Drawing MY SPIDERSONA - Aussie Artist becomes SPIDERMAN!!

Drawing MY SPIDERSONA – Aussie Artist becomes SPIDERMAN!!

spider mite spider mites does whatever as far as I can resist I'm so sorry I'm so sorry Gareth and gentlemen welcome to draw with Jazza I'm Kip I'm Jezza and you know it's gonna be a good video when I start off by raiding my child Troy my child's toy books in the last few weeks there's been this trend going around of people creating the spider sona's or a Spider Man persona based on yourself I didn't quite know what it was aside from that in concept and while a lot of people have been asking what my spider Solar is or for me to make one I I feel like I should spend a part of today's video on exploring other people's and seeing what it's all about and get a bit inspired spider Sona hit me what do we got this is not a cool by polygon spider so Nizar a joyous celebration of into the spider versus message ah sounds like everyone is spider-man you're spider-man everyone can be spotted okay this is cool this is something I can get behind so it's like in your universe were you to be a spider-man or Spider Woman how would you look what would you be like what would your powers be obviously very heavily inspired by various versions of the spider-man comics and cartoons and movies and stuff but this is cool like this is really interesting Oh devianart has a hashtag spider so nice you can actually check out a huge amount of people's creations I mean some are more of a mix of what the the artists think looks cool and some I guess the more of a mix of who the artist is or you know sort of reflecting their personality or what they think their powers would you got a bit of that casual look here much like the Miles Morales spider-man by the way I want to make a few videos on into the spider verse but suffice it to say so good so good I love into the spy diverse and I obviously barely have words to describe how much I love that movie and I love seeing the passion from other artists just depicting their spider so you know so I think it's about time I I create my own start off by doing a little bit of just play around sketching but everyone else is sort of illustrations that we've looked at a lot of them are really are like digital and just look really cool so they still have in general a bit of a sketchy sort of not super refined painted look they're more like concept character pieces which is really cool so I'm gonna do one of those I'm gonna start off with some sketches get some ideas down and have a bit of a play and then create a bit of a digital character sketch of my spider Sonya as much as I was joking around and being a kid in the opening of the video boys I do think spider mate sort of is perfect I mean I start off every video with a kid a ladies and gentlemen a lot of people actually ask me what I'm saying there cuz I say it so fast sometimes YouTube translated closed captions doesn't get it right ever like I'll say it like like Gabe I should start saying D word or I'll get D worded myself D monetize so I think I'm gonna go with Anna kübra just just to have a bit of an Aussie edge and make sure I get better than him but being Australian is a part of my personality and presentation but I don't I don't have enough too much unless it's sort of in theme so I might just keep that as the main slash only Asya inclusion except for the fact that we have some bloody deadly spiders here in fact I've read that native to Australia the Redback spider also known as the Australian Black Widows species of highly venomous spider believed to originate in the South Australia this is a native Australian spider the Redback spider is freaking terrifying first of all they're very very venomous then that don't hurt you I don't know if they'll kill you but I don't know don't try bloody hard and the most terrified I've ever been by a spider was actually two weeks ago and it was one of these things and it was about that big these spiders don't get big they're usually quite small but I found a bloody big one it was really scary use it as tough as I'd pretend I am good lord and this is sort of fitting cuz I'm pretty good nope nope nope nope nope no no no triple no ja Oh surgeries and terrifying ah I mean just mine no anyway so let's just pretend about two weeks ago I was stabbed notes that I was bitten by a radioactive read-back because it's freaky and scary as they are I mean aesthetically as far as spider-man and a spider so he goes that's pretty freakin badass shake off the nope so as far as the logo goes I think that's a pretty important thing to get right with the spider-man costume and the read-back has a big booty but I also has that red like red back part the part of the back of the spider which you know is why it's called a red back so I'm actually going to incorporate that in the logo so we could actually have the silhouette of the spider work around that read-back shape and look at the legs oh my god those legs again perfect for a spider suit they're really long and sharp and of course let's add some some angry spikes in the father's face where it bites you in it kills you dead so we've got we've got a bit of a logo a bit of a spider-man face within a Cobra how can I tweak a costume to be suited to me because I'm an artist probably more identity wise than I in an Australian a very obviously the Aussie parts are stand at it I almost feel like the webs could be somehow incorporated with like being an art materials if there were different like color winds that looked almost like dry paint when they like shut out and I kid thank you they have different properties so you could have like green webs like poisonous red could be like could be burning or something and you can have colored capsules around my belt which again sort of adds to that Ozzy look there are actual spider-man designs but also like just spider sona's where clothing is incorporated whether it be like a jacket or whatever and I personally especially on a hot day always wear a tank top so I'm going to put that in here but I'll have his costume underneath and the tank top can have the spider-man logo on it and physically I'm more on the broad side than the lean side so I'm gonna just flatter myself because we're playing imagination here and make myself like one of the thick spider-man but the capsules will have to stand out quite a lot especially again because we get a bit of that lousy look with the wraps around their hands as well as the belt let's do a standalone sketch here with what we got so far so there's the body outline I might like a little more nimble in the waist so we can still sling around buildings wait we don't have many high-rises in Australia still around gum trees feel that this is coming along pretty well there'll be a darker color here I don't know if it will go still like a blue or black because the the torso or the tank top or whatever you call it will have to be red to suit that red back thing and also to fit in with that silhouette I'm getting a bit stuck on the legs I think the answer has to be gadgets because I'm a big fan of gadgets whether it be virtual reality or cool art tech or just camera gear and all that stuff I think if around my legs I have some straps with different sort of canisters and little things that are gonna be able to be thrown or sort of explode until I could be canvas size web net thing or something and then also those leg things look militaristic but also even a slot a little bit Ozzie I don't know maybe it's just the the cargo pants thing so let's go dark in the pants and I'll bring the red back into your little eggs I might just go boring or like sort of you know just plain spider-man feet thing I don't think there's anything remarkable about my feet or legs in general before experiment with a hat I'm just gonna slap in some color just to see what we're looking at here to get the red in the middle and then and a Lim's I'm gonna bring in the blue and the rest of the body just looking a little bit like an inverse of the the Ben Riley spider-man costume he has that sort of the blue hoodie except mine is flipped where the red is on the torso and that blue is on a limb honestly I do think it comes down to one of these and also if I put in like a light brown it also sort of echoes the the blonde thing I got going I think I'm just gonna have to do that I can I think I can sort of echo a little bit of that leather look with the legs again that'll sort of make it look a little bit more outback but still not too much overly will maintain the spider-man look I think I have a pretty solid concept there I am happy with that I feel like I could definitely done that persona so without further ado I'm gonna dive right into creating my digital character concept sketch for my spider Sona all right so just a quick refresher this was my initial sketch some of the features that I outlined in the overall sort of aesthetic I was going for and this ladies and gentlemen is the final outcome of my digital refined concept I gotta say I did not expect my Spyder Sona to feel as cool as it does and and something I can really sort of feel is mine as part of me so just to highlight some of these features we've got the ax kübra we've got the red back logo and I really like that the the costume sort of feels read back issues well even got that little area for it to be visually a red back symbol we have the pouches for gadgets and other things like that so they're mainly sort of the Aussie parts and then we have the artist part specifically all of the different colour capsules that have different powers for example this pink might be like super elastic good for tying things up the red could have some sort of burning effect in the blue some sort of freezing or cooling effect green some sort of poison I don't know just the idea that all the different canisters create a different form of paint web which of course would enable me spider mate to create colorful arrays of webs that could even be turned into sort of pictures I could leave my mark and delete each spider mate was here and there he is in his natural habitat the Aussie bush I had a lot of fun making this it was just way cooler than I expected I really hope you enjoy the outcome and if you do make sure to hit the like button and if you want to join more future fun with art make sure to subscribe to draw with Jazza and leave your comments I read them it's the reason I made this video in the first place is because so many people wanted to see my spider so in other areas I love him I hope you do too you thank you so much for watching until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jezza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

45 thoughts on “Drawing MY SPIDERSONA – Aussie Artist becomes SPIDERMAN!!

  1. Spider mate, spider mate, draws whatever he can create
    Makes a sketch, any size australia can’t deny
    Watch out, here comes the spider mate! 🕷

  2. This is what the webs powers could be

    Pink: Extra sticky webs
    Red: Burning webs
    Blue: Ice webs
    Green: Poison webs
    Orange: Illustration webs
    Purple: Swinging webs
    Yellow: Electric webs

  3. Jazza: Starts talking about spiders and searching up images
    Me: Sobs Why are we still here…just to suffer?

  4. it would be cooler if he was like kneeling like super man does when he lands but one arm on his knee and the other holding the hat like how guys till there hat and had an upward glare with his head looking down and with the glair looking at the camera. like and comment if you agree and comment other suggestions

  5. That is a pretty cool character! Maybe for a future video you could make other versions of different superhero’s. Maybe they got stuck in parallel universes?

  6. The gadgets on his belt should be different color poison smoke and spider mate would get harmed because he would be immune to all poison hope u like it

  7. That looks so bada** and awesome. I could SO see him being real and hanging out with Noir in a crossover.

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