Drawing the Female Figure With Live Models – Fine Art-Tips.

Drawing the Female Figure With Live Models – Fine Art-Tips.

>>Hello, I am Leonardo Pereznieto and I would
like to help you make your dream of drawing the human figure come true. It is not as difficult as one might think.
And if you have tried it in the past and you are not drawing the human figure the way you
want, I will teach you how to do it in a few easy steps. Do you remember the scene from the movie Titanic where Leonardo Di Caprio sketches Kate from life? Isn«t it a memorable scene that captured our
imaginations as a dream that anyone would love to do? Well, you can do it! In the past I have studied several academic
methods for figure drawing, from making boxes and geometrical figures
to measuring exact anatomical proportions. To be honest, with all this information
I just could not draw! My figure sketches looked awkward and
I was ashamed of showing them to others. But I had set my mind to draw well, and I
was not going to give up on this goal. During the following years I made friends with
excellent older artists, and I asked their permission to go along
and draw with them, when they
did drawings of any subject. What I discovered with one accomplished
master after the other, was that none of them drew the way the books
and the academy teach you to draw! None of these academic methods with too much
“thought” and too many rules was of any use to these real artists. Rather, all of them
drew in a much more natural, informal way. Seeing this I had an “aha!” moment and I realized
that following the techniques given in art books and in academies of art were not
very helpful to me. I started sketching in a more natural way
and my drawings immediately improved. Then, with practice, they got even better. I would not dismiss the more formal techniques
in their entirety, however. I still use parts of them, integrating them into
a more flexible and “natural” approach to drawing. In this instructional ebook, I’m passing all
this information to you, that took me over 20 years to gather, which I found
actually works, for drawing and sketching the female
figure. And which can actually be applied for any subject. In this ebook, I will teach you step by step
a simple technique that works. This is how I draw. It includes 5 drawings; each with pictures
and simple step-by-step directions. You will witness the whole process of figure
drawing from beginning to end, to create a complete image that you can be
proud of (and that you can sell). The best part about this ebook, which you
don’t get in printed books, is that at the end of each drawing sequence
you get a link to watch a video that shows you how it was achieved in real life.
You’ll see with your own eyes how each drawing started from a blank sheet of paper, how it was traced,
shaded and completed. And I hope you’re not averse to nudity, because
these drawings were done with life models which also appear in the videos, so you can
draw them as well! I do have to give a disclaimer: there is no one
technique in the world that will work like magic and that will instantly make you draw perfectly.
To achieve that you will have to work hard. With that out of the way, I can honestly tell you
that this technique is simple and it works. As an artist, there is no better investment you
can make than the one in yourself and your career. Enough said. Are you ready to start? Your model is…

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  1. Dear Leonardo, I am an admirer of your amazing talent…the sound in this video is not good..thought you should know..thank you very much for your art,inspiration and lessons..a fan,,,Bill

  2. Hi thanks for this, I have just purchases the ebook 20/8/16, but I can't see the link to 5 videos, can you help please, I can't wait to see them, I can provide proof of purchase

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