Drawing my Instagram Followers | Speedart

Drawing my Instagram Followers | Speedart

*pop* Woot! *video game start sound* So it’s been awhile since the last time
I did a “draw my followers” video so I thought it would be fun… Excuse you? I’m filming. Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just playing this
AWESOME GAME. What game is that, David? BEST FIENDS. Seriously? You haven’t heard of it? It’s only the BEST GAME EVER. Best Fiends? What are you saying about? Best Fiends is a free puzzle adventure game
where you collect and build a team of Fiends to defeat slugs. You do this by matching same-colored objects. The 30th Fiend, Pop, is being introduced this
month! Wow. I know. Connect to Facebook to compete with your friends
on the new leaderboards – I’m on level 33 so try and beat me if you can! This month, Best Fiends is introducing Granny
Slug through a new mini game for those who love a challenge. So download the game FOR FREE and if you download
now using the link below, look up, you’ll get $5 worth of gold and diamonds to that
upgrade you want. You know what you should do? What should Ido? YOU SHOULD DRAW our followers AS BEST FIEND
Characters. I SHALL!! Away *ridiculous music* So if you have not gotten the memo yet, yes. This video is sponsored by Best Fiends. Like every other YouTuber ever. The reason why these guys are actually such
a great sponsor and why so many people do it it because they actually want your real,
honest opinion. So, silliness aside, my honest opinion is
that it is surprisingly a really good game and it is rather addictive. So now that the required part is over, time
to draw you guys. I actually went to Instagram cause it was
Instagram’s turn. BUt the twist is that I’m going to be drawing
you like you’re a best fiend. Because you guys are MY best…fiends…get
it? …It’s good. (david from behind) it’s good. Thank you. I asked you guys to use the hashtag “drawmecrystal”
and now is the moment for me to find you. Alaskathenerd you are my first victim. It could just be the red and black, but I
kinda want to make you, like, a lady bug. SO that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make you into a lady bug. And for those of you who are going to inevitably
ask, I am drawing in Adobe Illustrator. I get that question a lot. So, that’s what I use. This is not going to look exactly like Best
Fiends’ style because I am not super good at mimicking styles. I’ll try, but this is gonna be way more cute. Even when I try really hard to not be cutesy,
it just, it just comes out that way. You look like you have a really fun haircut. Eyes are all big. And now their eyes, I know I had drawn them
like this, but I’m gonna try something. Their eyes are way more roundy. Like circley and roundy and bulby. So…now that I’m looking at, now that I’ve
had a chance to like, re look at the Best Fiends characters, their eyes are a lot more
round. So… Now…let me go back… to that awesome sauce eyeliner situation… I liked the other eyes a little bit better
because their close to my style, but I think these are capturing your like, rocker-ish
essence a little better…? And it’s also a little closer to the Best
Fiends style so I’m going to keep these. I think I like that. I thought about coloring it but that would
just take way more time. And I have somewhere to be in about 3 hours. So I’m just gonna leave it like that so I
can get to as many people as I can. You guys make this so difficult. Every single time. You guys are all so freaking cute. Ok Art_Tainted_ I think I’m going to make
you my next fiend, buggy buddy. And now that I am looking at your profile,
you are like, really good at this art thing. Like, props on the art-ing. I’m gonna make you a little, like…little
caterpillar buddy. I’m gonna do that one. No I’ve noticed that Best Fiends as well as
having really roundy type eyes, they also like, incorporate the mouth into the head…? If that makes any sense? That ended up a little better than I thought
it was going to be. You have a really big smile and I want to
encapsulate that. Also I need room for all them braces. *laughs* Does that look like braces? I also need to find a way to keep your eyes
round, like in Best Fiends, but also, make them adorable and squinty like your eyes are. So…Let’s see if I can do that. You also has some really great a lot of freckers
(freckles) that I will draw. *Sings freckles and constellations by dodie* Alright, now I just gotta give you little
feet-ies. I wanted to draw your puppy friend, but I
dont have the time. So this is gonna do. Yay! Ok, moving on. The next Guildy I am going to draw is actually
Fantasticfilmfriends and I think I am going to draw you as a dragonfly with ice skates
on. Yeah, he has to have a cool guy smirk. He was wearing a Batman shirt, how can I ode
to Batman in the dragonfly…? I’ll give him a little bat logo on the side. *Sings batman theme* This style is particularly hard (for me) to
draw because all of their eyes are so round (it’s hard to express individuality and emotion). Not that I am doing a great job of drawing
in that style anyway, but… How do I make it look like this guy? His eyes are squinty. (David off screen) Give him quaf (bouncy and
nice) hair. Give him quaf hair? Ok. That’s some Evan Edinger hair, right there. *Sings* To the fella over there with the hella
good hair. Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure. Google play music was like, what bands do
you like? And they were like, all these things? And I was like, yeah totes. And then they were like, TAYLORSWIFT?! And I was like, I looked one way and I looked
the other, and I was like, *whispers* yes. Yeah, I think that’s..I think that’s you fantasticfilmfriends…I
think that’s you… I’m happy with my little best fiend friends. I’m actually surprised at myself, I wasn’t
sure I was going to be able to do this *laughs* It was still a good time. Yay!! Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please so me a
huge favor and subscribity-scribe by clicking my face down in the corner for more videos
like this and like other stuff. Big shout out to best fiends for being such
a great sponsor and helping me pay my bills, so I don’t…die… Thank you guys so much for watching, my name
is Crystal. Stay Awesome. Bye.

60 thoughts on “Drawing my Instagram Followers | Speedart

  1. I'm genuinely so happy for you that your channel has reached a point where you're being sponsored by Best Fiends! Your drawings are so cool 🙂

  2. Yo Crystal! Thanks for drawing me I am @fantasticfilmfriends!!!!! Love your channel almost as much as I love Batman! 🙂 <3

  3. i dont kinda like best fiends my mom has a game like that in my tablet and its like candy crush but only connecting the leaves flower or something so if i scale a to f i would give it an F

  4. Yo Crystal i just saw this video and i wanted to thank you for drawing me Im @art_tainted_ but my account moved to @zenaevanora

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