EASY Poppies🌹 NO BRUSHES ACRYLIC Painting  Sponge And Cotton Swabs  BEGINNERS Acrylic Painting

EASY Poppies🌹 NO BRUSHES ACRYLIC Painting Sponge And Cotton Swabs BEGINNERS Acrylic Painting

Hi how are you guys doing. It’s Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa and I’m so excited to be bringing another fun. Anyone can paint project to you today. We’re not even going to use a brush. We’re going to use some simple stuff that you have around your house. So get your sponge get your Q-tips come back and meet me this easel right now we’re going to paint a field of poppies together. So let’s go over the materials. You can have a very fun successful time creating this project at home. I have a 9 by 12 canvas board. It is pre just so it doesn’t need another thing to be done to it you could do this on canvas paper over here for my no brush painting. I have sea sponges. These are just little sponges that I can paint with. There are a lot of fun you can get them anywhere. I have bundles of cotton buds. These little cotton swabs and I bundled them together in different sizes small and big. I have titanium whites you’re going to need white paint and phthalo blues you’re going to need a blue paint. I have had Cad red light and naphthol red medium. You can use naphthol red light instead. You just want a dark red and a light red. I have Cad yellow medium, Hansa yellow is a really good exchange for this. Just any yellow you have in Halo green. I have some baby wipes to clean myself up. And because it’s kind of messy I’m going to use a rubber glove but that’s not something that you necessarily have to be super concerned about it but it does get all over your hands. Let’s get started on this great project. Put your fabulous rubber glove on if you’re trying not to get your hands dirty which the sponge part of this is a bit messy though sometimes messy is fine. Take your favorite sponge. This when you can tell from all the paint is my favorite. Dip it in the water and squeeze the extra water out. I’m going to come to the white paint right here. Pull some out and then I’m going to add some of my blue paint to it. You can see how I’m rolling my sponge and I’m come right over my canvas and this is the most fun I’m going to make. Little circular in swirl motions pushing back and forth letting this be very uneven because this does all the work of painting the sky and for me this time on the come to my blue and get a little my white see there that’s how it looks. I’m going to just make sure that my canvas is covered with paint. You have wool swirls and then I might squiggle it down. This is very fun and expressive time. Feel like you can be very playful with this. Is definitely not artwork. I’m coming at the bottom I’m going back and forth and I’ll make some more little interesting swirls here see how it almost implies that there’s clouds to make that even more fun. I’m going to come get just my white paint and I’m going to Dab-Dab dab my sponge. It’s like this and I’m going to just Dab-Dab them very lightly I’m not pressing hard maybe a little distant cloud go back and forth if I wanted stabbing doesn’t take a lot to imply a little bit of cloud and come up here in the upper left and softly press. I like to rotate my sponge a bit so that I get an even patterns like clouds like to make and that helps me. But this is all that takes to do this sky be a little bit down here is this some distant whiskey’s now when the swirl my brush around the palette come over and get some of my fellow green right here when to get my fellow green in the swirl it around and then I’m going to come to this lower part of the canvas and just paint it back and forth with the sponge. It doesn’t. You’ll notice here it doesn’t have to be a perfect line. And if you need to turn your canvas over to get a good angle on it like I do go ahead and do that well see I’m still getting paint on the. So you just have to not make a hill. But you could actually have a heel. This is your paintings. Have some fun with this. Just straight across there is the field that my flowers are going to be in. It’s a good time to put your brush on your brush your spines to put your sponge in water and let it soak. You don’t want the paint to dry on it. Now I’m going to pull off my rubber glove range and I’m going to grab my biggest bunch of Q-tips and pick the side where they’re flat together and I’m going to swirl them around in my green paint and I might even grab a little yellow into that mix and I’m going to have a blast. Just making Dabbs so you can see why I didn’t have to worry too much about that field back there. Then I wore yellow. I like to change up. The colors of the green and I get by adding yellow or blue and I’m just pressing these down. I’m just filling up the space with little dots shapes that kind of start to feel like plants a bit got some dark green right here Alex all crazing here but I don’t mean just pressing it down. Again if you need to flip it to get a good edge do we’re going to pull some more yellow. Right here we’ve got the yellow right here. Remember you could be using Hansack news and Elaine. You can use lots of different materials. Using acrylic paint you can use other things. So you know realize you can have fun with this. Standing now. Your very nice little field that my happy happy poppys are going to live in. You just have to get this to where your happy happy where you’re a happy happy Papi. Right. Flipping it back for a second to look at it. When I put my Q-tips to the side and I’m going to dry my painting for the next part to put my poppies in which is literally the most fun. You’re gonna love doing this. I’m going to come over and I’m in a pick out a bundle of Q-Tips. I like to use the four Q-tips bundled together for the first collection of them. You can also do one of the fives if you want to. That’s perfectly fine as well. So you know at six there any of these that you want to do. I’m going to come over to my nap. All right. This is my darker red. So whatever you are painting let’s just choose your darker red and I’m going to load them up. I like to also press my Q-tips flat into this pallet paper that’s pallet paper and kind of get that swirled around. Go ahead and grab a little white because these are distant poppies and just start putting Blum’s in your background. See you can go up into the sky a little bit not crazy up into the sky but a little bit up into the sky. You can get a little white some of these can be quite late and far away. And you can bring them down a little bit into the green because sometimes you know there’s high poppys and low poppys offsets fund twirled the Q-tips maybe make some different shapes like the flowers are on an angle. This is a very impressionist almost pointillist piece so this is a lot of fun to do. Now I’m going to grab for some color variance and add some of my had red light. This is my lighter red. You could be using naphtha all readily right here. You can’t get Kaede red Liam and I’m going to add a few of these shapes around to just to make sure that my field of poppies feels full of happy happy flowers. Now I’m going to grab my bundle of six Q-tips. I’m going to come in here into my red. I’m going to flip my canvas over so that I have better angle on my press and I’m going to come over and grab some red. I’m going to avoid this green to get some red loaded on there and make a pretty big poppy right there. I’m going to do that. I’m going to press these more into a circle. If you need a little more red. Get a little more red. I think it’s best. They have a couple atones. And maybe just a press right. They’re not all the same size. This one’s going to be big. That’s slightly off the canvas. So the ones up front are bigger. Get some yellow on this one. And the ones that are far away are smaller stepping these nine inch round ones here and it’s a nice big Papi different sizes. I’m going to grab maybe some of my dark red here. Nice big one. Might blunder over another one and I can absolutely layer anywhere I want you back into your life. Read. A couple off the canvas because this field goes far into the distance. Cylinder which is quite yellow isn’t it. UV-B and take some of this yellow right here and shoot that when I’m going to get some dark red which is right here. And some shading to some of my Pompeys say changing it up. You’re not all one color look for any little areas you feel like you want brighter spots when you’re happy with that all you’ve got to do and this is really fun is get one of your bunches of three and you’re going to take and this is interesting. Your blue right. This is instead of using black and you’re light red and that’s going to make a very dark color see that color there. It’s the light red and the blue and you’re going to come in the center of your poppys the big ones with this big cluster give them a nice dark puppie center. Right here when I have the big centers done I’ll take one of my individual Q-tips while I’ll come get just some of my blue that has the red in it. I’d like to tour light just make little dots in the center of some of them. Where am just little dots. For their happy little flower faces. It’s a good time to turn around and make sure that you’re happy with what you have you can make adjustments with your Q-tip. Now if you mean it will get done there so just bouncing that out. You did it. It’s time to clean up. Pat yourself on the back and go. I did a painting and I didn’t even use a brush. I hope you had a lot of fun with this project. I hope you share it with a lot of people. Tell me in the comments below what you might like to see on the channel and I want to see you. These really really sad.

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