Drawing the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th dimension

Drawing the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th dimension

How to draw 4, 5, 6, and 7
dimensional objects. One point has zero dimensions. Double the points and you have one dimension. Double the points again and you have two dimensions. Double the points again and you have three dimensions. Double the points yet again and you have four dimensions. Skeptical? You’re watching this on a flat
two-dimensional computer monitor, In two dimensions,
it is not possible to have three axes, each of which is 90 degrees
to the other two. Yet we accept this picture as a
representation of three dimensions, displayed on a two-dimensional monitor. In three dimensions, it is not possible to have four axes each
of which is 90 degrees to the other three. Yet as with three dimensions
on a two-dimensional monitor, we can accept that this is a
representation of four dimensions. If you remove any one of the four axes
you will go back to three axes, each of which is 90 degrees
to the other two. Therefore each of the four axes is
90 degrees to each of the other three. In the same way we can add a
fifth, sixth, or seventh axis, each of which is 90 degrees to
all the axes that came before it. Double the points again. And you have five dimensions. By continuing to double the points, you
can add as many dimensions as you want. Six dimensions. Seven Dimensions. Therefore, we can draw as
many dimensions as we want.

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  2. You're waaay oversimplefying. Outside of good mathematicians, people don't have a grasp of higher dimensions, and no one can visualise it properly. It's not only 'double the points', objects act quite differently in higher dimensions.

  3. There is not a 1th. 2nd. 3rd. etc. dimensions. This is wrong saying. These are (dimensions) not in order.

  4. 0-dimension : ez
    1-dimension : haha
    2-dimension : cri on mi
    3-dimension : me is that
    4-dimension : : /
    5-dimension : stop plz
    6-dimension : nuuu
    10-dimension : WHY!
    10^100-dimension : OMFGGG
    Graham's Number-dimension : WTFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!! ADABDHWJDAHJ
    infinite-dimension : me ded

  5. I love your work, the voice is easily followed. The dimensional modelling is most excellent! But sir, I beg of thee… please lose the horrible music, ml! Mr. Fractal

  6. 7次元…

  7. Which nodes and edges to group while stretching to other side? It was not clear to me which n points to choose in n dim to project on next dimensional space

  8. How did you imagine zero, one and two dimensions in our three dimensional reality? I still can't imagine zero dimension, forget a fourth one.

  9. Dude when i was in 1 grade i thaught that drawing 3d cubes in geometry classes was hard. I am lucky that i dont live in the 7th dimension lol

  10. Não conseguimos imaginar uma quarta dimensão pelo simples fato de que nossa imaginação não é capaz, uma vez que nunca vimos uma idealização de uma estrutura 4 D, tentar imaginar um objeto ou ser introduzido em uma 4 dimensão vai doer sua cabeça.

  11. Ok, the universe has infinite dimensions, and the reason it expands is because it keeps doubling its points. Because infinite is forever the universe will expand forever and because so many dimensions are overlapping at once we can measure it. Time.

    My theory btw

  12. When you are in 2d that is the primary point of life but every other dimension thinks they know it all. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. 3d related to a kid: drawing mom on paper… look mom I drew you.
    Mom/7th d: oh honey how cute but inside saying that looks nothing like me but you tried. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. But if you think about it… How would a 3 dimensional screen work and look like. If you would make a cube of screens then you would still be watching in 2D.

  15. No matter infinite dimension is possible mathematically, we human just can visualize up to 3 dimension max at particular instance of time.

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  17. The real question aint how to draw it, it is what we see, feel, smell, or simply just relize looking on our world while beeing in an other dimension.

  18. Сколько сторон, граней, вершин имеет четырёхмерный куб?

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