Drawing with Gibbo – Left Shark

Drawing with Gibbo – Left Shark

Hello, in this tutoiral I will show you how to draw the left shark from that Katy Perry video Goto “FILE”, “NEW” Can copy all this shit. We need to fill the first layer with white background, because that’s what all the pro’s do. Make a second layer for all your drawing. I will fast forward this part, because I draw really slow to get the best of what I can do. As you can see it is looking good. But we need more! We need that “PHOTOFILTER” that all the bitches use on InstaGram. Perfect! As you can see, there is no difference. This is a high quality image right here.

7 thoughts on “Drawing with Gibbo – Left Shark

  1. Yoo sick drawing dawg, now with this tutorial I drew my very own left shark!!! Next week I would really like to know how to draw an Ostrich for my twitter fans! See you next time 😀

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