Easy Fairy Face Painting Tutorial | Snazaroo

Easy Fairy Face Painting Tutorial | Snazaroo

First take a Snazaroo paint in pale blue and load it onto a face painting sponge. Apply this colour around the outside edges of the eyes in a C shape and also apply some to the middle of the forehead. Next take a fuchsia pink colour and apply this directly over the top of the blue but be careful not to completely cover all of the colour underneath. Next load up a small brush with white face paint and start to add in the details. Outline the outside edges of each eye with long teardrop shapes making them smaller and smaller as you go. Place your brush back onto the tallest teardrop and create a small swirl and then also add a star right in the centre of the forehead. Using a series of smaller and larger dots connect the star up to the outside edges of your design. Paint in some more teardrop shapes on the lower edges of the mask flicking upwards into the corner of the eye. And then fill in any large empty spaces you might have with lots of different size dots. Load the same fuchsia pink colour as before onto a brush and outline the outside edges of the mask to give it a bit more definition. You can also use this colour to fill in any small spaces between your white dots. For that special final touch, be sure to finish with lots of sparkly glitter.

14 thoughts on “Easy Fairy Face Painting Tutorial | Snazaroo

  1. The most important part in my opinion is the brushes. It'd help me a LOT if you or anyone in comments could help direct me to the brushes in order of steps as well. THANKS.

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  3. do you wet the sponge to do the designs. Because i do but i woul like not to do it, because the kids has a mess on their face in the middle of the party.

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