place a press button If you don’t have a press button you can use velcro First mark the place using a marker Then stick it with a hot glue gun It’s so simple If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you can use fabric glue So the press button is stuck properly Now we will take the googly eyes and and make it’s eyes Now we will make it’s nose with a black sheet We will cut a small circle and We will stick this on top the nose is ready What does it looks like to you? It looks like a mouse right? yes, we are making a mouse shape Now we will make it’s moustache Now we will make it’s ears You already know how to make a pom pom Pom pom are it’s ears Our mouse is ready Now we will punch small holes on both the sides So that we can pull our thread through it You can make a hole using a pen and tie a thread like this So our mouse is ready now Similarly I’ve made more purses like these I’ve made the pink purse, added 2 more foam sheets to the bottom and made cuts on it and we have made this with glitter sheets So don’t they look really beautiful? We will take glitter sheets and a hairband First of all cut the glitter sheet in a design of your choice Like I’ve made some bunny ears here Cut whatever shapes you want and make deisgns with those You can design whatever you like Just cut the glitter sheets in that design and stick it with the hairband You can do it usin hot glue gun or a fabrice glue too Round it from the bottom and fold it It’s very easy to make these hairbands In this you can make, any design of your choice Did you see, How I made my hairbands? I’ve made some more designs And I know, you can make even more beautiful hairbands than this Match your dress, with hairbands So did you see? How a simple hairband can be completely transformed with a little creativity. So friends, will you make these hairbands? This is my princess hairband and a matching purse with it Isn’t it cute? Friends this looks cute right? yes You like are craft videos right? So please like the videos

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  1. #2:40 I thought that it is fox. It does not look like mouse from any angle!!!!!😁😂😆😵😲😹😹💩

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  4. we can make बाय द मार्बल पेपर हेयर बैंड

  5. Wow your hairband is so beautiful and bags are also so beautiful but you don't reply me and not give me heart☺️

  6. channel ka naam craft with aayu pihu…or banata kon hai unki mummy to channel Ka name change kr ke craft with ruchi kr lo…ya to aayu pihu ko banane do

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