Drawing our Childhood Drawings w/ theodd1sout

Drawing our Childhood Drawings w/ theodd1sout

Jaiden: Hey, we’re back James: Oh, yeah, yeah, I was too engrossed to–
Jaiden: Oh hey– James: Oh hello. I already don’t like this intro. We’re back doing drawing collab. stuff I got this idea from an email, so I didn’t come up with this, and I– James: Shout out to that person. Jaiden: Yeah I can’t find that email anymore so… James: [Laughs] Jaiden: But they recommended that we do drawing each other’s childhood drawings James: So we’re both gonna be redrawing each other’s old art, when we were a kid. Jaiden: Yeah! James: So what am I drawing, Jaiden? Jaiden: Umm… I actually forgot. [Jaiden and James laugh] James: It’s the little– the little furry OC one Jaiden: Okay, okay! I’m not a furry! But– James: Yeah none of us are. Jaiden: I drew a lot of little creatures. You gave me a chicken dragon. James: Yeah, I thought you’d like that. It was a mixture between a chicken and a dragon. If you look at the top it says: “Shagin-dragin-child”? Jaiden: Yeah I was trying to read that, and I was like: “I feel like This is a hint to what I’m supposed to draw, but I can’t read this language.” James: do you see what the chicken is saying? Jaiden: Is he saying: “Bark raaar”? James: “Bock raaar” Like “BwAaAk”? Jaiden: Oh I see James: Like how chicken’s talk. And he’s spitting fire and eggs. Jaiden: [Laughs] Oh I thought they were snowballs. James: Did you doodle a lot of art in school? Jaiden: I always did it, like, on my papers and stuff. James: Yeah yeah, same. Had the teacher gets mad at me, for drawing stuff on my homework. Jaiden: really? I never got in trouble. Probably because it was so good [James and Jaiden Laugh] James: Yeah, you had fingers. Oh, he only had four fingers. Just erase that one. Did it have a name? Jaiden: Oh I think I wrote it somewhere. It’s like Captain. James: Captain. Oh captain my captain. You’ve seen “Inside Out” Right? Jaiden: Yeah James: You know the– Oh, spolier– Oh, I just drew him like my own leg. You know how the– one of the imaginary friends DiEs? Jaiden: Yeah. James: Does that mean the human girl will never be able to like think of that imaginary friend? Will like, one of her friends be like: “Did you ever had an imaginary friend?” and she’ll think about it and be like: “Nope!” Jaiden: That’s sad. That’s like the worst fate. Being forgotten. There’s a giant like, green mountain on the chicken And I can’t tell if it’s the wing or just a big spike. James: I see that picture. I know what I was going for as a kid. Like that green mountain’s supposed to be something. Jaiden: Don’t tell me. [James and Jaiden laugh] Is it a wing? James: I’m not sa– I mean– what? I don’t say nothin’… Jaiden: It’s a mountain. James: I like, drew the tail pretty cool in this one picture. I’m totally copying it. Jaiden: Since this chicken is spitting fire (James: Chicken godzilla?) and eggs at the same time, do you think the turn into hard-boiled eggs? [James laughs] James: Yeah probably. That would probably make it hurt even more. Jaiden: Then there’s also like a white could. I don’t know what that is. That’s probably just a cloud, like, to show how tall he is. James: Yeah ((no)). Jaiden: You drew an airplane. James: Do you see what the airplane is saying? Jaiden: No. James: I think it’s saying: “Stop”. [Jaiden laughs and then James] Jaiden: “Dear godzilla: “Stop”. Just gotta talk to Godzilla nicely. “I have a flight to catch.” Godzilla’s like:”uGh; Can we do it next week then?” and it’s like; “No Godzilla.” I don’t know if you can hear this, but there’s like people outside, screaming. Having fun. Like LOSERS. James: How dare they. Jaiden: Whenever I hear captain, I think of Captain Crunch. I think of Captain Underpants, but that’s because I saw the movie recently. Jaiden: Yeah, I did too. James: What’d you think of it? You never read the Captain Underpants books. Yeah, I never read the books, so I didn’t get any of the references? As its own movie, I thought it was very bad. -Both laugh- But I can say that it was extremely entertaining. (O rlly jaidn?) I mean, I wasn’t expecting an Emotional film from (Jaiden: Yeah.) Captain Underpants, y’know. I knew what I was getting into. Have you ever seen the “American Tail”? It’s a movie about a mouse. Jaiden: Yeah, I did. James: Did you like it? I liked it because it had a mouse in it. [James] I thought it was weird. [Jaiden] I was obsessed with mice as a kid. Anything with a mouse was like:”Oh, A+ PLUS.” [James] There was like a couple of mouse movies. There was the Great Mouse Detective. There was one, that one series— [Jaiden] There was that one, The Tale of, what, Despacito or something? [James] Desperaux, Despaci—it’s a Mexican—it’s the Tale of Despereaux Yeah, what’s a popular book that did kill the main character? [James] Harry Potter? He died for a little bit. [Jaiden] did he? [James] Yeah? Did you not see the last movie? [Jaiden] Uh, I never read or watched any Harry Potter. [James] Okay—(exhasperated sigh). Do I have to explain it? So— [Jaiden] Who’s Harry Potter? (laughs) Just kidding, I know that much. he’s the bearded one. (both laugh) [James] Who else killed off the main character? Romeo and Juliet, Old Yeller. [Jaiden] Marley and Me! That movie destroyed me. I didn’t want to see it. I was like, ‘I know the dog dies. I don’t want to see it, It’s gonna make me sad.’ And my mom was like, ‘no you already know the dog dies. it’ll be fine.’ And then I watched it and I cried for the rest of the day. [Jaiden] What beautiful blue eyes you have, chicken. [James] I feel like this character could be like friends with Garfield. [Jaiden] Captain is my Garfield. [James] Let’s make up captain’s backstory. I remember I wanted to create my own character That was an animal that didn’t exist okay, but very similar I’m like a cat, but he’s not a cat I mean if we wanted to do animals that didn’t exist chicken Godzilla is the way to go yeah alternating back spikes? I’ll just tell you this now cuz it’s too late to change your picture But the whole gimmick was that everything was half chicken half dinosaur So like the top half is chicken the bottom half is a dinosaur it’s like a chicken foot and a dinosaur foot got a dinosaur wing and then a chicken wing I Like the creative Liberty when you were drawing these pictures Did you think that one day that millions of people would see it and you would have one of your friends redrawing it? I sure did Whenever you’re growing a child like the colors into your – nice was complementing any of the Eggs eggs are cool. What would the name of the Godzilla chicken be would just be God chicken or chicken I already He has a mountain on it. I like that I didn’t realize after the fact that it was a dragon wait That was a mountain and the cloud so the one that you gave me was this mouse on a beach I drew a lot of mice as a kid. What’s the picture I sent you Green being the purple, okay? I need to give some backstory on that those are Neopets they’re not Neopets they’re called pet pets they’re pets for your neo pet Yeah, and also in Neopets there were these things called pet pet pets you’re joking. No. I’m not I’m being dead serious There’s pet pet pets, but that was that was as far as it went there’s only three layers Sounds like a parody Despero. That’s what you call it despacito In fact I’ve never been sunburnt before what why is that I don’t know because you don’t go outside Oh these things make me think of puffles from Club Penguin. I was a Club Penguin player. It’s no-shave November. Are you participating? No, I think it only works for men. Yeah, I think I’ve already shaved. I’ve never tried. I’ve never smooth I’ve never tried to grow a beard every time I’d stubble or whatever would get too long i’m like this is itchy and it hurts you have to get past the itchy phase for it to be normal I I wouldn’t know it was like a thing in Harry Potter. It’s a mirror that when you look into it It’ll show what you most desire and when Harry looked into it. He saw his parents are they dead Oh, yeah, that’s like a big part of this Do you know who killed them do I know who killed them Dumbledore them I mean I could just Yeah, when you first get a pet pet the default name is Noname And I remember being like I actually liked that name and so one of my pet pets was Noname Oops I had Captain copied and then I thought I copied something and I pasted it with then captain just appeared Pets names the pet pet pets I don’t know I’ve ever seen like any new pets They’re like Pokemon the same size Pokemon right they’re not small or anything and the pet pets were kind of like the Caterpie’s right? They’re like really tiny and then the pet pet pets were like insects much money. Do you think the people who made Neopets got? I’m sure they’re not having any troubles. I actually looked back on neopets I want to say a couple months ago, and it looks exactly the same They haven’t like updated it or changed it to it’s perfect boom. There’s your mouse How accurate am I. I think you got it on the nose. There’s like what one looked like Very blob like there’s only like pictures of them crying they cry when you lose in their game Yeah, sore losers. Do I have to explain this one? I don’t know is it and then the picture you gave me was a super Chu- , so basically what it is I had this stuffed animal that was a cheetah and his name was Chui What would you do if there was a clone of you like an exact clone? Yes Wouldn’t we be? Doing the same exact thing because you have the same exact process if you had a clone that would work for you Would you make them do their own videos so you can have two videos going at the same time or just double helm on one? Video yeah do like double videos so then I could be surprised They’re telling stories and like oh, I know the story. There’s so much going on in this picture. It’s like a weird fever dream I’m not a hundred percent sure what’s going on in that picture either so it’s time No coloring, or a little bit nice coloring. I guess whatever we feel like you can’t stop artists can’t rush perfection People who do speedrunning they do rush perfection they have to be quick and perfect rushing is their perfection Yeah I need time just to like interpret what I’m trying to draw your thing is like super complicated – I had a superhero character – but his name was super James Super James like oh he was great dude, and I’m like me a little bit different basically just no Superman But me when I was younger if I wanted a power I wanted to transform into any animal if furry Is the guy who made a fox video all about foxes? Oh? I just realized we never introduced Smee to your channel Do you think we have to at this point or I mean if you don’t know who James is then get the freak out ah? We were at comic-con together, and there was one person who didn’t know me yeah, and I’m like you sure Normally, it’s people who don’t know me, which is understandable did you ever watch Winnie the Pooh. I did I’d love to Winnie the Pooh There’s one episode of Winnie the Pooh where his house falls down You’d like lived in a tree house and it like breaks and then some other characters like look I found a house, and it was piglets house like no one knew that was piglets house, and then piglet was just like And my poor piglet was too shy to say anything what would you do if one of your close friends like hey? I’m moving I’m moving how senior I go. Where are you moving? It’s like your address? I would not be like piglet I’d be like um Devolve, I had the time and the money. I think making a movie would be cool I don’t know what the characters would be or the story Yeah Make a movie to make a movie make like a documentary about making movies the whole movie is you trying to figure out what to? Make the movie if you’re not dear citizen or I super Chui with my super speed will save you Terrific yeah So I think I was trying to draw a lion, and those are the stripes And I want to say that was the baby lion Lions don’t have stripes, whatever Cool, so what I learned we’re done. We asked this question every time we do a drawing collab What do we learn yeah and each time we say nothing? If you’re a kid think about what you’re drawing because you might because it might end up on the Internet all right Video where we did more of these uh-huh if you if you loved these so much watch for more Yeah, I had a fun time it was fun Subtitles/CC are still not finished. I’m working on finishing them (And hopefully some other people). ~KawaiiGhost25

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