Drawing Skills 8 Years Into Blindness!

Drawing Skills 8 Years Into Blindness!

Hey guys, so you may be wondering why I have a really janky dollar store white board with me and an expo whiteboard marker Well today I’m going to show you my blind girl writing and drawing skills eight years in to being basically totally blind. I have light and shadows perception as you know if you watch videos on a regular basis but that’s it. So I can’t see what I’m actually writing or drawing on this board. Before I get into the actual writing and drawing of things I want to kind of do a bit of a background so because I grew up with some sight I was always legally blind so I never had full sight in the eyes of the law, I never have enough sight to drive a car or anything like that but I had enough sight to you know read and write. I read large print, instead of writing with pencils I learned how to write with black markers- sharpies. Instead of writing on white paper I would write on like box colored paper or cream colored paper because it didn’t hurt my eyes as much as white did. I would actually use a whiteboard in class instead of the chalkboard at the front of the room that all the other kids were reading off of. I would have like thick black lines on my cream paper instead of – I don’t know – I don’t know actually the color of lines on white paper is it blue? I think it’s blue anyways, regardless let me know down below what color lines are on regular lined white paper because I have no clue because I’ve never written on it in my life. So, yeah that was kind of how I learned to write was with markers and box paper and then I actually – obviously like when I lost more of my vision stopped writing anything really but my signature and that’s how most people who are blind from birth learn they how to write their name or just a symbol as a signature because obviously there’s, you know legal documents and things that you face in life that you have to be able to sign so most blind people – actually I’m pretty positive that all blind people can write at least their name and signature and we do have things called signing cards which basically are like plastic credit cards that have a slot cut out of them and then I can have a sighted person put that card over the line that I need to sign on so that I can write my name on the line and make sure that it’s on- on the line yeah so a lot of us keep those, I have one in my wallet, I have one on my desk at work, I have them everywhere so that whenever I need to sign a document on a dotted line I can actually do so with the help of a sighted person putting that there. So that’s a really useful tool that I use for writing and nowadays I – pretty much the only things I ever write is my name and my signature and I certainly don’t do it well it is like a three-year-old’s writing which you will see later and I can’t write small, like I cannot My version of small writing that I would have to do when I’m trying to like write on a check or something like that and has to be small is much bigger than the print you would use because when I was sighted I always wrote large print because I could only read large print so I never learnt how to write very small and I was also never taught cursive writing in school because the letters were too swirly for my eyes to follow, especially because my eyes always shake due to my nystagmus, I could never see – like my eyes could never follow the lines of curly-swirly writing. That said, I do like my own version of cursive writing when I write my name because I have to try my best when I’m writing my name to not take my pen or marker off the paper otherwise I lose my spot so I always try to keep the marker on on the page but it certainly doesn’t look anything like cursive that a sighted person would learn in school would look like and then in grade 11 I actually had a situation where in one of my classes, my leadership class, yes that’s actually a class that I took, we had to draw signs and my friends thought it would be funny to have me draw the sign and it was a lemonade stand sign and because I hadn’t written regular print letters in so long I wrote the word lemonade but like some of the letters in the word were capitalised, some of the letters were lowercase and one of the letters was just completely backwards. Like I literally wrote the letter the opposite direction that it should be facing and they thought it was so hilarious that they hung it up in the hallway and in the corner it was like “done by Molly, the blind girl” so it was pretty funny and my kind of thing when I was younger – whenever anybody, because people used to make fun of my hand writing all the time since like I said it does look pretty much like three-year-old’s writing, I used to – at a certain point I just like stopped hand writing my friend’s birthday cards and started handing them brailled birthday cards. I was like “there you go, up you, you make fun of me for having bad writing but you can’t even read my writing now”, so it was, yeah so now I always just braille people’s birthday cards and if they really want to know what I said to them they can go and translate it on google, so yeah ’cause you can actually, if you’re interested, there’s websites where you can translate print to Braille so you just type in the print word and convert and it will show you what the dot sequence in braille would be and vice versa so it’s kinda cool, you can kind of decode braille using an online image, obviously us blind people can’t because the dots aren’t raised on the screen but if you’re interested in actually teaching yourself braille all sighted people learn Braille by visually reading braille, I actually don’t know any sighted person myself who knows braille and actually reads it with their fingers like blind people because as a blind person my fingers are way more sensitive than yours would be as a sighted person so for me reading braille is really easy and my mum knows, can attest to the fact that I will find a flaw in anything, any clothing item, any mug, like anything I will find the most minute flaw with my fingers that you would never be able to see with your eyes because my fingers are so sensitive, so yeah, blind people we read braille with our fingers but sighted people read it with their eyes so every braille teacher I’ve ever had has been sighted and they’ve always been sight readers, my ex-boyfriend taught himself braille online using the translate website and he would always braille me cards but then he would only be able to read my cards back to him in – you know using his eyes, so anyways if you’re interested in that – that’s that, that’s kind of the history of my writing. I never was good at drawing so we’ll see how this goes, back in the summer, I think it was maybe August? I posted a video telling you guys that I was going to be doing this and asking for requests in the comments section so the other day I went through the comments and I pulled a couple, there were some that were very requested so I tried to pull ones that were quite requested and so, without further ado let’s get into my attempt at drawing and writing eight years into blindness. Alright so the first thing we’re going to do is a request from the username Lauren W not sure of the last name, it was just Lauren W and she requested that I draw a cat So we’ll see, oh I’m already dreading this decision. ok, let’s go, it’s also very hard to draw because I got such a bad whiteboard okay I’m trying to use the technique of moving my pen off the paper or the whiteboard the least amount possible, so… I don’t know if I should do a body, I’m gonna try I’m using this technique that I learned how to draw dogs when I was little Ok. Ok I’m done, I’m going to say this is done alright are you guys ready? I don’t know if you’re ready for this I don’t know if I’m ready to expose this to the world. This is my cat. So the theory that I went with was – you know there’s the face and I was just going to stop at the face but I was like maybe that’s cheating. So then I tried to draw like the cat from the front angle so you see his like kind of chest and his two front legs and I was too scared to try to draw the little legs in between his front two so I didn’t, but I drew the tale coming up above his head so that’s what – it’s not a third ear, it’s his tail in the middle there, coming up from behind so that is my attempt at cat and I’m going to name him Mr Whiskers. Alright so I had somebody help me clear off the whiteboard for the next one and the next request – I got a lot of requests for animals, but the next one I selected was a bunny, I got a request for a giraffe and I’m so sorry to the person who requested that but I actually have zero knowledge of what giraffes look like other than the long neck, I obviously could see photos of them when I was younger but at this point in my life I’ve been blind for long enough that I have no memory at all of what giraffes look like, I think they’re polka dotted and they have long necks but that’s all I remember so for me to draw one would – I just, it would be a neck, with some dots around it but that’s it because don’t know what else they look like so I took a bunny ’cause I actually have a lot of stuffed bunnies so I remember what bunnies look like because I have one that I sleep with every night because I’m an adult and adults sleep with bunnies every night. so I can’t remember – who requested this? [Mom: Hannah B] this one was requested by Hannah B, says mom, who’s off screen, so thank you Hanna B there’s a lot of lack of last names, just letters so um, thank you Hannah for requesting a bunny and I hope I do your bunny justice, let’s give it a go I hope it doesn’t look too similar to my cat. Ok I’ll try to make it look different than the cat. Oh do bunnies have whiskers? Oh shoot I don’t know, ok, we’ll see err, I’m going to go without without whiskers because I don’t remember if they have whiskers, because my stuffed animal doesn’t have whiskers so I can’t remember. uh, I’m gonna try to do a body different this time. I’m gonna try to draw like a puffy little tail and some feetsies And, oh what should we name the bunny? We’ll name him Peter, like “Peter Rabbit”. So the big reveal. Here’s Peter rabbit. So I tried to draw the face with the big floppy ears coming down and then the body like he’s sideways so he’s supposed to be looking over his shoulder so that was the concept that I went with for this masterpiece right here so he’s kind of standing sideways looking over shoulder and his tail is um – on this side and then his feet are on the bottom. So that’s my little hop along Peter rabbit. Okay so I know you can’t see my face right now, I wanted to change angles so you could actually see me writing or drawing in action. This one’s actually going to be writing because I got so many requests to write my name and signature and as I mentioned I try not to pick my marker off when I’m writing my name so you’ll see me kind of try to follow through on each word. Let’s give it a go. Molly. And… Yay. I’ll do a little…over here. I’ll draw a little heart. So that’s my name and now I’ll draw my signature, um, I would just do like this. That’s how I draw my signature usually. So there you go, there you have it. Right just so you know I actually don’t really remember how to hold a pen or pencil properly, I can’t remember if it’s like this or this or this. I can’t remember, so if you’re looking at me and you’re like she’s not holding her marker right, that’s why. So I got a lot of little requests and I’m just going to kind of scatter them around the board. So I got a request to do a flag of the country I’m from and I’m from Canada So… uh, how do I want to do this? Our flag’s pretty simple to draw, except… So there you go, there’s the Canadian flag. I also got requested to write Gallop’s name, so… I’m trying to… a okay. I did a lot of blanking on ‘a’ Gallop and then I’ll draw his picture up here oh ok how do I want to do this? Maybe I’ll do a side profile I’m just going to do his face I think There you go, that’s Gallop, he has a really long nose so I tried to draw a really long snout, then I tried to put an eye and a little ear, and that’s like his side profile of his face. So i hope you all enjoyed viewing my absolute masterpieces, I’ll have my art of sale of you’re interested in purchasing any of my glorious whiteboard artwork and thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed and found this a little bit entertaining and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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  1. I think the biggest thing we've learned from this video is to never buy your whiteboards at the dollar store.
    In all seriousness, if I ever make march those drawings are what will be on it! hahaha!
    I really hope you all enjoyed this video. 🙂 If you're new to my channel and are curious, I have videos ranging from ow I use technology and do my makeup, to what exactly it is that I see, my eye-hand coordination as a blind person, and why I "look" at the camera and at the things I'm doing. Feel free to stick around, explore and learn! <3

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    I’m really interested in learning more about you

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    And Molly you’re writing is so cute 💜💜💜

  8. Love this. You’re amazing. Your memory is amazing. I was wondering. If an artist could draw a picture of you on your hands so you can kind of picture what you look like? I wonder if that could work? Like if someone drew a flower on you with a pen, would you get an image based on the touch that you’re feeling? Maybe you can picture yourself based on why you feel on your hands? I hope this makes sense and I hope it works ❤️

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  12. So this is where Mr. whiskers came from! Also don't worry about cursive writing, they tried to teach me when I was younger but I was so bad and never learned so they gave up. The way I wrote my name on my ID card literally looks worse than a 5 year olds. Sometimes I can do my own version of a cursive L though, my name begins with L. Your cursive looks better than mine 🙂 EDIT: YOU CAN DRAW HEARTS SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME

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