get out ladies and gentleman welcome to draw with Jazza i'm Jezza and today i'm going to dive in some dumpsters hopefully find my dignity sometimes income as i see very kind people saying Jesse could make art out of anything even trash well today I'm going to try and make you proud just you not my parents so we're gonna we're gonna start my local areas and look for some dumpsters that I can open up most of them unfortunately lock so we're gonna try and get our hands dirty literally I'm gonna see what variety of goodies we can make some arts and crafts out of now I have two things I'm going to equip when doing this the first is this because it hides the fear in my eyes shields me from the Sun it makes me look like I'm trying to be cooler and then the second this because when you go dumpster spelunking it's good to catch a first-person view that's gay not that one that one's forgot sorry this here ladies and gentlemen is a local public trashcan I think we're going to start small and work our way up oh that does not look environment yeah not nothing in there let's do it's all for the views baby this is this is what we call a family group it's it's a beautiful thing it's even unified in the wild oh this is for the it's for the liquor shop and it's open so kids what do you want to be when you grow up youtuber it's an aspirational job you got to admit sorry did you catch that it was parkour that's right I'll do it again that's a big one it's probably locked is this legal we're empty-handed so far but that's the intent the effort that yeah now this is a miserable failure why doesn't anyone check out like paintbrushes and watercolor in the sketch books no one throws out modeling clay this is good this is good some of this is like thinner what I hope it doesn't close on me malleable stuff premium quality card war here I hang a lot to me the picture suits this woman's slim pickings today that's that's wrong you say pickings are slim oh my God look at that look it's like El Dorado hey hey goin you're not using this yeah yes all right thank you yeah we're not gonna call anyone or say yeah I'm here just sweaty we should probably get stuffing going before the afters I didn't run lay run forget it dis right this is my hole from a day out in the dumpsters we found a nice sweet spot behind some electrical appliance shops which has given me a whole bunch of foam and two miscellaneous cardboard nother stuff to work with so I'm gonna go home have a shower and then I'm gonna see if I can create some sort of sculpture let's get to work well I'm back from my Ice Capades I've had a shower you know I still feel dirty inside this is the loot I have a whole bunch of foam and cardboard and some miscellaneous things now I still don't know what I'm gonna make but some ideas are brewing and then there are some feature pieces that I think could be really cool let me just get all this off the table I'll show you some things that stand out to me where possible I've tried to get sort of latter ish large-area things that I think will be useful to sort of carve shapes out of this is one of my favorite finds of the day it looks like something that would be perfect for like the base of I don't know some sort of a bust or sculpture so I only use this as a base for whatever I make I feel like it's a really cool way to present whatever horrific thing I end up creating again just some miscellaneous pieces I have no idea what I'm gonna turn it into but I have a piece of wood that could be useful and just more foam there's also these these are sort of a weird plasticky material I'm hoping if they cut up evenly enough they could be useful and of course just some general cardboard and the lid of a broken washing machine as you do so they are going to be the core parts of my dumpster art challenge today now in bringing it all together and actually making something worthwhile obviously I'm not gonna find art supplies in the dumpster from paint to glue and things like that so I've put together a box of goodies and set myself some general limitations as to what I'm allowed to use basically stuff that is kind of neglected or falling apart that might have ended up in the dumpster anyway for example the paint's I have here are actually the leftover paints from when I painted the mural in in my other studio so I have these and they've literally been lying around for years and I kept for no particular reason they're having a resurgence and I will be using those for my paints and in general just sort of stuff that most people should be able to find laying around the house and containers some older paintbrushes and toilet paper or new role as they used to call it on Art Attack which is my jam I grew up watching heart attack I am here to bring the OL loo roll and glue method back for everyone to enjoy some scissors Stanley knife and some old brushes these are all of my supplies again this is all kind of junky stuff nothing super fancy I haven't bought anything for this challenge and I still have no idea what I'm going to make but I'm hoping this would be one of those situations with the fact that now I have my supplies I can just get my hands dirty hopefully ideas will emerge as I figure out how they are to work so now that I've got all my materials it's time to get started and see what we can come up with I begin by working the base piece of foam and making some tweaks rounding out the bottom and filling in the flat bit at the front so that's round all the way around the base I work with serrated kitchen knives for cutting the larger chunks of foam and use a fully extended hobby knife for refined carving at this point I still didn't know what I was going to make but when I saw this black piece of plastic with a circular hole I could use I got the perfect idea now to pull off the concept I was going for I'd need to sculpt numerous pieces of foam of different sizes I squared off and glued two rectangular pieces together and set it aside to dry so I add at least one larger solid chunk to carve later on and I went on to refine the edge of that plastic lip using the piece of wood for support and help my accuracy and created a cylindrical shape held together and supported by that plastic lip and duct tape next I started to cut and piece together numerous little props that I had in mind to make my idea come to life such as cardboard and plastic boards together to make these little books carefully carved foam and an octagon shape to make a pencil which I know it normally hexagons but the octagon shape was easier to create from my initial four sides and I figured nobody would notice unless I confessed it in the voiceover in which case I realize totally exposing my mistakes sorry I have insecurities about shapes particularly hexagons and octagons it's a it's a thing there were a few other little pieces that I carved and glued together to make a little paintbrush and I cut a mini pallet shape out from the plastic board next comes one of my favorite little tricks that I learned for one of my favorite shows growing up Art Attack now if you didn't grow up and watch this show you're likely to young to realize what you missed out on but in that show the host often used a trick where by mixing one part water and one part PVA glue that would coat little sculptures in toilet paper and create a sort of toilet paper paper mache doing this achieves a few cool things first when it's dry the exterior surface of this object becomes nice and solid to the touch and fantastic surface to paint on the raw cardboard and foam surfaces would soak in too much paint and take too long to dry and second it adds a cool stone like texture to the surface of the models making the creations look super art you can also clump areas of the wet gluey toilet paper to make three-dimensional clumps like I did on the pallets which would later become paint splotches and really important now when doing this it's important to note not to overwork or over saturate the stuff or you'll end up with it breaking apart and clumping together a lot so can you guess what I'm making yet any ideas now I know when it's dry it doesn't look that impressive but after a quick base coat of white paint on everything you can really start to see the effect come to life okay ladies and gentlemen it's been a bit of a slog about somehow I have managed to turn the trash I have to work within two parts that I can use to bring together and construct into my project now I've been mysterious as to what I'm creating up until now so I'm going to reveal to you what I actually have in mine this is a trophy base and I thought that this representing or being a depiction of a trash can on a trophy could be a really fun way to put together this and some art supplies these are some sketchbooks and we have a palette that we can pop back here a paintbrush probably in this way a pencil and we have just a bit of a plaque that I can put somewhere on the front now these are gonna be glued in place and they're gonna be painted individually before I put them together but I thought I deserved a little bit of a reward or award for the awkward work I put in to make this video possible now this has been really fun to put together and the bulk of the work has been done in terms of the sculpting and then creating that exterior mesh and coating it in white paint so it was a bit time-consuming but the final part which is adding the color and bringing it all together is the most satisfying part those of you who are curious as to how long this is actually taken I've been working on this this is the second day I've been working on this through which time I've been binge-watching Rick and Morty and at this stage in the project I'm up to season 2 episode schwifty so it's time to move on in the project and paint this piece up with it together and give myself the recognition I deserve ladies and gentlemen it is with gratitude and humility in my heart that I thank you for this award I've worked so hard I'm sorry I've worked really hard to make people proud and to create the kind of content that would inspire generations to come and I think that this is the moment that I as an artist feel that that is not only within my grasp but ok jokes aside I had a huge amount of fun making this one this was quite an undertaking this actually took tuna half-full days to create out of trash and crap I had lying around and yet the result is nothing I am incredibly proud of and really excited to share with you guys I'm particularly proud of the fact that every single material that I gathered from my trash escapades has been used or incorporated into this award even the stuff that isn't part of the award the wood stick I used to rest and cut against to you know be somewhat safe and even the washing machine lid was perfect to mix colors on because everything else like cardboard and foam would absorb and soak in the paint so it was just this weird mix of materials that ended up being perfect and created a result that I think is just a lot of fun thank you so much for watching last German please make sure to LIKE this video if you enjoyed the process and seeing this adventure come about and the result that I've created here and of course make sure to leave a comment with some suggestions for future art challenges that I might take on and subscribe to draw with Jezza if not just for the quality content that comes out three times a week at least to see whatever the hell happens next because this stuff is getting crazier and crazier thank you so much for watching ladies and gentlemen and until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind the scene daily vlog channel daily Jezza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

48 thoughts on “DUMPSTER ART CHALLENGE: From TRASH to ART!

  1. The dumpsters at the back of an art supply store might be fun. Wearing gloves is wise, you never know what you'll touch.

  2. I'm too young to remember art attack and since God didn't want me to miss out he showed me,

    mister maker

  3. 2:08 reminds me of one of those shows about something "dramatic" where the narrator would be like,
    "And here we see Tina, things didn't go well at the shop and she's marching down to tell her mother the problem"

  4. Series idea: listen to a concept album or a post rock album and draw a story based on what you imagine the song is about. I would recommend Dive by Tycho and Skyline by Earthside

  5. I grew up watching art atack but I never made anything from the show also I think it is still on TV now

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