Drawing Weird Australian Phrases (Feat. Draw with Jazza) (mate)

Drawing Weird Australian Phrases (Feat. Draw with Jazza) (mate)

Good days ladies and gentleman
(Awkward smile from Jazza) Welcome to the odd1sout My name is the theODD1sout And today
(Jazza still awkwardly smiling) *Laughs* Welcome to Australia James! That’s true I’m here in down under land *Silence* Australia AKA Jazza’s Hotel room( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *Laughs* I’m doing this kind of drawing collab because i’m busy doing vidcon Australia stuff So it’s why- it’s why I Jazza was so nice to [Zooming intensifly] To let me film this video and use his camera equipment so thank you Jazza. It’s okay (yay) *slap slap* Mate[Fanny] to help make you feel more at home in Australia and to Culturally educate you I’ve put the most confusing slang terms and descriptors together in the form of three different characters [Nerd]That I’m going to say and you’re going to draw in your style or whatever you want [Jk love you Jazza]And I’m going to draw the actual representation of We’re gonna see yours, and see how it compares and at the end of it if you’ve done a pretty good job I have a- a (haha) some Australian treats that you can try as well This isn’t authentically Australian because we’re trying to keep it fam… family friendly. oh if it was authentically Australian this video would be full of beer and *Bleep* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Let’s just say some pretty harsh mm-hmm swear word terms are colloquial mm-hmm friendly terms in Australia I thought it was weird ’cause I was watching TV in the hotel and they were just like saying the f-word and it’s like You’re allowed to say that? Alright, so let’s get started character number one a yabo with a bottle of grog (james geeking) in a Stubby Holder sitting on a dunny *laughs* It’s like four vocabulary words it’s character number one. Let’s get started. What do you think America is like? What’s weird about America? I feel like Australia is pretty easy to cliche with America you have like Californians and you know Arizonans, those you know those people that yeah the cliche Arizonans that everyone talks about one of the things that sort of have struck you as interesting or cool or weird since you’ve been here the the toilets James: You call them toilets.
Jazza: Like if were in America, and I need to tinkle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
James: uh-huh Jazza: I’ll think I’ve got to go to the toilet.
James: You got to go to the bathroom
Jazza: but there’s not a bath in the…There’s a toilet in there James: Sure. There’s also a sink. Do you want to call it the toilet and sink room? Wait, wait. James: Are one of these a toilet? Is one of these words a toilet
Jazza: Maybe.[Yes] Jazza: I’ll never tell.[oh rly( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)] Jazza: Feeling like we should wrap up pretty soon. How you feeling?
James: Here’s the the problem is that James: I didn’t know what I drew, and so you’ll be like, “what is that”, and I’ll be like, “It’s a yabo” hehe James: And you’re like what is a yabo and its like, “It’s the thing I drew”
Jazza: All right. You ready SNIFF INTENSIFIES Jazza: All right you walk me through yours.
James: So I didn’t know what a Yabo was so I just drew this, uh, this creature with a James: overbite and horns. He’s sitting on a dunny. Which is supposed to be like hahahahahaha [haHAA] James: The closest thing I could think of was, was dummy[You’re a Dummy], and then a grog it just sounds like something James: Alcoholic or with beer.
Jazza: You got grog
James: I got a Grog?!
Jazza: Good. That’s good. Gro…grog is an alcoholic beverage James: I knew it!
Jazza: yeah James: One for four I think
Jazza: hehehe Jazza: The rest your turn.
James: Yeah
Jazza: A yabo is kind of like just an unkempt Jazza: unappealing Jazza: typical… I guess it’s sort of like a mix between like a delinquent and a– and a–[Jazza.exe malfunction] that Jazza: A bottle of grog, you got, a bottle of alcohol in a stubby holda. Just like that foam Jazza: I don’t know if you have them in America. They’re like foam Jazza: Cup holders. Just like an encasing Jazza: You put cold
James: ohhhhh Jazza: Beer into.
James: So, so it’s an unkempt person, but he has a cup holder.
Jazza: yes! Jazza: So his hands don’t get too chilly Jazza: “and sitting on a dunny”, a dunny is a toilet.
James: So if I went up to someone and I said, “Hey where’re the dunnies?” They’ll James: be like, “Oh over there.”
Jazza: Yeah definitely James: Where are the… dummies Jazza: Next one.
James: Uh-huh
Jazza: You’re gonna be drawing a bogan Sheila Jazza: With moccasins and a flanny.
James: What’s your favorite medium to draw?
Jazza: Medium? James: Yeah
Jazza: I don’t know
James: Not including the computer.
Jazza: I’ll actually say VR. Oh, I’m not including the computer James: That’s what I just said
Jazza: Ugh… I’d go old school. I’ll just get pencil. I think. yeah.
James: Oh speaking of pencil paper James: I went to an art museum. The Sydney something Contemporary Arts or whatever.
Jazza: Yeah James: And I didn’t like it. Who decides what goes in a modern art museum? Like the modern art is supposed to make you feel? James: something, and the only thing this made me feel was angry. Jazza:hehe James: So the thing about the toilets is, is that there’s two flushers?
Jazza: Yeah? James: What’s that about?
Jazza: Ok, you have a half flush and the full flush. If you’re doing that, let’s say, a heavy-duty Jazza: toilet session you would use a full flush. Jazza: Which is what you’re used to. But let’s say you just have a little, little something.
James: You’d use a urinal for that.
Jazza: An insignificant Jazza: tinkle. Are you gonna install a urinal in your house?
James: I wish, I mean it makes sense, but it’s different. James: Don’t you guys actually not put shrimp on the barbie isn’t that a very stereot…? Jazza: Prawns, yeah.
James: Oh, Prahns
Jazza: The reference is referring to is from a very old Jazza: tourism ad.
Jazza (imitating ad): “Chuck another shrimp on the barbie” and just angered Aussies. James: What about people who throw boomerangs? There’s a lot less of boomerang throwers than I was expecting wait wait (look a running jazza get it!) Ooooo Can we…no. throw it.[A bad idea to throw a boomerang in a hotel room] Now throw it back and with movie magic. It’ll look like it came back! (like an imax movie?) (jazzas face in dissapointment) Or I’ll have blood running down my face. IT CAME BACK! (yup like an imax movie roll credits) I’m pretty much done pretty much done so am I okay so bogan Sheila. Yeah. There is a character Shelob Oh yes hehehe What’s a bogan though wait I didn’t know what the Australian thing [James]Maybe it means friendly,… and also like Australia has a lot of spiders in it. James:I was like oh, that’s just big named it after Lord of the Rings wearing moccasins, which was these shoes mmm right all right? James:They’re like
[Ver Gud English Mate] Am I thinking of the right thing you thinking of like the clip cloppy ones? Yeah I’m thinking of the clip clop. Yeah, okay. Oh wait the flannel, right? He’s wearing like a flannel shirt, and then the bag of Macker. Yeah, that’s just a funny way of saying markers It’s with an Australian accent really. (in a terrible Australian accent) Yeah, get the bag of Marcus yeah (PFFFTT) I think I got that one on the nose ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) bogan is…. kind of like a yabo
*laughs* We just have lots of Delinquents so is that a man or a woman? This is a Sheila? Okay, a sheila is a lady
[No S**it] Unfortunately you you’re pretty on the mark with a flanny, okay, flannelette shirt moccasins are sheep-skin made slippers. Do you have moccasins. I do not. oh (ehjrgdb, hahaha) and a bag of Macca’s is this a bag of McDonald’s food Macca’s
[McBurgers?] So you can go to macca’s and you can walk in and say where’re your dunny?Where is your dummy you Marcus?
*Jazza laughs* What’s my total score like two out of eight somthin’ like that, that’s a’right? it’s not bad most people would get-
I mean, that is a failing grade, but- *laughs* no,, feel like that’s
[Awkward Stare] Yeah, that was sort of
[Pity Points?] a real occa looking bloke Is this just another delinquent person? try and say with my accent occa, occa, occa
[Isn’t it a Fruit Type?] Say, occa looking bloke. Occa looking bloke *laughs* Bringing it back to Lord of the Rings. It sounds like orc, like – *laughs* – goblins? Just stop drawing Lord of the Rings characters
[James.exe has stopped working] We are drawing actual people mostly to link with people. I Like how you spelt bloke B-L-O-A-K To be fair even American words I’m bad at spelling’s Wearing toggs and a Barbie© this TV show called man vs. Wild mm-hmm. Yeah, Bear grills Bear grills,yeah, bloody rippa’ what was-I didn’t understand that I’m from Arizona. I’m like Oh, yeah It’s gonna be hot in the winter you can wear a t-shirt in the winter and so I only packed t-shirts And I get here, and I’m like it’s brisk when my wife had our baby and the doctor was like you know talking to her about what she does and she’s like I’m a teacher and they were having a Conversation in dbgfjh he was like. What do you do? and i was like, im a youtuber – I make videos. I’m the immature. Yeah. He literally didn’t reply he was like
[Doctor]Wtf… Anyway, the baby’s *laughs* So last time we were in a video together you offended the Somalians *laughs* Now we’re just the offending Australians. I did another drawing collab where I killed off a bunch of orphans oh, fun *more laughing* So I was in imagining a macho guy[Randy Savage]
who likes to go on adventures and Pets crocodiles and gets killed by stingrays and then at Barbie. I know this one That’s a BBQ and he has shrimp on his plate because that’s when you get or prawns He has prawns on his plate because that’s what you guys like to barbecue not really.no?! That’s the other reason people were offended by that ad because we never really barbecue prawn, but occa is like super cliche Aussie like super Occa is a- sort of delinquent When I say Steve Irwin sounds occa Uh-huh usually it’s the way they talk, but when I say an occa looking bloke, so a- It’s inferring that they look like how Ya goin’ mate? welcome to Australia. This is a stereotype that over-exaggerated Exactly. I guess. It’s hard to draw someone as particularly occa if they’re wearing nothing But their toggs, ah toggs, toggs is a bathing suit. Oh, babe Is it like a speedo? Well can be it can be bathing shorts our colloquial term speedos? This is so educational So it’s muggles your bonsly’s budget Let’s just leave that where it is I think you did pretty well Let’s wrap it up with a nice little reward a reward some Aussie food, too Wet I know cultural appetite are these Tim Tams tears Linton. I had these projects. They’re so good I know you are not gonna eat all of those. I just thought I’d Do you have twist season America no I don’t think we have anything They’re Cheetos No, they don’t taste like cheetos. I mean there are sorta harsher and a bit more rough around the edges there like Cheetos for bogans I think Cheetos are more compressed this thing that feels more airy to it really you have you talked about puff balls Those are really okay. I’m talking about plain old Cheetos. These are lamingtons Yes, what do you like picking up? Colleen I’ll eat pastries in the desert you’re not just eating food it has to be content Okay, yes for the review of the Tim Tam. Those are really good. I wish they had him in America Yeah, it sounds a lot like Tim Tom who I know is a person all right so lemming tune what do you reckon? It’s kind tastes like bread. This is a bread With a little bit of chocolate and flaky coconut, but it tastes good mm-hmm a little bit like an almond joy But that’s something cuz of the coconut unless it is some Anzac Vicki a Bicky saris biscuit tastes like a cookie Okay an oatmeal raisin cookie without the raisins. Yeah, so have you ever had Vegemite what Oh? What’s the point of this should I say no. I didn’t ask that again I forgot what it tastes like I need to taste it again Okay, maybe I’ll use this as an opportunity to teach people who have and that’s true life It looks sort of like a Nutella. I guess to some people they think it’s like a chocolatey or something. It’s very strong It’s made of yeast extract It’s very salty, but if you put on a bunch of butta on your bread And he’s just very lightly cuz it goes This is neither of our content wait so that’s Australia wait. This is well. Yeah they just butter and That is do you think times you put a slice of cheese on it? Same as last time? Yeah, after a baby my dad really strong. I mean definitely does not taste like me tell him It’s not the worst thing in the world already this pretty bad, but It’s an acquired taste. I really don’t do I eating this It almost tastes like you burnt it Even though I know you didn’t cuz I saw you make it. I rejected me to get this table looks like I’ve thrown Australian culture at you I need like This video thumbs come out after VidCon yeah So I was so fun you guys and glad I met all of you be sure to check out Jazz’s video on his channel Wiggum do something that I don’t know yes many basically testing him on american culture trivia, I didn’t bring him any food though I wish I did So with that thanks for watching and wear your seatbelt

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  1. Your both wrong and Jazza is partially right a bathroom is classified as a room that has a bathtub and or a shower in it. What you guys are talking about is a restroom which is a room with toilets that is designed for the sole purpose of letting people relieve themselves when they need.

  2. Australians aren’t weird. (Smells boyfriend) oh. We can be weird! Thinking of me… and my friends….. and my boyfriend….. YAYAYAYAY

  3. America doesn't have a full and half flush? I thought they were… everywhere?

    Also I use the words bathroom and toilet kinda interchangably, mostly because of American movies and tv shows… I mostly use toilet though… just my "Australianess" coming through lol. I also don't see as many spiders as people say, maybe cause I live in the city but…

    Ah nostalgia. I remember watching Bear Grills/Man vs. Wild (I refer using both), but then I changed viewing styles.

    … THEY DON'T HAVE TIM TAMS IN AMERICA?!… Wow… On another note, I've always hated vegemite… My brothers love it though.

  4. I know that all the Australians watching this (including me) are just like ‘what the actual hell is a ‘yubo’ and a ‘moccasins’. No one uses Australian slang anymore.

  5. The first time I ate Vegemite was back in like year 2 my dad being the good lad said Vegemite makes you smarter and it didn’t end well at all

  6. When yall said budgie since my bird(which is a budgie)heard and saw a bird tht look like him a started making noise and start chirping

  7. In the uk vegemite is marmite

    I once ate it without butter while my mum was laughing histercally at me.

  8. I've never seen James' face before, woah. Wait… James… is left-handed?! Oh yes, join the club, James.
    2:46 I freaked 'cause I have those exact pencils, sorry, not important.


  9. My 7th grade social study teacher starts every class with a “Aussie Slang of the Day”. So it was really fun for me because I knew some of these words. That was my favorite class.

  10. I'm Australian, and I really enjoyed this viddy, mate. Thanks a dingo-load for makin' such bang-on quality vids, and I hope that ya do more collabs with ya mate Jazza!

  11. Ok, so my dad is British and they have a lot of things there that you said and ate but I am guessing Veggiemite is like Marmite P.S. I like marmite and I am a young teen so… I don't know if thats weird?

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