Easy Does It - An Introduction

Easy Does It – An Introduction

Hi I'm Annie with ByAnnie.com and Patterns by Annie. I'm excited to tell you about our pattern
Easy Does It which includes instructions for this handy
zippered bag. It's not only useful for carrying all your
essentials but it's also fun to make. And in the process of making it you'll learn
lots of techniques that will apply to many other ByAnnie patterns too. If quilting fabrics, installing zippers,
sewing three dimensional projects, or binding edges are techniques that are new or
challenging to you, this is a great project to strengthen and
perfect your skills. The Easy Does It pattern gives complete
step-by-step instructions for making a six inch high, by nine inch wide, by four and a
quarter inch deep bag. With a zippered top and attached handles on each side. Make this versatile bag in your favorite
fabrics and colors to organize and store all your essentials. Fabric quilted with Soft and Stable gives
great body and stability and ensures long lasting wear. You'll find so many ways to use the bag and
it also makes a great gift. For instance, Easy Does It is perfect to
store sewing supplies or to carry the pieces for a project. Its generous size also makes it perfect to
carry a hairdryer, hairspray, brushes, and more. Parents with little ones will love this handy
bag for carrying diapers, wipes, and an extra set or two of clothes. Guys will appreciate how roomy it is for
shaving gear and other personal care items or chargers, cords, and other tech gear. You're sure to find lots and lots of ways to
use an Easy Does It bag too. We've made this pattern available in two
formats: a free PDF or a low cost pack of 25. Our free PDF is available to "purchase", at
no cost, on our website. To get it you will need to log in or set up
an account and then go through the checkout process. Be sure to sign up for our email list why
you're doing this so you can get regular updates about new products and videos. Knowing that some people don't have printers
or just don't want to deal with PDF's, we've also created a beautiful, full-color
printed version. The printed version comes in packs of 25
full-color patterns available for a nominal cost on our website. These patterns are perfect for sewing groups,
retreats, make and take classes, quick kits, or shop hop giveaways. As with all ByAnnie patterns, Easy Does It
includes complete step-by-step instructions as well as lots of helpful illustrations and
bulleted checkboxes by each step. We've also filmed an Add-on Video to help you
make the bag and to strengthen your ByAnnie bag making skills. This helpful video series will walk you
through the entire process and guide you to complete these steps: choose and prepare fabrics, quilt fabrics for the body of the bag, make your own custom bias binding, prepare and interfaced fabric handle, prepare the zipper strip including attaching
the zipper to make the top of the bag, prepare the zipper side strip and attach the
handles including a great technique for reducing bulk in the seams, assemble the bag, and bind the raw edges including joining the
ends with a diagonal seam. If you need help getting access to the
pattern or the Add-on Video please go to our website, you'll find helpful tips there on
our Add-on Video category page. The clear and complete pattern instructions
combined with the Add-on Video make Easy Does It a pattern that can be accomplished by all
levels of sewists. Because the techniques used in this project
apply to so many of the ByAnnie projects, this is a great project for strengthening and
perfecting basic bag making skills. We have really had fun making and using these
zippered bags. They're quick and easy and perfect for using small pieces of fabric and Soft and Stable from one's stash. We know that you'll enjoy making your own
Easy Does It too and that you'll find lots of uses for these fun and functional bags. Check out our "Easy Does It – A Closer Look" video for additional information about gathering supplies. We always love to see what you make so be
sure to share pictures of your finished projects with us. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube by using @PatternsByAnnie You may also email pictures to us at
[email protected] And if you liked this video please click on
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you're sure to know when we post new videos. Thanks so much for watching. Happy stitching!

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