Easy Money | Cambly

Easy Money | Cambly

Hi everyone! It's me, Carli and today I'm making a video all about Cambly. Cambly. I don't know that's a funny name for a company. Okay um like I said my name is Carli and I worked for 51Talk it's one of the biggest highest paying online ESL teaching companies but I usually make videos about traveling teaching online and living and teaching abroad in Spain. So be sure to check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel if you're interested in any of those things. So I don't work for Cambly and never have maybe I will in the future but I decided to make this video because I have had a lot of people getting hired by 51Talk talk and other companies that been promoting and they've been asking me about other companies to help supplement their income. And I think Cambly is a great company for that. Okay so if you just google Cambly without any knowing anything else stop it stop don't Google Cambly. Let me tell you why you should work for them first and I'll also tell you the cons for why maybe it's not a good idea to work for them. Okay so I'm making a video about Cambly because it is the easiest company to get hired by to teach online English classes. Easiest in my opinion of course, but let me tell you why working for Cambly might be a great idea for you. Please apply through my link below it will help me out so much. You''ll be supporting my channel and me so if you apply to Cambly, apply through my link and it'll help me get paid a little bit on Money. Okay so arguably if you google Campbell you're gonna see a lot of good reviews and a lot of bad reviews but from doing my research I really think Cambly is a great company to work for depending on your type of working situation first of all one of the awesome things about Campbell is that you teach mostly adults. Okay that's perfect for you if you don't like kids. Most companies that will allow you to teach online will make you teach children so this is great. Another wonderful thing about Cambly is that you are teaching adults from all over the world so not just China from the UAE Japan Brazil Korea you name it they got it. They have lots of people from all over the world which is awesome which means there are a lot of different hours that you could possibly work for the company. They allow you to work 24 hours seven days a week and because they have people from all over the world you could possibly actually be getting classes at these different times a lot of people love Cambly because you choose your own schedule. Entirely so you can work 40 hours one week the next week nothing not even work two months three months four months, whatever. They don't care they're super flexible about when you work. The way Cambly works is a little different from other companies. With Cambly you video chat with someone and it can be for any amount of time. The student chooses if they want five minutes ten minutes fifteen minutes an hour whatever. The student chooses. So you just wait at your computer they video chat you. You answer the chat like a phone call and you just talk to them um that's. It's really simple and easy most companies have some kind of lesson for you to teach from. Cambly does have lessons as well but it's up to the student to choose what they want to do and most students will Cambly want to have conversations they want to practice the pronunciation so you can just talk to them and you can talk to them about whatever they want football politics basketball drinking in the I don't know whatever so you talk to them about whatever you want to talk to them about and it's like kind of like talking to a friend that lives in another country. The reason why I say Cambly is the easiest company to get hired by it's because they literally just make you fill in a little bit of information about yourself and then do a two-minute video. Like and you just need to be like a little energized talk about why you're still awesome and what. Wabam! Okay but maybe it's not that simple for everyone. Some people complain that Cambly took a really long time to like approve their application and it's true. They do for some people what you can do to try to avoid them taking so long is to send an email to this email address right here and to reapply if you don't hear back for them like within another week or so reapply just use a different email address. Submit a different video and try again because Cambly has really low requirements you just need to be a native English speaker or even a non-native English speaker and just have a neutral accent and they they will hire you. Okay it's really it's one of the easiest companies I've ever seen as far as getting hired you don't need anything, no bachelor's degree, TEFL. nada nada nada okay The requirements as far as technology is also really low you only need to have a internet speed of to upload and to download if you're not sure about how to do that check out the information section below of this video and see what your internet speed is. Another great thing about Cambly is that they have no restrictions as far as where you are living or traveling to and teaching from so you can teach from literally anywhere in the world. Okay something really bad about Cambly is that it has reputation for having flashers. So nasty flashing people but now they have this button it's called a ban button all you have to do is ban them and nothing you don't have to see it anymore. Um that is pretty disturbing to me but it wouldn't deter me from trying to work for them because I know people who work for Cambly and they've never been flashed but some people do I don't know it just depends on your luck I guess. The biggest problem with Cambly is the pay. And that's a huge problem because who doesn't want to get paid a lot. Normally an online ESL teaching company will pay starting out what $15 at least that's like a good starting out salary but with can't believe they pay 17 cents a minute which comes out to be 10 dollars and 20 cents an hour. Ok that's not terrible but comparatively to the other companies it's not the best. But you have to remember that you're also getting a really flexible schedule, you're only teaching one student at a time. They have something called priority hour. Priority hours are when you can say that you are available to teach. If you work during priority hours they'll give you a maximum of 50% of your pay like at a minimum so it's like you're guaranteed to get paid at least $5.10 an hour. Sometimes it can be lower it can just be like $2.55 but it's still pretty good for you getting paid to sit and like be available and they also do a lot of trial students. Trial students take classes for just five minutes. Okay so in my opinion this is an awesome side hustle. This is a great job to do if you have extra time maybe who are actually on call with another company and you know you're not gonna be able to work some of the time it's it's great for that. It's great it's a side hustle I definitely when depend on it it's my full-time income. Maybe if I worked in like a country that have really really really really low wages. Then $10.20 would cut it okay so I really hope you guys like this video if you liked it and you decide to work for Cambly, please apply using my link below it's going to help me earn a little money for making this video and you don't have to do anything but apply through my link. I really I hope you guys like this video if you liked it please like it and subscribe to my channel. alright thanks yous. Oh my God. Alright thank you so much for watching bye How do I get that breezy hair look? I use a fan. Tell me what you think about Cambly below in the comment section.

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  1. Please apply via my referral link https://www.cambly.com/en/tutors?referralCode=carl146. My referral code is carl146. I have been approved to work for Cambly and will make more videos about what it is like working for the company soon!

  2. Thank you so much, your videos have taught me how to make money online… and now that's what I do on a daily, all the way from South Africa πŸ™‚ You are a star!

  3. I'm retired moving to the Philippines this week. I'm a published novelist and former cruise Director. I've applied to Cambly and wanted to ask you: is working 30 hours a week possible? I'm flexible about the times. Thank you.

  4. Hi! Awesome video! Am a non-native english speaker living and studying in south africa for the past 10years. I just acquired my TEFL. Please do you know if this company hires non-native english speakers?

  5. I'm having the same problem as another of your subscribers: trying to complete my application but when I do the video upload test it says my internet is too slow but I know that it's not. Any suggestions?

  6. Hi Carli,
    Thank you for such an informative video on Cambly. I'm moving to the Philippines next month to retire on my social security. I've been searching for something to do online to supplement my income. I'm a published novelist and former cruise director but I don't have a collage degree. Cambly sounds like exactly what I've been looking for. I'm going to apply ASP. Thank you. I'll let you know happens.

  7. Nice explanation Carli thanx a lot 4 uploading I love your pronunciation& pace,like ur speaking style I talk just like my niece Andrea,I'm an English learner& I'm definitely gonna check all your vids to practice my speaking,great job keep up the good work & stay blessed Carli,best regards from MexicoβœŒπŸ’šπŸ˜€πŸ’›πŸ‘βœŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. Is your pay taxed, or are you considered an independent contractor and have to figure out and pay the taxes yourself?

  9. 0.10 cents per minute is not all that but I guess you get paid to talk so why not lol. I make videos too and will love it if you and anyone else check it out ❀️

  10. Hi Carli! Thx for information, this was so helpful! But i'm curious, do they accept if i'm under 18 years old? I'm moderately native, (i got a test from America in real. Not online.) but i'm from Turkey. And i taught some adults English, so i have a little bit experience and i have US accent.

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