[Everyone] Hey guys!
[Dagami] Welcome to another episode of… [Mizzie] Mizzie
[Dagami] and Dagami draws! Yayyy!
[Mizzie] This is our channel now! [Dagami] Goodbye Ross!
[Mizzie] Yea, we’re taking over! [Dagami] Farewell. Goodbye. Oh! [Doorbell] Oh!
[Mizzie] Wait a minute. [Dagami] Who could it be? [Mizzie] Ah! What? What a lovely surprise!
[Dagami] It’s Ross Draws! [Mizzie] The Ross Draws.
[Dagami] Woww. [Ross] You guys locked me out of my own house.
[Mizzie] What?! Noo. [Ross] Oh my god.
[Mizzie] Come on, just join us. Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws! I don’t know what happened around here. I don’t think I wanna know.
[Dagami] Don’t worry about it. [Ross] I brought Dagami and Mizzie back!
[Mizzie] What’s up! [Ross] It’s officially summer and we have a summer tradition to make a video together Last video we made together was quite magical.
[Mizzie] That was a fun time. Use it! Then you gotta do this a little bit.
[Ross] Ok, I quit. [Laughter] Recently I asked my Patreon, what Overwatch character do you want me to draw? And… D.Va won! [Mizzie] Oh, D.Va nice!
[Dagami, Ross] D.Va! [Mizzie] Well, what a coincidence because we have a surprise for you. [Ross] A surprise?
[Mizzie] You wanna show him? Are you ready? Close your eyes. Ready?
[Ross] Ok. [Mizzie] Aaand open them! Yay!
[Dagami] Yay! [Ross] Ahhh! Oh my god.
[Mizzie] This is perfect. Look it’s perfect on you, isn’t it? Thank you Patreon.
[Ross] I don’t know how I feel about this… Ross Draws!
[Mizzie] Oh sorry! [Laughter] [Ross] Ross Draws!
[Everyone] D.Va! [Dagami] Alright Ross, are you ready to get dressed? [Mizzie] He’s ready. [Ross] Wha-? Ohh! How’d you guys do that?!
[Mizzie] Wait, you’re not dressed up? You did the thing, so…
[Ross] I know I did the thing but I didn- How’d you guys do that?! [Mizzie] Ok, let’s just dress him up.
[Dagami] Yea lets just help him. [Ross] Oh! Oh my god! You guys! Where’s my gun? Alright let’s do some poses.
[Dagami] Yeah! Let’s do it! [Ross] Show what you got. [Mizzie] We need a Mech.
[Ross] I need a Mech? Ok, hold on, hold on, I got this. Oh! Oh my god! [Dagami] That’s so cool! [Ross] I need a drink. [Everyone] Yeah! Nice! [Ross] My drink! Ugh! These portals! Screw you portals! We took our reference photo and this is what we came up with. Oh! Mizzie’s over here. Wow, she’s so pretty. And then we have me. I’m enjoying a nice drink on this flamingo. And then we have Sarah. Hurting the flamingo! Let’s try to jump right into it. There could be only one D.Va. Sorry guys. Ohh! Goodbye! I actually look really pretty. [Laughter] From this to this. You would swipe right, right? Come on. We have a long way to go. So I’m just gonna keep working on it and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, Nick has his eyes closed right now and we’re gonna test something. Hey Nick, would you date this girl?
[Nick] Dude, that’s you, no! [Laughter] [Ross] What!? No! She’s pretty, right?
[Nick] Yeah… [Ross] Right?! Oh! Nick thinks I’m pretty.
[Nick] Oh my god dude. [Ross] Wait, she’s pretty right?
[Nick] Yeah [Ross] Rate her one out of ten. Come here. So you saw her on tinder, right? You would swipe right? [Nick] Yeah.
[Ross] Yes?! [Nick] Sure. I wouldn’t super like her.
[Ross] Oh my god! So what would you rate her? [Nick] I’d rate her uh… six point five.
[Ross] Six point five?! [Nick] Dude, that’s still pretty good, that’s above average. [Ross] Wow, I’m a six point five. Seems like I’m making a flamingo-type Mech. [Laughter] These are the legs. I have a vision actually. That I want to make this piece vertical. Ooo, there we go. It’s a nice cropped frame. I think it’d be something really cool. Yeah, I think my vision for this is; she’s sitting in a mech and the hoods open and she’s just enjoying a drink. I’m just gonna keep working on it and I’ll check back soon. Welcome back, and this is the progress of our D.Va so far. This is where we left off originally. The hardest part is, because the Flamingo is full of air, I had to basically lift her up.. and add a whole bunch of robot parts. Yeah, so it’s looking more concrete and solid. For the last two videos, I’ve added a cat! I feel like this is the summer of cats. Let’s add another cat. Why not? I feel like there would be a cat next to her, kind of chillin. Let’s make the background a little more aesthetic. Maybe like a cloud. That’s definitely heading in the right direction. Yeah, this piece is almost done, so I’m gonna wrap it up and I’ll check back soon. Hey D.Va!
[Everyone] It’s color dodge time! [Ross] Aw man here we go! Oooo! I know right!? I know right?!
[Everyone] Yeah! [Laughter] [Mizzie] Ooo! [Everyone] Wooww! [Laughter] [Mizzie] lol [Ross] Hey guys, welcome back and I hope you enjoyed the video. What’d you guys think? [Mizzie] I loved it.
[Dagami] I had so much fun. [Mizzie] You look good.
[Ross] Thank you. Now I know the secret to cosplaying! There’s a few days left on my Patreon campaign where you can get an exclusive Milo pin! Yea, so if you want bonus content, video demos, stuff like that; Please check out my Patreon. The biggest thank you to Mizzie and Dagami! They’re awesome human beings. Please follow them at their social. [Mizzie] This was fun.
[Ross] Of course, aww. If you want a chance to win one of these poster prints, this videos question is… [Dagami] If you could cosplay anything with your friends, what would it be? [Ross] Ooo!
[Mizzie] D.Va [Ross] D.Va!
[Mizzie] A D.Va squad. [Everyone] D.Va squad! Let us know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. And also, Anime Expo is this week! Oh my god!
[Mizzie] Wooow! I know! We are booth sixteen thirty-two. Come by and say hi. We have lots of swag. You can see Dagami. Maybe you can see Mizzie. Come by and say hi. The next video is gonna be a fan drawing! I’m redrawing one of your drawings. It’s one of my favorites to do. So, don’t forget to subscribe. And remember..
[Mizzie, Dagami] Every day is a color dodge day!

100 thoughts on “DRAWING MYSELF AS D.VA! (Overwatch)

  1. Hi Ross! Im not really a hater, I actuallyy love your drawings! Infact, they serve as my inspirations! But, just a question, please dont be mad but, do you really want to be a girl? Cause I dont see any single of your videos turning yourself into a boy. Just a question though. Love you!!

  2. 0:25 Ross: You guys lock me out of my own house!
    the way he said it made it funny

    Also who’s watching this 2019?

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    I want to say this can you draw you and your family like the world of gumball :3

  5. *plot twist*: the people who commented new it would come to this. So they didn’t choose any male characters that looked strong. They teamed up in order to get this video

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