Drawing With Pencil : Adding Highlights in Pencil Drawing

Drawing With Pencil : Adding Highlights in Pencil Drawing

So really to get your object pop, you need
some strong highlight and shadows otherwise it’s going to look flat. So this will really
help you and what you’re going to use is your handy kneaded eraser which you can sort of
knead it into a little point like this and dark soft pencil. So we’re going to take the
tip and go in and really add some highlights on this down here and when that is black, you can turn it over
and come over here and you have another highlight here, you got some here around the edges.
This is something to really go in and play with you’re doing the blending and you’re
adding and taking away you can even use your finger to smudge a little bit. But try to
really get in there and get some good lights and if you have to knead your eraser a couple
of times cause you are going to be picking up a lot of the graphite. So go ahead and
get in there and really try to get the feeling of that shape. Then we’re going to go in with the pencil
and really get those darks in there to really make it pop, around the edges and around the leaf up here, the little stem.
Just play with the shapes it’s really easy to just go rather quickly don’t really get
to involve you can practice these over and over and get the hang of seeing what is there.
Not drawing what you think is there but actually seeing these shadows and exploring the shapes
You can go back in after that with your smudge tool and soften up these shadows as well.

28 thoughts on “Drawing With Pencil : Adding Highlights in Pencil Drawing

  1. this would be better tutorial if your hand wasnt in front of what you were trying to show all the time πŸ™

  2. Not really, as you can change the amount of graphite the pencil drops simply by changing the pressure of your hand.

    Having a range of soft and hard pencils can make things easier, but it's not strictly needed.

  3. they look like boiled eggs, or zombie eyes.. or somethin.. it's rubbigh to be honest with you, shade your brain, woman!

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  5. omg everyone from expertvillage is no expert or even have no knowledge about how to draw…. all expertvillagers are in my opinion totally looooooooseers! omg.

  6. Hah! I was thinking the same thing.

    I seriously find it amusing when people try to teach you how to draw and they can't even draw themselves.

  7. who was this lady replacing? Please don't tell she's supposed to be the actual expert here because she was amazingly wrong with everything!!!!

  8. @WiiFolderJosh anyone that knows about art says…you don't blend with you hands you have to blend in the color as your shading with your pencil in circular motion to smooth it out but using your fingers to blend is a NO NO!!!!!

  9. I'm sorry to say that this video was a complete waste of time. Your hand is in the way and you have no drawing talents or teaching skills. Go back to the shadows whence you came….

  10. This video is complete shit…The drawings aren't even good, I drew way better than that when I was in Middle school…..

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