Drawing With Your Eraser

Drawing With Your Eraser

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Brought to you by sketchbook Skool Hi, Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! I often use a pen when I draw, although I
love drawing with graphite too. But when using a pencil, it’s tempting to
use an eraser to correct mistakes. And that actually really slows down the drawing
process. You’re drawing, then erasing, then drawing
again, erasing again… and it just stops you from getting in the flow of the wonderful
process of drawing! But you can actually also use your eraser
to draw with, did you know that? Let’s give it a try! We’ll use a pencil, and an eraser. I’m using a kneadable eraser, and a piece
of paper tissue or kitchen paper. You can also use a plastic eraser. Consider cutting a sharp point on it, for
detailed erasing. With your pencil, color an area on your paper,
by holding the pencil a little bit flat, so you use the side of the lead rather than making
scratchy lines with the sharp tip. Add another layer, and another one, and keep
adding layers until you have a nice, solid grey area. Now use the kitchen paper to gently fade the
grey. Don’t press too hard – then you’ll rub
the graphite into the paper, and you don’t want that – because you want your eraser to
lift up parts out of the grey area. Take your eraser and start drawing with it. Think in highlights! Lift all lighter areas of your subject off
the paper. I am drawing an apple, erasing all highlighted
bits. With your eraser, you are drawing the light
bits of the subject, and with that, the rest of the subject sort of ‘appears’ around
it as well. You can also carefully take a bit of grey
from the background, to create a sense of depth. If you take out too much, you can always add
more grey using your pencil in gentle strokes. And use your pencil to add more grey to the
shaded areas, and to add a drop shadow. You’re drawing in an inversed way, and it’s
a great exercise to see values in the subjects you draw. You can smoothen transitions using your finger,
or the tissue, a q-tip or a blending stick. If you take your time, and keep adding and
erasing, you will see that you can make add more and more detail, add many shades, and
more depth. A lot more than this quick one I am showing
you here. Try it, have a go. Pick up an apple, or any subject, and make
sure it’s well lit, preferably from one side. That way, you will have clear and bright highlights,
and shadows you can work with. Take your time, have a bit of patience, and
have fun! And if you want to learn more, make sure to
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4 thoughts on “Drawing With Your Eraser

  1. I haven't done this for a long time! Love the idea of giving it a go again! Thanks for all the helpful tips! Looks fun!

  2. I love your videos. I'm still learning to draw and I've learned a lot from you. Thank you for teaching us this wonderful art. A big hug, here from the south of Brazil.

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