Easy painting Fall Tree Holding a moon Q-tip  🎨 πŸ‚

Easy painting Fall Tree Holding a moon Q-tip 🎨 πŸ‚

Hey everybody, it’s Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa and I’m going to show you how you can paint this painting today with just a few Q-tips. It’s really easy it’s really fun I’m going explain every step. And of course we have a traceable for those of you that are not into drawing. So get your paint get your brushes get your Q-tips and come back and meet me at the easel. Right now we’re going to paint. Let’s look at the materials we’re going to be using in today’s project so you can do this at home. This is a 9 by 12 canvas board. It’s pre-gessoed ready to paint. Over here in our colors. I have acrylic paint. I have white, blue, a dark rich red, a bright orange red, a yellow and black. I also have little bunches of Q-tips that have already rubber banded together. It’s nice to get these done before you start. I have water and of course brushes for acrylic painting. If you want to know the exact colors I use you can check the description below and of course the art Sherpa dot com where we list all that information. Let’s get started painting this in. So I’m going to get a nice big acrylic brush. This is about an inch wide and has some Thetic filaments for painting. I’m mean to get it wet and drag off the extra water. I want it to be moist but not crazy soaking wet. I’m going to load my brush both sides with the blue and just come across the top back and forth of my canvas horizontally brushing this and covering my white canvas. You might be surprised that sometimes covering white canvas can be a little bit harder. That time I didn’t drag off the extra water because I wanted my paint to come off my brush a little bit easier. And that’s something you’ll have to check depending on how much water your brush might be holding. All right. I’m going to back and forth now as I’m coming down I’m going to load up. You might need a little water here. There just a titch not a lot because if you get it overly soaking it’s not going to be fun. And I’m going to come here and cook just the edges of my brush right there in some white. And coming back in force. It’s going to lighten it just a little bit. Now I’m going to come here without rinsing out my brush and grab some white paint. Get water if you need it. Right here we’re going to brush that lighter color into the darker color above it and that’s going to create a blended on brave for Sky. Pressing the paint out of the brush coming down and just blending. If I need to come over here I’m going to get this wet but not rinse out the pigment. We’ll pull some more wine onto my brush and do the same thing again. So see how we’re going to just brush back and forth and come up in all the paint is still wet. And when acrylic paint is still wet it blends very nicely. Here again one more time. Get a little more weight onto your brush. So can I keep taking this down the canvas. Blending up wearing me to see how that blends beautifully. Super fun to do. And one of the tricks is I don’t dress in super hard. See that right there. And I’m impressed and like that I come across soft on the edge the tips of my bristles and that’s how I get a nice blend. Just in case you haven’t done this before. That’s something you might not know. It will help you succeed. Right. All the way down to the bottom. Time to rinse it out and lay it flat. OK. So for the next part I’m going to get a round brush woman to get. This is number six round. And then they get it wet and drug off the extra water and I’m going to get some white paint. Now my background paint here is still pretty wet. And so this is nice because it’s going to kind of blend right in. I’m going to come in this upper area. Think about having this right about here in your canvas because you’re going to want to wrap tree branches around it so they can hug them. So wherever you put this moon you’ve got to leave room for tree branches to hugging in what’s nice is when you’re painting this rain onto the wet paint you can see it just blends in. Isn’t that just wild. You know I’m doing this. About the size of a quarter you can see that relationship to my thumb and then the next thing I’m going to do is get some white paint just on the tip of my brush and I’m going to add some character to my moon on this right side. And you know just dab this in little character on my moon. Leaving it darker here and just dab that in. And he’ll feel like crater’s it’s actually pretty fun to paint the man even kind of realistically. There you go. Irving now I’m rinse out that brush really well. And my best advice is at this stage go ahead and dry your canvas either allow it to dry or dry it with a hairdryer. So I’m going to take a round brush the same round brush that has a nice point and I’m going to load my black on here. And when you get that right on the tip of the brush you don’t want to get it up into the ferral and I’m going to come over here a couple inches from the left and I’m going to very lightly create and craft a hill and notice that I’m actually liking that my line is a little bit wobbly. This is a great moment if you have a slightly wobbly stroke. It’s actually in your favor and I’m going to come at the top of my hill and I’m going to imagine that a bird dropped a seed here a long time ago and up from that girl tree. And so I’m going to come underneath my line here. Just on the tip I’m going to wander this a few inches and then right here I’m going to wander a little bit over to the left coming up here and as I go up by and my stroke then I’m going to come from under the ground just a little bit wide here. This is about an inch wide. I’m going to start to wander by line in and it’s OK again. My line is not perfectly smooth because trees tend not to be perfectly smooth. I’m going to follow this branch handing it out as I go up there we go. I wanna take it up much past this line with the moon. Then I’m going to come above my little not here. And I’m going to grow out a little branch to the right. It’s going to bend in her come out. I’m going to fill it out like this. I’m going to wander another little dude over somebody growing up. This is how I know where my leaves are supported by a pain. This in blackin first just painted in solid black you’re going to be surprised at how fun and easy it is to get the bark in just. Along my branches. Hurry hurry go. There we go. Here we go. Course I’ve got everything you need to do this. I’m going to wander a branch over here to support up some more leaves. So at the beginning the stroke is the hardest I press and then as I come out I lean this up. That’s high really make my round brush work for me and a lot of this is going to be just right underneath Q-tips you don’t have to worry about it too much. Just take a little branch here. Little one here and so again much of this is going to just vanish underneath. Now I’m going to get into my weight and it’s kind of make a gray and then come into my tree and especially right here I’m going to kind of imply a little circle and that’s how I just implied that there’s a little not there well I’m going to put some little rough lines to say that there’s bark and maybe at the top of this tree there’s a little rough lines and right here into the arm of the tree just showing some bark. You don’t have to worry about it too far up into the tree because again all these leaves are going to be going in there’s going to be a little opening of them hugging them soon. So I rinsed out I’m reloading. You can see here on the tip of my come to the top of my mountain and I’m going to do some grass and one thing I might show you is a lot of times people want to do this for grass. Right. But that’s not going to feel quite right. So let me show you something just real quick on what you can do. So press on the stroke and then flick and lighten it. Other thing I like to do is change directions sometimes so sometimes I blow the grass to the right and sometimes I arc it back to the left. That’s how I avoid what I like to call the crew top. See how that’s like a crew top. So that’s just something you can do. You know to maybe make your grass more grass like today. I’m going to put some around my tree trash letting the grass the grass the rain. Now there’s going to be a lot of grass going on here. I’d like to make some sure. Tall goes a lot of different direction. You know just tell a little story once you have that in or inside out put it to side on it again in a minute. I’m going to get. This is called a great I am going to this is about a number six you can do for you can do it. You just want to be able to fill in the hill with your black paint below your grass line. And I’ll show you how to put in your grass highlights. And at the end we’ll put in all that colorful red grass that’s so pretty you know love how this comes out. You’re going to be so impressed with yourself. All right. NEARY Go why easel is too big. Sometimes I have to hold my canvas still don’t have it clamped in properly. All right. So I’ve got that in. I’m going to come in get just a little bit of white come here and just add some highlights a little bit to some grass on my hill and it’s going to create some more layers and depth in the space. I like to do this even before I put in the right colored fall grass simply because it’s going create a lot of dimensions really make your painting enjoyable to look at. And you’re really going to feel the wind on this little hill that you painted. That’s why we’re painting right so we can enjoy this little nature scene that we’re creating. Well rain sent my brush and now it’s huge time which is my favorite time. So going to grab one of my bigger bunches of Q-Tips. These are all lined up on this side. I’m going to just grab them up and down into my paint so you can see how they look. On the tips there and one of the things that I’m going to want to do is to start building out the body of my tree. Now s.m are taking out a lot of these branches I did. Yep. Sometimes things are there to just help you think about where you’re putting things I want to bring some leaves down here. Be kind of feathering out here over to the right sort in this darker red that we have here. And you can see how this is going if you want to know exactly the type of cotton. But I used again check the description Oracle Web site. So I share that information in some of these can get really really wispy. So it does seem that hot and Budd’s matter. You’ll notice that I’m bringing little bits up into the air and I’ve got to remember that I’ve got to bring some branches here right now to bring this branch loosely over to her all around. I sometimes rotate my Q-tips to get control over just get to one Q Q-tip is take this around. Sam talking about these branches holding the moon every night. This little tree bugs them out. Don’t we all wish we did. So wonderful. It is a lot of fun. I like to try to make my tree seem interesting. Here you go. Just bringing some of these leaves down. I might even come back into my tree a little bit with some of these little tiny branches. Yeah. It’s just nice to fill it out. Sure feels like a well thought out living being this is your tree your resting spot. All right. When we have that covered up. Think about that level we get the next Q-Tip So we’ll put this to the side and then grab another little bunch. This is a bunch of five and I’m going to come into this bright one just red right. Painted my fingers and I’m going to grab these and see where the moon is. And then come along this branch you sort of talk about where that highlight might be a little bit. When coming up here because certainly the light would catch that. Think about where the light might catch a branch when bring one in here. Certainly we might have a little cluster of leaves lit up here the top ring a little cluster of leaves that are lit up over here on this outer ranch. So now we have this beautiful kind of dark red and then we’re getting these little highlights where maybe the moon is casting some moonlight on to our beautiful solitary tree. That’s nice. And then the last final step is to put your Q-Tips in a little bit of your yellow heat Let’s just a little bit the edge where we had some of these highlights add this little pop just a small pop. It’s a nice touch just a little bit this extra little highlight just say Hey. Maybe this is a thing. Don’t get too crazy with it. Or do you know whatever makes you happy. What makes you feel better in your day. Well honestly. OK. OK. Let’s put some of this great tree color in the grass below. I’ve got a number for bright. I’m going to get it wet drag off the extra water and come get my first read that I used whenever you’re darker. Rich red was and I’m going to come in to my hill and I’m going to just had some grass now I’m using a bright right now you could keep using your route. I want it to be bright though so it’s a good idea to rinse that out after using the black. If you’re using the same brush load this up and see how it’s loaded. Just adding a little color right around the tree. And seeing that out let’s add a little of our bright red green hairy seat loaded on my brush. Just a few blades is that here and there a little highlight making up some personality in the world. And you can just see this hill coming together being so grassy in this time and you get a little Maiello and a little light red just pop a couple little highlights here as well. Coming out. It is so fine really like that’s just delightful to do so. Rinse that out. Now you can. Look and see. Make sure you feel it’s balanced. And if you need to take a little bit like. P.B. down the hill a little just to make sure that it feels complete. Thawed out you can totally do that. All right. Once you have that done is a great time to sign the painting. I have a small detail brush. This is a monogram liner. I’m going to get this wet scrub a little of my white paint over here. Just a little bit of it and might find a little spot at my mark that was so much fun. Thank you for spending time with me today. I hope you loved creating your tree. And if you did I want to give you a look at. Next week’s painting. So be good to yourself be good to each other. And I want to see you next week for this gorgeous cherry tree right now but by

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