Oh my God! Look! Ross Draws has a new video out. Aw yeah, it’s lit. Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. I had a really fun video idea that I wanted to do around Halloween, to draw the Powerpuff Girls as witches. I’ve drawn them before earlier in my channel. But this time around, I want to give a more whimsical magical vibe. Yeah, so it’s gonna be quite an adventure, so hang tight. Ross Draws! The Powerpuff Girls. I sketched some ideas around for the Powerpuff Girl witches, and this is what I came up with. They’re gonna all be on a broom, maybe it’s nighttime. Bubbles is up here looking cute, and then we have Buttercup. Maybe she has like an energy ball of some sort. Blossom looks the most witch-like. And maybe there’s a moon behind them. I’m not sure yet. A call from the Powerpuff Girls. Is that Ross Draws? Ross, Ross, Ross! We need your help! There’s an evil monster attacking the city. Use this magic map to help guide you. Meet us there, and please hurry! An evil villain is taking over the city! Oh my God, we’re flying. Let’s get started. We have our first objective on the map, so I’m gonna work on this and I’ll check back soon. Oh! A quest. Give Buttercup a more witch-like look. Let’s do it! Feather things. Frankenstein hair or something. Add an energy ball. Awesome, there! An item! The wand of divinity. Well, I’m gonna put this in my inventory and let’s keep going. Well, we reached our next stop and there should be a quest. Oh! Add some stars. All right. Let’s do that. So let’s add some stars. That’s a terrible star. What is that star? Sorry. Maybe I can make it glow a little bit. There! Now what? Draw a space cat. What’s a space cat? A cat in space. All right, let’s do it. The cat’s gonna have eyes, whiskers, cool. It’s a cat in space. Draw a better cat. This is a good cat! No it’s not. It- You want a cat, I’ll give you a cat. Cool, there’s your space cat. Thank you. You’re welcome. What’s this? Cloak of shadows. I’m gonna put this in my inventory. We’re almost at our destination, so I’ll check back soon. Guys we’re here! Yo Powerpuff girl, it’s color dodge time. Aw man, here we go, here we go! Ooo! It’s the villain! The wand of divinity. Cloak of shadows. Phew, oh. Hey guys, welcome back. Milo actually made a really good villain. Right guys? Round 2. Look at his face. Agh! My heads on fire. And If you want this piece, my official site and shop is open! Rossdraws.com/shop You guys have been asking for a way to get my prints, so I spent a lot of time putting this together. And it’s finally out. And the print winner is, Greg Doley. Congratulations! If you want chance to win one of these prints, this episode’s question is… What is one game that you’re really good at and maybe one game that you absolutely suck it. I’m pretty good at Overwatch. I’m not like top 10, but I feel like I’m pretty decent at it. And the game that I suck at is Zelda. This game is pretty hard. I keep dying all the time. My death counter is like 200. I’m not even kidding. Let me know in the comments below and I’ll choose a lucky subscriber. If you like what I do and want to help support me for video demos and bonus content, you know where to find it. Come check out my Patreon. Oh! It’s almost the end of the year. Can you believe it, buddy? Thank you guys so much for sticking around. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day- [burp] Oh, sorry. is a color dodge day. Sorry. Perfect!

100 thoughts on “Drawing the POWERPUFF GIRLS as WITCHES!✨

  1. MILO MOJO! 😂 Hahaha

    GuyzzZ, Just finally launched a website and store!! Hope you check it out :3

  2. I am not sure in which game I am good at but I am definitely not good at Touhou bullet shooting games:)

  3. I don't really have a game that I suck at I'm usually better than everybody on the game are there number two or number one

  4. Me:Hey that's not so bad its pretty gud.
    Me : Watches his vid
    Me: I le suck and……..WHY HE SO EXTRA!!!!!!

    extra extraordinary ->- .

    At drawing,being extra and more

  5. Did you really draw this or your just coloring it. Please can someone tell me cuz I'm new here and I subscribe!

  6. I'm pretty good at piano tiles but i kinda suck at playing fortnite lol it's hard to build stuff there 😂

  7. What meaning to hate are you going to draw no more Buttercup and Bubbles so they can show more please

  8. I love how you use old or original soundtracks from ppg (From the mobile, and when the ppg speeds up XD)

    Edit: 4:52 I’m dying 😂😂😂

  9. places the dust decoration on the drawing pad
    mom walks in
    mom- you sure do not care for your belongings
    me-… it is decoration..
    mom-… good excuse

  10. I love that this is not just a speed paint but also has like a little story in it. That’s so cool !

  11. We already knew that the powderpuff girls had powers but now we know that Ross himself has his own super powers…

  12. I’m kinda good at overwatch, it’s the one I always play w and the worst game I’m at is far cry 4 ;-;

  13. Hmmmm one game that I’m pretty good at is…. Overwatch?😂 and the one that I absolutely suck at is… honestly call of duty because I can never like, shoot anyone! I think the game is broken, so I’m not really sure if this counts but… oh well!😋

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