Earn Money By Drawing Lines | Available Worldwide

Earn Money By Drawing Lines | Available Worldwide

Hold on one second. I need to make money
drawing lines. How would you like to see some draw money right here? Type in “Draw
money” if you’re excited to make money. I’m going to actually show you 2 methods
you can make money drawing lines. This sounds hype-ee. This sounds too good to be
true. This sounds like a scam but this is real stuff. I’m going to show you in this
video 2 ways you can make money drawing lines. I’m not going to make a lot
of money. You can make like f$5 maximum. But you literally make money
drawing lines. I’ll show you the 2 sites on my computer. Let’s have some fun.
And type in “Draw money” if you’re getting excited about this. Because I mean
anybody can do this. So, let’s get into it. That is some line money right there. And
I heard about this method and I tried it out. I didn’t think it would work. And
what’s funny is when I got started back in 2012, I met my mentor actually. He’s
highly successful guy. And I remember him telling me exactly what to do. He said,
“Hey, post up an axe sort of like this on these keywords on Google.”
I thought the advice he gave me was like way too simplistic. I was like, “There’s
got to be more to it than that.” Right? This is back in 2012. This was my
first success, okay? And I just thought, you know ,”Is he fooling on me? Because
this is silly.” You know, it’s not God’s simple. I can’t put up like he just told
me an ad and he said put it up on this keyword. Like it can’t be that simple. I
remember just thinking to myself, “Ah, yes. He had tens of millions of dollars. Yes,
he is one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world at the
time. Yes, he had a lot of things going for him.” But for whatever reason, it was
my own fault. You knows, my own mental brain kind of spinning. You know, I
thought he had to be sitting there with me. And being like, “John, here. Let me show
you. Like look you’re going to move this.” I thought there’s going to be some
like mind-blowing moment. Right? Where I was “Whoa! Okay? Whoa! I didn’t know you could
do it that way.” But what he told me was just super simple. And it wasn’t even
like he told it to me. He just… I had sent an email to him and he replied back. And
he said put this type of ad on this keyword. And I didn’t do it because I
thought it couldn’t be that easy. And later on though, about 2 months
later, I ended up doing. I ended up actually taking action. I said, “What the
hell is…” Somehow he was brought to the top of my mind again. And I did it. And it
worked. That allowed me to quit my job. I replaced my 6 thousand a month income
with a $25,000 a month affiliate commission. I replaced a 50 hour a week
job that I had to drive to about an hour and so each way with a $25,000 a month income that I could do from home. And it just seemed unreal. And
I spent a lot of money, right?
Because I didn’t like totally… I was like “This is
silly. This is silly. I’m making this much money.” But the point being, sometimes it’s
the most ridiculous things in life, just because it seems too good to be true,
doesn’t always mean it is. So, in this video, I’ll be showing you draw money. Now,
the site we’re going to be working on here is called Fiverr, okay? Fiverr.com. You can
see it right here –Fiverr.com. Fiverr with 2 R’s right there. What
we’re going to look for is we’re going to look for remove background images. Now,
this is a really easy thing to do and what you’ll see is cutout or
background remove of a large number of images, okay? This is for a large number.
Let’s check this one. I will remove your images background, okay? And you see this
person has you know done at least 75 orders. They have 2 orders
today. So, let’s just assume they get 2 orders a day for $5. Okay? $5 for removing images. Now you might think to yourself you might need
you know, “John, I can’t do that. I need photo editing skills.” Don’t worry, I’m
going to show you how to do this for free. Or cheap. So, we go over here and we’re
going to use a really special tool. It’s called clipping magic.
Okay? Instantly remove image backgrounds online with just a few clicks. And let’s
bring up an image here. I just dragged and dropped an image onto the thing. And
first off, I’m going to wonder “Can anybody guess who this image is?” I’m going to tell
you in a second and I’d like you to post in the chat if you got “yes, you got it
correct.” Or “No, you got it wrong” okay? Or you could say right or wrong. Does it
actually image is me. This is when I used to work corporate. I had some head shots
taken to look good on my resume. And this was me before I did marketing. I cut my
hair clothes, I’ve shaved clothes. And I wore a suit. Now, the way the software
works is you you draw on green, what is good. And then you go up here and you
select the yellow icon right there. What you don’t want. So, see how it’s already
kind of separated into areas? And then you know, you can let’s say subscribe to
download, okay? So, download result. Now, the way this software works is this will
cost $4 a month, okay? You get lots of credits to do lots of images.
But $4 a month. Now, you don’t need to buy this software at first. What
I wanted to do is show you how it works and how well it works.
You saw how the image gets done instantly. And you can see the preview of
what it looks like. It will have the background removed. So, what I want you to
do is if you want to make money doing this, post up a job on Fiverr and offer
to remove people’s images. Because your first job will pay you back for the cost
of the software. Does it make sense? You will need to sell one job and then
you’ve made back the money for the software. Then every other job you do
of background image removal, you are profiting. And it’s pure profit and you
make money. So, if you are like this person right here, where they are getting
let’s say 2 orders a day. That means you will make back your money. Let’s say
you’re doing this every day. So, 30 days in a month times 2 minus $4
cost of software so you’re making $56 for spending a couple
minutes of working each month. This is a good way to just get some extra money on
the side. How long did that take took me? A minute. 2 minutes. Just another way to
add in some extra money. But waitm it gets better.
Because I’m going to show you how you can get your own jobs doing this. I’m
also going to show you another place that you can farm out the work for
pennies on the dollar. Even cheaper than $4. So, you can actually promote
your own Fiverr listings when you create your own job on Fiverr. Which you would
do by just typing in this become a seller, right? You can get the link to
your job and you can promote it yourself. Now, I show in my other videos a lot of
free traffic methods that you can use. Well, let’s go to Facebook here. And
oftentimes, the people who actually need image background removal services the
most or people who have physical products that they’re trying to sell. So
let’s say here’s some essential oils I use. It’s called Doterra, alright?
And people who are selling products online oftentimes they want that
background removed. It’s people who are selling on Shopify or Amazon. So, what the
best place to reach them is is look for a group such as Amazon FBA. And we say
Amazon FBA marketing secrets. We have 15,000 members here. Join this group and
send a message out about your post. Here’s 53,000 Amazon FBA members. Join
this group and put a message saying, “Does anybody need background removal services
for their product images?” Share your link or just have them message you. Here’s
another Amazon FBA group. 51,000 members. There’s hundreds of thousands of
people that you can get in front of with just a touch of a few clicks to share
your jobs that’ll make you $5. And with before you know it, you can be getting
traffic. You can be a big seller on Fiverr. You can be getting your own jobs
you can let Fiverr get jobs for you. And you can have a business that really
takes almost no work. I mean, look how easy that was. I would have just made $5
and I drew 3 lines. The next way you can actually get the work done… Let’s say
want to get to work somebody else to do the work.
Is you can actually go to a site called Mechanical Turk. This is an Amazon site.
Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’s MTurk.com. Mturk.com. And you can access
people who will actually do this for you for a penny or 2 pennies or 5
pennies to remove background images. And you can sign up as a requester right
here. Or you could even just do the jobs for a couple pennies for other people if
you wanted to. So, that’s another way that you can have the images done if you
don’t actually even want to have to draw the lines yourself. So, it gets pretty
crazy. Now, if you want to learn about more free traffic methods to get traffic
to you know, your your fiber posts or to whatever, your affiliate links. If you’re
learning affiliate marketing for me as well. Make sure to check out the playlist
free traffic methods. It’s somewhere. I don’t know. It’s somewhere on the screen.
But check out that playlist. Because I go over free traffic methods how you can
get people to engage with your jobs or with your affiliate links or with your
products if your drop shipping or doing whatever. It just works on a massive
scale. And you’ll see how when you start actually going through that playlist. So,
hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you got something out of this, type and “Draw
money”. Again, if you’re going to try this out, I’d love to know. Type in “Draw money” in
the chat because I want to see you making money. I want to see you making
some draw money. And subscribe to the channel if you want to see more ways to
make money using the internet and using affiliate marketing. Tap the notification
bell and talk to you soon.

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