Easy Sunflower Nails + Extra Elephant Nail Art Design Tutorial

Easy Sunflower Nails + Extra Elephant Nail Art Design Tutorial

hi everyone I'm going to paint sunflowers today so on my palette I have all acrylic paints all bought from the craft store you can see the tutorial in the getting started videos on my front page of YouTube for beginners so I have red orange yellow green blue and purple which means I have the whole rainbow plus brown black and white so to mix up the sunflower color you take a little bit of the yellow and get it into the water and a little bit of the brown and get it into the water I got a little bit too much Brown so I wiped my brush and I'm going in here and the brown and the yellow make like a mustard color and that's the color that you want to work with first so this is a good shade but it's also good to get a little bit of darker shades in there but this is the medium shade right here so this is gonna be the medium and this is going to be the highlight now for the the leaves I have a little bit of teal and green and I have this really beautiful metallic that I found at Goodwill but Heather was asking me about the name and so I said it's called Lumiere okay so Lumiere paints I don't know if they're discontinued because I got them at Goodwill and I got the whole set for like three dollars but these are beautiful these are just beautiful they're full of glitters and that's what I mean like a lot of a lot of private products come and go so when you see something good just snag it up so I have this color and I'm going to use this color as the base and as I go lighter I might add a little bit of yellow and if I want to go darker I'll add a little bit of black or brown any way that I want to will make it a little darker but that will be the leaf right here now working across I have the nails painted on peacefully me by dazzle dry or any French color and then the tips are black wet and wild if you find that you have a problem with your polish your paint sticking to this because it's too shiny add a quick coat of matte on there and should stop the problem right away okay so that being said let's start okay across the tip with the green I'm just gonna push and pull leaves going across now I've been doing the sunflowers on nails for probably over what twenty five years and and I've done a few tutorials but my cameras were awful during that time and so I'm gonna do one with a with a hopefully a better color and you can get an idea some flowers have leaves that go all over the place so I just try and make them dark and rich and lush and then I cover most of them with the flower itself but that's how I go across that like this one more push push push pull push pull push pull push push and pull up if you need help with leaves that's also in my beginners playlist but I don't have a sunflower in my beginners playlist I should make one just one nail anyways on the other one I'm going to do a little cute elephant but I will put that at the end of the video so that you guys who want to learn that can learn this it can just keep watching the whole video but for this part I'm going to get it all done it out of the way and leave the little elephant for last so with that being dry now I'm gonna go into my darker mustard color which is right around in here make sure that you have them nice and thin this is one of those layer designs so so nice and thin is essential I'm going to do the bigger nails get a better look okay now I'm going to push and pull push and pull push push push pull push push pull push and on the other one push my brush is starting to break in it took forever don't do it well no it didn't it took forever for me and on my impatient but I was struggling on it for a minute okay so there's that and one more push push push push pull Oh Oh well okay now since I had two half ones on this one I'll put a full one here so I will just go and how how I kind of get it together because I I go one then I go one that mirrors push push pull and then I go this way push push push watch how I put my brush to the to the to the nail and how I move the the brush from down to up down to up so I'm down at the bottom now push push pull and then push push pull and that gives you a perfectly round sunflower okay so I know that that's hard at first and after you get the feel of it it gets much easier so I'm going to finish this out and meet you back okay so I'm gonna go back in now with the lighter yellow so I'll show you right here just the bright yellow mix it with a lot of water so it's nice and thin because sunflowers have to be thin they have to be thin thin thin if you make them too thick they pull off and they crack because they are just so layered so now I'm going in between the mustard color with the yellow boom boom pull dot-dot-dot pull pull pull now see how that just brightens it up and makes it really really pretty now watch how I use my brush I'm pushing in and pulling to the center pushing pulling to the center these don't have to go completely into just the middle of the of the mustard colored leaves they just have to go around and and kind of between and on top and between and on top and you can even do this three times with the dark medium and light and they just become more thick but after you do the second layer they just look more like sunflowers but it's not the reason that they're going to look like sunflowers in the end I just want you to keep your eye on my brush and how I'm using it because my brush was designed well I designed my brush to pull and sweep through these areas so it can become more of a technique instead of having to draw this every time so did I get that I hope I got that okay Carlito pull up push push how are we doing on time today you will client we've been talking so I talked so much today I love you Amaya don't tell her go wrong get into are gonna get in trouble yeah yeah nail trouble just say that I can do this design in 15 minutes okay so okay here we go this is a 15 minute design if you are not talking like me and client even I am so now I'm going in with a black circle and then I will go like this now here is where everything gets very interesting when you put a black circle in the center of it you want it to be big like this okay now a lot of people can't draw that thin but if you do it like that it's easier and then you just kind of dark in the middle or but if you only can do a black part that's fine too and then you take that same mustard color and just kind of dot around the edge and then little make little dots in the center like this see and I'm doing it okay so if you're gonna make it with is that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that it ended up like that okay if you get too much then you just about that yeah that way it's not so perfect like a blob of black because then it just kind of takes over and it looks like polka dots it looks more like a center of a flower see and then okay let's go back in with that and do one more okay here we go doesn't it does it just barely barely go back in with black if you get too much and then just kind of go again around in that circle not that it doesn't it doesn't if it does and you kind of stipple the colors on like that and when you're done you have a flower that looks like a sunflower okay so I'm going to talk about this at the end but I'm going to go on to the next one and we're going to paint a elephant on there with a little rainbow thing evil client gave me this picture a long time ago we just saved it and the where we liked it how long if I had that day I sure don't know I forgot about it yeah I did like I'm painting this someday and and this is a perfect little huge it has some sunflowers on it actually and this is a request sunflowers so it all just worked out serendipitously okay I think you can see the picture of elephant wearing sunglasses or something like that I don't want to in case of like I don't want to show anything unless I have to cuz hard okay so da da da and hopefully you're just watching my brush and and if you have any questions that I didn't address then just tell me okay if you go over the ends of all of this with black it starts to look really really funky it's best to keep them like this but you can always take the yellow and add a little bit of white and if you're not happy you can just kind of top coat it like this and just put a little bit extra highlights on it I like them both ways you know like it like it just depends on if you want um really bright or not but the later you started now not well there you go see how I just kind of just in let's do one more boom boom Sun is out boom well Robin how do you get seeds in the middle those get brown done that okay all right so that is a sunflower and now I'm gonna go on to paint the elephant okay you guys so I'm going to paint an acute elephant so I have black and white and all the rainbow colors already okay I have them at the beginning in this video and I'm going to make a dark grey all right about this color and my brush is not filled at the neck brushes you can get worldwide at Robin moses nail art calm and this is the wand okay so I'm going in with the gray now I go with the curve of the cuticle okay just go down about a quarter of an inch and make the circle okay then from that circle I want you to take the brush fill it again with gray push hard push and then pull up and as you pull up go around and it's going to look like kind of like a snake head okay and then you're going to go around and make a circle here and then like that fill it in and the end my brush is created to do more of that one stroke than it is to actually paint it on and that is why I made them for these tutorials so that you can learn how to paint without having to know how to paint you learn how to do the techniques to learn how to paint on small small areas it's very difficult at first but you'll see how it gets easier okay so now that it's on I'm going to make this thicker on both sides so it'll be in and in from there now I'm going to take that same gray just keep working with the same gray I'm going to push up and down and then around to the tip and then back up and as I get to the center okay I'm gonna pull and make little tiny strokes like like that okay again pull up and around and down can then make tiny strokes like that okay so now you have the elephant's head essentially okay now with that same gray you go in and give it shoulders kind of fill it in then on the other side you fill it in the same okay this is how I used to paint everything that I ever painted if you'd like to see more of this type of kind of teaching or you feel like you've learned more this way tell me and I'll make some more and put them in the beginner's playlist okay so now you have the basic elephant now you go a light a lighter gray so spray your your paint because it'll absolutely crack and peel you have to keep it very thin okay now with the lighter gray I'm gonna go just across the top like this with the lighter gray and dot dot dot dot dot all the way down okay and again lighter gray then I pick my brush up to where it is up and down to the nail and then just that that that that it and I take that lighter whiter gray that that that that does all the way up around I'm gonna hit his shoulder hit his other shoulder that's too much okay and every okay so let's say that's too much right so you just go back in with a darker gray and you just take it out so it's not too much now see and that's how you keep doubling back and that's why it's so essential to make it thin thin thin so that you can go back and fix mistakes so with the lighter gray I'm gonna go around and just kind of do his little ears and if you see this done and and you know that someone hasn't used my technique please say inspired by Robin Moses so that other people can find me and learn the basics so that we can get shops filled with artists who love painting and hand painting and get them going on a right path so now I'm doing two circles done in black and this takes a long time you can either just make it black like this or make the line outline it's up to you both ways work this takes a little bit longer it takes five minutes to paint this elephant from start to finish but it takes longer when you fill it because you got to wait for this to dry that's the only thing if you don't mind waiting then just paint a black but I ain't fast so I just draw the circle and then fill them in but now I'm using all the rainbows and then orange then yellow just kind of dotted in then green and then blue see that's still not dry so I can't work on that yet so that's why I do the circles but if you guys are struggling and you it's so much easier just to paint the circle so now I'm going to take some yellow and go around and put a little sunflower in her hair and that's still drive I mean wet so I have to be careful but then make the little dot in the middle and then just kind of make the the sunflower go accordingly as I just put in the sunflower video and then I okay just expect if you're if you're doing nail art and you don't okay here we go tip this is all right here on the end of the nail this is all gonna wear off because it's all acrylic paint so if you want this to last you have to go back over this with another kind of polish either gray or black but because I don't mind it it doesn't she's really easy on her nails it doesn't happen really bad I'm just gonna leave it but usually I do not and I might when I topcoat just give her two top coats on the bottom so she can wear it more easily and then I go around the edges with black paint that's acrylic just to make sure everything is perfecto mundo and then fill in this I right-click because you guys said that you wanted to see it all because usually I would cut here and just show you the end so you and I have liked this picture for years now it's fine yeah now who knows what we're gonna have Cohen we have show each other a lot of stuff okay so now if you're a perfectionist you can go back in and do all of the perfecting and the getting all of it perfect I have found that I like them imperfect and that's just over time because everybody says is that a stamp where can I get that water decal and a little old God this is better than a water decal on a stamp because you can paint it any time you want you don't have to look for it trust me when I say I spend most of my time looking for crap and I don't even use a lot I lose everything but I can find good stuff can't ieave a client she can oh my gosh I am a genius I'm finding some stuff okay so boom there is a little elephant with the thing let me talk coat and I think I might use a matte what do you think yeah I don't know okay okay we're gonna talk about that I'm here I'm Jill okay so now we're in for the cuteness overload times 100,000 let me get the light all situated and the camera in position I have top coated this with two coats of matte and then I took two little tiny tiny tiny drops of gel and put them into the circles of the little orbs that I made so that they kind of made 3d glasses that word that we're all rainbow so I'm gonna zoom in so that you can see it a little bit better until we can't but that is the elephant that you can do in five minutes now a lot of you won't have gel but you can just do a little bit of topcoat that is clear on top of there and they work as well so look at how darling that is and and for pennies you guys so you can make this for pennies and have a clientele that just loves it and loves you and keeps coming back so don't give up you can do this so please spread the word to artists and people that you know that want to learn because this is what I want to do is teach you guys it has served me well for my entire 30-year career and it will do you well so anyways subscribe get brushes robin moses nail art comm boom right here this is the wand and I also have a striping brush and striping brushes are extremely hard to find please this is the unicorn and I use this for all my striping tutorials so if you do try them please hashtag me inspired by robin moses this gets the word out and gets people looking at who did this and how they can learn too this is not to show off or to be like anything other than a teacher for you guys that appreciate learning anyways I'll see you back with more and thank you for watching bye bye yes yes yes thank you for for telling me to do sunflowers again the requests because I haven't done a good one in a long time the other camera I had was very yellow and so every time that I get to give you guys the tutorial done in a better way and like totally makes me happy at the same time so thank you and if you have summer ideas or requests put them in the comment section because this is the time of year that I take requests and can before Halloween hits so you know and if you have a Halloween dad don't be afraid to put it in there because we don't go for it right even guys right haha so I'll be back with more you

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