EASY Spring Flowers Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners #lovespringart2017

EASY Spring Flowers Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners #lovespringart2017

Hey everybody, it’s Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa and today I’m going to show you this really easy painting you can do even if you’re starting an artist even if you’re brand new this fabulous Daisy in spring on the mike is my husband John pushing buttons the wrong by pushing buttons the wrong way. Look over there. This is LIVE. Just in case you know things are here intro again. He does that. He switches cameras reads comments and make sure that during a live if you have a question for me that I can get that question and possibly answer for it and make your journey a little bit easier because that’s what this is about is getting you to pay at home so that you are enjoying your fabulous Ursprache. I’m super pumped about showing this today even though it’s a little bit out of focus. Going to fix that. I will. We really should like both you and I are we going to see me they just need to both in focus. Right now everybody’s in focus. So I know we’re doing we have picture in picture. Yes. Have to check which one it’s on. You so I’m going to have zippy Sippy while working that out. So we like to show picture pictures of those you’re falling youan you can see a reference of course of postings on Facebook on the Web site just everywhere on the planet. So I mean it’s not like the original painting and find but I do try to make it trackable viable information about materials and other things you might want to know in the description below if you click the more button it’ll open out. I use all 50000 characters I’m always trying to tell you everything from everything that you could possibly want to know. And then more I wish they’d give me another 50000 I’d write a book that I would have. This is all the stuff that you can know just to make it easy. Make sure you have a delicious beverage. Do I have a I have. I’m drinking tea today. Are you drinking tea today or materials today are pretty simple. I am painting an 11 by 14 canvas port. This particular painting really lends itself to any size canvas so don’t feel like you’re constrained to what I’m doing here you could do this on a of paper on a pad you do eight by 10. You could do with 30 36 48 you can do this any size you want. It’s really about the principles of it. I have this is just so and ready to paint over here I have a heavy body to croquet. I have yellow ochre kad yellow medium blue green titanium white Quince Croteau magenta all shimmering blue and a little more white. And then of course my favorite secret sauce using Google for now my really cute when you Mujer is really saying. So this is what this is. They just change their packaging so it may look a little different in your store. But basically what this product is is it’s what’s called a retarder and a glaze and it’s used to extend the working time of Crilley paints when you read something says it’s going to open the working time extend the working time retard the working time. What all of those products mean is it slows down how fast your code pink dries a little bit and then if you have the word glaze to it means you don’t you can tint little bits of color into the mediums. You could actually use like transparent glass. I like that too. Oh how are you doing today John. Oh you are pretty good. I am just getting a pall mall buy button pushing and always got to catch up on his button pushing to say hi to the whole community that showed up today. We need some good wishes for you. Brand new here and you’re like What is this. We have prerecorded videos on demand that go real fast. But this is sort of our slow down hang out with our friends and really talk about it and do it together in real time. Moon And we like to put wishes and just two. I don’t know think positively about the well-being of the world at all. Oh yeah I know we’ve got a bunch of wishes here from our Web site here. And awesome. I’m going to start out with my very favorite one. I wish that we have viral video. That’s a good wish. I wish you I wish that we how we hope that our first Sharbat official gathering is so big and so happy that everybody there gets to meet everybody that day. The gathering of love enjoy and gaining that we all get to see each other. I don’t know how many of us will be but I want all of us there. I’m liking it with Facebook groups. The bigger question and the official art Sherpa has been going really well I’m doing this sketch with something called a watercolor pencil. It’s a really inexpensive workhorse said that I got from Michaels. And there’s all kinds of these and they’re just what it is is they disappear in water. Charcoals also good kids chalk but not effective white on white but still good but you should avoid using like a standard graphite graphite him bleed through your pain. And if you’re not looking to make that happen that can be a little bit frustrating. A little dream catcher can’t catch my dreams over here. So Mary sent in a wish. All right Mary. She would she would wish for love for the she would love to wish for the world to love love and more love. You know world could work on that and not really trying to be critical of the world. I don’t know if you’ve been observing this all but it feels like the world could work on this loving each other thing just too much. Just saying. Not judging. But you know there’s been requests for. Struggle with struggling with bombs. There are so struggles happening. Mom struggles. I know my daughter has that wish I wish for peace between mothers and daughters. That’s a good one. That’s a really good one. Oh in safe safety on this holiday too. Well we have a we have a little we have a little brush who’s watching. And so Christian Christian. But the question is a little personal a little 3 year old little brush if his mom would like to wish for him to have his dreams come true. Oh we all wish your dreams come true. And she’s like thank you for all the positivity. I thank you guys for the positivity. I appreciate it. I’m going to miss this a little bit and kind of blended in. That’s great because I found this I go Miss Miss missed. And then will show you guys just real quick what happens because sometimes you don’t see it in a paint. Oh I just kind of blends right in there. That’s what’s actually happening under my acrylic paint. So all you have a lot of wishes coming in here in the chat. A lot of whiskey you know a lot of our lightkeeper’s are in here too also. So I really want to thank you guys and I mean you can absolutely go to the archer. And there is a forum for putting wishes and we check that and try to make sure we get some of those in the canvas on each show. And also that other community members can maybe send you a little positivity. You don’t know you’re getting remember all wishes are valid. They don’t just have to be serious. They can be silly like I want viral video silly wish. But you know it’s a valid one. I’m going to get this is my stiff white nylon. And you can tell. Actually I’ve been working because it’s all stained. PINKERTON after this Quinn acard only gets in there. Absolutely. It’s like two inch wide. What I’m looking for in this brushes is a synthetic fiber It’s two inches wide it’s got a good spring this one happens to be a little wet right now. So I just washed it. You can see the spring links to this particular pressure in the description below. And I must start putting in my sky. And first I’m going to play it a little smidge my ultramarine blue. And listen if all you have is they low blue or another kind of blue feel free like you can use it what you’re looking to make sure is that your red and blue make purple when they mix together. That’s one thing I would check some point a little white into this you can kind of see the be in. I’m going to pull it a little glazing medium and I’m going to make a smile which has been confusing to some people as of late. Oh yeah. Why or high. That would be terrible if I was in a beautiful kitchen with kids all looking. Where did you get what did you spray you with there. I think my flower my skirt and my dream catcher is catching on for you today and more than that in dreams. I like the dream catcher because I feel like it’s catching our wishes and send them straight on straight on up. All right. So see how making that smile there. Yeah. A little more weight into my brush and you’ll see that the combination of the pains the medium and my brush is just making easy work of my canvas. I’m not struggling to cover it. And it can be a struggle that can be surprised you are just like Wow does this. And it’s not want. Ain’t some of them do that. It’s not you it’s canvas. Now my take a little of my quick neck or down load my brush and come over to my weight. Load it a glaze. And I think I’ll come over here from the right side and start blending this through. So I want my sky to be a sense of paintings and purple’s come over to the left hand side and this down aren’t really drama sky each one of these should feel a little different every time you do them. I curve it because this is this it was like a lens that you can get on a camera fisheye lens the fisheye look. We do some bouquet. We do some fish. OK Boca. OK we’re going to we’re going to smell it. Yeah. The odors of things. I see how I’m letting it be super soft here and that just creates a lot of drama. I like on canvas a whole lot. Not so much in my life. Really don’t enjoy a lot of drama in my life like my life to be kind of an interesting but I love drama and my canvas. All right. So I’ve mixed a little of this all submarine blue and Kronecker on red. That makes a bit of a purple. So when I come here you can see that purple is mixing in that streaky effect giving that streaky effect. This is going to give some drama to my sky and I want to take it back into the purple blue. So I’m going to go more into my ear in some way on there. Is this is this a technique that a beginner can use. This is such the perfect beginner technique because really honestly you’re just painting a smile and you can’t do it wrong. Your sky may not look like a carbon copy of somebody else’s sky but it shouldn’t because we’re all supposed to be originals but it doesn’t require a lot. In fact the streaking is desirable so if you’re like oh I’m not getting very bland. So you don’t want one and see all it is is about just making this curve and using a big brush. Cool. You can go through probably once learning this technique make tons and tons and tons of these guys. The trick is remember to keep this light and it gets darker as it goes up. Rinse out your brushes between uses because acrylic paint brushes just me using anybody took it up in the first place. It’s just so hard on brushes so hard brushes. Now do cool thing. I’m going to take a little of my old Marine over to my fellow. I’ve got a 1 inch knife on here just because it comes in the back. If you have the pack you could also just do a number 10 great to this here just about that with what I’m looking for. Well put a little my alts Marine I dampened my brush and I’m just making this nice. This is a crazy color this isn’t a color you’d expect to get from these two. It’s also one of my favorite ocean mixtures now I’m going to flip this over because I don’t like to work and if I if I paint then here would be turning your lip or edge of my canvas. But if I flip it over you know. Yeah. Not a problem. And just say you know if you’re at home that canvass board is not essentially any different than stretch canvas. You know it’s just you prefer to have the spring of a stretch canvas in the hanging frame ability of a stretch canvas or do you prefer the firmness of a board and the storage of a board. That’s all you’re working on here. There is not beyond your preference. A significant difference just about your goals. And right now my goals are to deal with the I don’t know how many pings we have now but it’s a lot that we have that we own. It’s getting to be a storage problem. I thought it might be a storage problem for some of you. Yes we’ve got like some 800 painting’s I think an archive or something. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a thing that’s a thing so I’m just you can see just painting that. And it’s tricky. I mean like this is not like a smooth we’re not like you know dipping. This is not a dipt painting. This is a painted painting paint brush strokes should be present. You just should just keep them there. Pop in my buddies hop and your piece of my bike. I know I’m sorry. No thanks to all of you at home. I apologize. Please you don’t have to thumb me down. You don’t have to do it. So OK. Everyone would like to know where you’re getting that fantastic jewelry. This is fantastic. There’s been so many comments capture this particular piece is on loan from my mother in law and I’m not giving you back. We’ve all seen all the locks we a how goes but basically what designer is Betsey Johnson. Oh yeah sure the necklace it’s telling. She’s my girl. Not that I know her. Cheavens besmear knows thing about me. I’m just saying I’m not a big fan of Miss Betsey Johnson. I think she’s an inspiration to women in people everywhere. Who doesn’t love all the fun that she makes. So I’m not a beauty blogger just y’all. I’m sure you’re kidding. But that’s so I’m just interested in your jewelry. I think it’s also simple. It is with your specific paint rest the minute I could a hair dryer too. I don’t want it to go totally drab and I’m just letting it. Tack up a bit. She did she leaves me alone. I get all freaked out. But OK so let’s let’s talk about the things that normally I would talk about if you disappeared which is like they should go out check out our show but dot com where we have like a chat that’s going on all the time in all of our forums are there and you can leave wishes and hang out and we have all of the big question information and more information on this video and all videos and also everything our game and are starting to pop in all kinds of things. And you can share your are. And there’s a live chat. It’s friendly. And we always forget to plug it which is why we call for Facebook whether we’re in. We’re everywhere. We’re Taggard Sherpa. I really think you were coming and hanging out with us doing all the social things like liking him and driving while we’re teaching that stuff that we do. All right. I’m going to take my blue back over to my green as you see here. And my first layer that I’m doing I’ve got a number 10 bright the bright is firm re-enroll firm brights are cut shorter. In other words the length from this metal part which is called the ferral is short in heavy body paint. That gives me more control. So that’s why I have that preference. It doesn’t. There’s other brushes that work great so I don’t know if you’re an artist you like. I really like a dagger. OK. That’s cool. I like a bright. Let’s all get along. So all some people these brush strokes up I’ve loaded this up. You can see here on my brush I’m coming up through my paint which is not really dry. But that’s actually something I kind of was enjoying. And I’m pulling up these light little grassy strokes so using the edge of the brush and then I press in firm and then as I come up I lift up press in front come up and lift up oh let’s do this real fast. And my goal is to not make and I’m not trimming this lawn. Think of this in your mind. This is a wild meadow which is not trimmed it is untamed is untamed. It is reaching up into the sky is reaching up into the sky. So if we were to make all your little brass blades about the same length it would look like somebody came to this wild meadow and just mowed it which would be weird right. Do we make any sense. Grass should be shorter. Now as I’m coming down the curve and I may flip this over again. OK. Don’t paint. I don’t know if any. I’ll say a big fat day. Not even sold in this holiday. Look at me. I got to let that drive. I want to fix it. You could just probably wipe it right off right now. No it’s not right. Oh well I would just wipe off all the pain. Oh the underparts don’t. Yeah. It is completely dry. I could just wipe the booboo. But since this is somewhat tacky in the background I cannot just wipe this booboo off. So I’m going to have to get rid of this booboo the proper way the proper way. So you guys get the benefit you see how booboo gets fixed. And you know what I have to gosh darn it I’m going to have to. OK. Sure. So while she’s doing that I will say thank you to everyone. We have 400 people here hanging out with us today on this Webley Friday afternoon. So thank you guys for coming and hanging out. And you know putting up with our sort of Friday nonsense you know. And Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone who’s out celebrating that on on this weekend. And you know people just come in here get out with it’s just so nice to have you guys here. And hi to all the little brushes that I see popping up in chat there with us. I think it’s drying up. All right. Well we’re going to do is bring him back and get some of this yummy color in here. OK. And some white I think we need it to get our sky color back right. Did you pop your palate overaged a bit when you do that next time you see on the screen how it’s just a little bit. Oh yeah. Just you. All right. So I’ve got some of those color right. I’m going to just paint this away. It just painted away. Do you want your go away. And the reason I had to do it right then which is what I was getting aggravated about is because I want to bring my grass over this area. It was going to get in my way. You know what I got to do now too. What do you have to try again. Yep. Dry your acrylic paint. When you fix Simbu. Well you will get streaky edges. Yes. You kind of see How’re you just going to make it. All right. So I’ll say that. Don’t forget to go over to the archer block where you can sign up for all of our stuff that’s there. But mostly what’s really cool is we have a live chat that goes on all the time. You can find all of the pages about like you know the painting that you’re doing today there’s extra traceable links to our forums. There’s just a lot of resources out there and we’re trying to put more and more up every day so we like to check it out the Facebook group is there. Don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe here on on YouTube where you know it’s our home we’d love to come and share and hang out with you guys. And hello to all the little brushes that are out there. Thank you guys so much for coming in being with us today. Of seeing little brushes. And please please please don’t forget what’s she doing over there. What’s she doing. But she’s she’s going to look at that. She’s like put in some some Mixy bendy stuff in there that were she wasn’t telling us about. Probably have to ask her what like her plan is there. I wonder if this is like the one handed hairdryer technique or should just Or should get. That’s kind of cool though. All blended in there like that so I was not expecting her just to go rogue and not not not tell us what she should just added a little bit of streaks there. So she looks like she just mixed in some more of her pain on one of the small one inch flat brushes there. She’s rinsing in outlook is that you have to make sure you rinse out your big brushes quickly because they dry so they dry up fast because they’re so relatively large they can hold a lot of pain inside the deep inside them. So it’s important to make sure you wash them out really good and then lay them flat. Well that keeps them from getting puffy. So but right now she’s just gotten a play by play with John what else to say about that. OK. So I kind of we saw that you were doing stuff in spring. OK. So I was having something called induced discoloration induced discoloration structural. I don’t want to say this is as good as I was going to say. Basically Stephanie Lekan apps the green was still leaking up through my pain. I don’t like it. I got to make some drama sky here and I got to go darker and then I’ll have to like kind of blend in that together. It was like I meant it. And so that is how I get through a Ropeik that. Well and then I had to drive as I was going we noticed it was like that was the Sherpa. Was a lot going on there. I was like oh sometimes a little booboo is just and creates a bunch of grief in my life. I’m like hey universe what are you messing with my paid time for now I’m going to angrily grass because I say take it out of your heart and put it in your art. When you’re frustrated. Well they you got to go. I was narrating you while you were gone. We were in the wild. I was watching her as she was. Yeah you heard me like do these little screams and stuff like something has gone wrong that I don’t want to have to fix. Well what’s funny is that she actually worked. This is like every day even when we’re not on the air she goes and works out the easel and I’m at my line and I’m at my editing desk most of the time so I I actually see her through the camera. A lot of paintings got on the discard pile getting to this point. All right well we’re talking through this in this pretty much the same sort of format. Most of the times we’re just hanging out this way even in our regular life. What’s funny is I had to turn this around in a second. So what I’m trying to do is just create this first layer of grass. This is our distant layer of these little plant little like bits coming up like you have to you know Emily was asking you what’s a good brush cleaner to use. I really like the master so brush cleaner by gen’s pencil and are like Ritchson one seat so. Oh yeah. They both make really happy. Yeah the left hand or describe it all at the some time how do we do we’re. You know we’ve got a bunch of brush videos that are gonna be going up here repair brash which kind of covers some of how to clean the brush. I’m adding a little yellow to my mixture and you’ll see that at greens it up when we come here to come back down there. Oh for a guy. Do anything and I’m a little bit of this picture picture back to the layer. See how it almost looks dim.. Yeah it looked almost blue. What was it. There’s a really gorgeous sort of blue grass blue that I get with the ultra marine. And they low. And again also makes a really good cold water mixture. We’re trying to make make deep and cold water. And so it’s one of my very favorite combos to go to especially if I’m on a fast pace. So I’m just making different different little bits of the grass. This I just push a little harder. Come here and this is just that next layer right. Because this is layered grass and ogres and canings all have me here. And you need to have the depth to feel like a painting is real unfinished. You’ll see a lot of paintings that go real fast but what they are is they’re what I would call under paintings. They’re not completed thoughts. Yeah. And what makes your thoughts on the canvas seem more completed are these layers. Nothing wrong with any of it it just has a different purpose just different reason for being that visual complexity. Now I’m kind of putting some of this down here really. When you have brighter colors it moves it forward doesn’t it. Oh yeah. It makes it seem like it’s closer to the I’m going. My grass is just getting full and robust now going against this poor brush that’s been through so much when things are brighter when they’re closer and and muted when they’re far away. What’s that’s atmospheric perspective atmospheric perspective that actually knows this. No I couldn’t remember which one. So I knew it was one of those. But so this is a detail brush for me. And believe it or not because of the fine line it makes. So this is a number to always look for the number the brush bright. This particular brand is based on this is a synthetic filament that’s firm. The issue with most brushes and acrylic paint is that they’re not firm enough. So wherever you are lots of great brushes in the world where we are what you want is a firm brush if you’re having to press your brush into your pallet to load your paint. You probably have a brush that doesn’t have enough firmness to do the work. You should build to just pull paint into your brush. That’s water color oil or whatever the paint should easily get into your brush. Now I’m going to make some curve lines are going to come not all the way to the bottom of the canvas. I’m going to start in this grass area here because there might be some grass covering up. So I’m hopeful nice thin fine look at that fine line. Look at me go. Curved line. Now you know how to fix a booboo if you have it. It’s good. Good information to have. I think I’ll pull out a little stem maybe a little stem here. Just something to say that this little guy is having a moment a moment of what’s called offloading where the brush off and reload a bead that helps me get a fine line. And I think that I need another little curve diary here occurring here. Miami recurved there. Hey little friend stemming off here like you do. Yes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. We all do a little one up here. Oh there could be a daisy right there. So I’m just planting daisies. What are you doing today. I’m planting daisies six. Nice. I’m get to the point I like to daisies. Now this is one of my. I really enjoy this painting. I’m looking forward to putting this painting over my desk. All right. So hopefully not a crack in the Saturday. I like I like. I like this flowers. I think that though the way that the sky is and all the what we call it the flowers just it is just really cheerful. I like the way that you know it looks I also like the Tannebaum tree that we did. Yeah I like I like it too. I love Christmas tree. We did. Happy Christmas family Christmas tree nostalgia chipper Christmas tree. Get. So when my Kurban another line of air heads and this stuff is just trees that are slightly chipper goodness sakes. Your trees can be chipper to you. So I’m just trying to you know make these little stems as I’m going. It’s a mix of the yellow the yellow green. I’ve got to remember that on occasion we might want a little flower that comes off here. Little by little bud for the bud and maybe another little one that picks up here how little something and I know because I’ve been at this a little bit because I don’t have to be that worried about parts of my resolve because I’m like I’m going to get a number for right here. This is see the free number. Look for the word. This particular one is Black Pearl. It’s a little softer than the Brazilians but still stiff enough for Kralik bank now which is tough in a student brush I got to tell you. Now all of these brushes are good for heavy body paint. Yeah. These are heavy body paint brushes. One of the things the Bresch world does is it labels things good for oil water color. Actually a lot of times when it’s like good for all these I’m like yeah not my brush. You know really brushes are very specific tools. What makes a great watercolor brush. It makes it horrible acrylic brush work hard pressed the world’s worst acrylic brush. Well generally speaking generally speaking I’m sure somebody who figured out well I don’t know you don’t like making sure you get. Well that would be good because there’s all sorts of there’s there’s no wrong answer. So you can you know if you have if you successfully replicate a technique that you like. Yeah that’s there’s nothing wrong with that. So I’m loading up this brush with my green and my yellow. It’s not over makes you kind of see that there it’s all streaky and when I’m doing and it’s interesting I always throw people I’m leaves in the air. Why are you doing that. Well because it implies that there’s such tiny little twigs there attached to they’re so delicate We can’t even seen with our eye because sort of the the lights back washed them away. Yeah. And it tells us about our lovely delicate little world man. I’m in to mood today. How is everybody else at home doing. The question this what is does such a good time in here. They actually most of them are really enjoying this. This is pretty straightforward. There’s just been a couple of questions about like you know how do you how to apply that or whether this brush is good for heavy body paint. You know how the how some of your most they feel they’ve got a lot of this or are community really seem to understand. And so you know we’ve got 400 people here that have been hanging out with us this whole thing. So thrilled to know this many people are painting. Yeah. And that excites me. And there’s a lot of green rushes. I’ve seen lots of little brushes in here with us today and of course there are. Oh and David and a bunch of other people in these caves. I want to say that it was Melissa asking earlier and Tia and Tia. Hi. Hi Melissa. Hi David. Ask me what is your favorite flower. What is my favorite flower. Am I OK. I have a I have a grip and it’s kind of mood based. I love snapdragons. And what kind of a theme for snapdragons. I love a bearded iris. I love a day Lily. I get a little you know me I had a mother’s garden where I found rare lilies that were named after my whole family. So it was like my mother’s garden. Yeah no I like me some flowers like me some flowers a little wisteria wisteria disappoints me sometimes though because it comes and it gets me all excited and then the first rains is kind of like Casselli is like dandelions daisies and magnolias. He does. He loves him a daisy. Yeah boys are cool too especially because it’s a tree. I mean this thing my pain because it my my pink it’s cooked in my studio. It does. So I’ve got this round. This is you should have at least one round if you can and your pink kit helps you you know branches and all kinds of things. So this is a number for around. It’s like a mid-sized round. Now if they didn’t have the golden or that if they didn’t have a retarder of some kind. Use water. Now they were asking Would it be OK if they were using like the open panes. Yeah. Open paints are awesome. That just means that they take longer to draw. It just means it take longer. They’re open so they drive slower open panes were created so that oil artists could transition easily into acrylic. Oh. So I’m going to make a line that’s about a half inch long and then I’m going to draw a little button at the top of it. A little half circle here. Oh Leonis. Oh you like ponies. Denise was like Please please please. Pianos are great. I like them. I’m like they’re not just bad you know. And then you’re going to mood’s because then you’re like I want some poisonous flowers. And then there’s of course the sunflowers. Sunflowers lavender poppies. We actually had a corpse flower at one time we didn’t which was really pretty kind of stinky. Mm hmm. As the name would imply. Well it wasn’t actually that wasn’t cornflour because it’s take a hundred years to bloom. Yeah it was. We had those weird mushrooms that smelled like corpses. Yeah. And we were trying to grow corpse flower which we never had. And then we did a bunch of those were poisonous pitcher plants thing. We were yeah we were weird. I was like 20 years. So you can see what I’m doing is I’m coming to the end of the stems that I have and I’m making these little button like buttons or buttons for them. But you know sometimes a flower is short so let’s put one on the grass or put one in the grass. Your issue that you’ll have and you might have to add some white a little bit to your ochre is ochre and oxide which is one is from the ground I want to synthetic can be a little bit transparent but since we have two layers of paint We’re OK I have to give an art high five. But the trend I’m going to make this one down here a little bit bigger because it’s going to go off campus. If he is not only producing a show similar to what I’m doing here with you but he’s painting along with the rock. So I think Canton Canton Ohio for supporting arts on public broadcasting. Yeah. Thank you guys for the painting man free for everyone. Everyone can paint if they want to paint. That’s what I believe. Everyone deserves the pain. Street is hot today. We getting in the summer. We are. What’s happening here man. The blizzard that’s going on up north. Yeah. And it took all the code the way it did it did. I’m not loving it man. Man I’m having a game over moment from like aliens. Like three people got that. All right. So see how making this will have buttons to that little button there will happen. What’s happening here. It needs all happening. And again you’ll see me grabbing a little white. This is only because sometimes my you know. Oh here gives me a hard time and I’m making my little button. I don’t have to touch my button to the end of my stound because I’m going to be pulling these little pedals down. And once I start pulling my little pedals down it’s time you know matter. Now I’m going to do quite a big focal désirée here. And what that is and see how big I’m making these buttons almost an inch long because that’ll make that flower appear to be closer to creating a weird yet subtly awesome drama in my canvas. That’s a let’s add a little button here. I imagine that there’s some person laying on the grass looking up from watching the Universe been by listening to good music that that kind of went around these a lot of these paintings remind me of it’s like you know when I was when I did like you know scouting and camping and I don’t go out and lay in fields. But right before dusk. So yeah I like watching looking at stars. And so that is an it the best you know one of the one of the great things to do is just to lay in a field as as the sun sets and you see the stars come out. I want to show everybody something. And I agree with that by the way. So what happens to me sometimes is my pain tends to creep up my brush and takes away my joy. So what I do is I do off putting on the round as I roll it out. You can see gets it out and then I reload at the tip. Well you can you can you should that close up on the close of camera over there. No go right over the top. Oh yeah. There you go see I can see it there. Oh you just want to see that. OK. I can’t offload on the camera. I have to I show them that little that little bit yeah. That’s why I’m getting that. I get asked that question how does your painting go so far. He’s really good paint. I do. Guys I use really good. There’s nothing wrong with using what you have ever though. Yeah just so you know that I get a little fussing is really good paint. But you know Altay that’s just that’s just me. It’s probably more of a show. So we have to we have to make sure that things are predictable results so anything unexpected happen. And so I use something that I’ve just used my whole life and I enjoy it. But definitely buy to your project and it’s just an extra layer sometimes two you three yellows are white and what was it you were saying about whites. Definitely. I would say I would be if I was going to upgrade anything and upgrade my weight. Yeah. All weights are definitely not what happens with an inexpensive weight. Is that your highlight goes away or becomes very transparent. I have to Michiel on my brush. So what’s happening there. Some of going come up here. I’ve got it loaded on the tip of my brush and I’m going to with a little yellow mixed into my white pull these down a little more weight. So what happened with this is this white. When it dries we’ll stay this way. Now you can work really hard on the highlights with an inexpensive white. Then they just vanish on you. Now did you before you put that white down they would like everyone would like for you to come out here and know that you because you don’t get to see this but you’re your double Sherpa double sure. We’ve been at double triple for a while. I know what we call it anymore because it’s like double double triple because we’ve got over 420 people here and 300 do we call it sherbet 2.0 2.0. Sure for two point we’re in some way we’re hunted up Herscher pregame Sherpas basically whenever three hunters get together and just own the art space. And we love when we have a palette of sherbets here and you know it’s I just can’t say how much we appreciate you guys being here. Thank you thank you thank you for coming. And don’t forget to get up. Wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes and celebrate living because that’s what we’re all here to do together is to remember that in this journey we’re here together. And that’s why we like coming together and painting and celebrating and dancing sometimes bright dancing singing man. Going on take away your dancing your song even if it’s just to give him a defiant finger dance wherever you’re laying down. Be like thank you guys. Thank you very much. I’m running back on the way that I’m coming give this. This charming little daisies and paddles say this is just I press in my breast I can pull it out. That’s how I get that. Pretty simple stuff. Very enjoyable though in a little bit of yellow. I like because it gives my pedals some dimensionality. They’re still supposed to feel like white but it’s OK if they go super long it doesn’t really matter. These could be paying. They could be blue think oh wow and this is all we’ve got to do here and then highlight we’re done this is such a really rewarding. It’s super simple to do painting fine offload when you need to load up where you can. That one’s going to be kind of a pain to get to when ever have one. It’s a pain to get to it you remember it took it to paint your strokes the other direction that you think otherwise you’re upside down. Flowers Oh me crazy. That’s a good observation. You get the picture if they come up with you flip it. I don’t see it going up the canvas is not dramatic. That is traumatic as traumatic as some drama over there. Some drama in art on your Facebook craziness on Facebook lately. What’s up with that whole Facebook. We’re going to look back at that and shake our heads. But I’m going to say my my my space but I’m not that dramatic. No that’s what I did. We used to be polite on social media on our message boards on our message board. We had never hit a kid when we would tell everybody what their netiquette was bad etiquette. It’s just so funny because it’s true. When we were younger people were more respectful. The world was simpler they’re just broken. I’m not going to be able to pay these people how to do these days is hang and. He cracks me up I’ll be like this at home to just just you have no idea. Sure. Sure. Making noises sound to help. Sound effects always help. If he ever need to wipe off a brush Why do you need to wipe off a brush. If you just feel like you’re overloaded with one pigments you can wipe it off and start over like you don’t want these to all be the same uniform shade. Oh so like if you wanted to make just start a fresh different color in there yeah. Or if it just got too yellow or just wasn’t really pulling the different variants that you want the my big one big one the big one the happy one. You could do a little butterfly here focus if you wanted. No this is this is one where it’s really if you have if you don’t have any drawing skill This is a no draw. And really this is if you don’t have any painting skills. Yeah. Well I mean this is a painting skill but the thing is is that not all painting skills are nightmarishly difficult to. No you just wrote some of them are just pleasant and enjoyable which is what cooks us all in and then some crazy woman with funny hair and a hat convinces us all to do a quest about faces and we ask ourselves how did I get here how you got here this is how I looked. Isn’t it just that you yourself are really like painting. That’s helpful. How relaxing is that. I could do more of that. How dark faces be she made daisies easy. Really. Actually it’s pretty it’s pretty straightforward. You guys just you know in layers and me and break it down pretty easily. Yeah. Painting is layers. Well yeah. Process painting process would be more accurate. I think sometimes painting is a layer. Painting is a learnable achievable process. And usually when we say someone has talent what we’re saying is they have a whole other art skill or something when we are there. It might be my camera did something weird there. I don’t know why it never said don’t say that talent scouts went. Now you know it’s a it’s a whole lot of art skills with life experience and process through you know the uniqueness of being human. Not that not that people you know maybe some people do it better than others but in general the just general part of painting is oh I’ve got a bunch of skills and this is how I see daisies. Well you might see daisies differently but this is how I see daisies I’m sure. My vision is with you laying in the grass looking up at the sky. Now when that’s all done when that’s all that’s really good though. The easy easy part. I think I have enough white left to do it. Oh yeah I do because I have this yellow over here. What’s up. So what I want is I want my cat yellow and a little bit away. So I want it just to be even a little brighter. And I’m going to divide the canvas in half right. These two are going to be at least for sure these two are going to be almost straight on the top. Everything in this side is going to have a reflection kind of on the right hand side of yellow. Oh OK. So that it’s button a highlight it feels very yellow. Now but when I get here I go over the top even here even though I’m painting decoratively even though I’m painting expressively and I’m going to flip it over and it’s got to be on the left hand side of the button. I still have to think about light source which is here to make the painting feel real. Guess what we just did. You just finished. We just finished. Time to sign it. Get a little detail. I like it you know it was really fast really fast and put a little fluid paint just to make my oh I’m a do it. OK. Today though I have some you guys don’t know this but I have a huge hoard. All the colors you see me use on my show and everybody has to have fluid chronics which would be really good when we’re paint pouring all right so squeezed up too much. That’s what I have to do another pain. We’ll do some more right after this. Some loaning out my little. Right. And I’m going to find a little place that I want to sign it. I think I’ll sign it. Kind of weird. But this flower. I like to think about my signature and how it impacts the painting. You want people to know you made it. Maybe this is art. So there’s no real rules but you know I just try to think about how it impacts and I have to remember how to spell my name correctly. That’s been a problem this whole week. Look how much more pain I put out than I needed. Has anyone else ever done that like it’s all the paint in the world. No I have dippin yellow ochre painting Pashtun. So there it is my little signature off on the end and that’s all it takes to do daisies. I hope I’m going to see what our next painting is going to be pretty exciting. You can see that in the upcoming live play list. Also remember you can find upcoming scheduled events on the air but not on the calendar we try to make sure you know when we’re going to be alive so you guys can plan things and love you so much. Hope you’re having a great holiday and a great break. I want to see you at the easel really soon. All right guys. Bye.

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