Drawing with Dino Chalk

Drawing with Dino Chalk

*giggles* *music plays* *brush* So I found these in Costco… I swear they’re supposed to be for kids but I’m going to be using them instead! *ding* I have to say that they weren’t the easiest things to draw with… Mainly because the chalk kept going back inside their holders which are supposed to be there so that your hands don’t get as chalky as they would normally But they actually blend really well so… you know… One thing cancels out the other. Milo, you’re not going to draw are you? Are you gonna draw? Can you move your bottom? Come on… bottom… Budge. *ding* *ding* That’s quite cool! I saw them and I liked that they had so many colours, so I thought: OH! You know, I can do something summery with this! It’s so hot outside that I’m practically melting into the floor, so I had to wait for some time that I was actually able to tolerate sitting in the heat! So you’re probably going to get a sunset dino today and I stuck him with a watermelon because I don’t know why but summer always reminds me of watermelons so… That’s just how it is! I have my very own needy little dinosaur over here as you can see. He definitely wants to be part of the video. And he probably want to start drawing and I’m very, very shocked that he didn’t sit down on all the chalk Roll in it, and turn into a rainbow dog! *dinosaur noise* *ahem!* I mean dinosaur! Okay, yep, okay. *honk* Kay….. *honk* *honk* *honk* Are you okay there? Come on… * I can’t see what I’m doing * Come on, move out the way darling. Come on… good boy *dinosaur noise* Is he standing right in the middle? Milo! *dinosaur noise* *I’ve got stuff in my eye* Thank you for watching the video guys! Don’t forget to like and subscribe, but if you want to stick around for the very end, I have something that would probably class as satisfying to watch. Sooo… You can hang out to the rest of the video if you’d like to see that. *dinosaur noise*

17 thoughts on “Drawing with Dino Chalk

  1. Chalk transforms into watercolors! Lol awesome art as always and very entertaining. My german Shepard always wants the attention like that too lol

  2. So cool my son would love these chalks because he loves to draw and he loves dinosaurs! Great video new subscribers here watched the full video it was great. Also can u do me a favor and check out our Family Vlogs channel and subscribe if u like our videos plz we would really appreciate it thanks again

  3. I got distracted by doggy, what a baby ♥️♥️♥️

    But how fun and creative. Brings back a lot of nostalgia, hehe.

  4. Please Please Pleases dedicate a whole channel to you washing away chalk pictures you have made so satisfying.

  5. I really like the final piece, could not believe such effect could be achieved with chalk. And of course, the washing away the graffiti from the patio floor is always satisfying. Could you imagine or that chalk on the sofa?

  6. Your drawing was too good and hey your dog super cute! He wanted to grab your attention all the while! and he seems to love his soft toy so much… Hahaha 😀 subbie 162, like 20

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