Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws, and today, we’re drawing the Incredibles! Don’t worry, I’m going like two miles an hour. The only way to do this video right is with family. So I packed all my stuff; my tablet, my computer, and Milo. And we’re headed home. SoCal to NorCal, which is like a a six hour drive. If only there was some way to get there faster. Ah! Milo! Woh! We’re home! [Child] Ross you’re home!
[Ross] Oh my god! Milo, run! Milo, run! Noo! Stop it, what are you guys doing!? Gahh! You steal Milo? Aww, hi. Hey man. Just chilin. Alright, let’s just go inside. [Kids] What are we gonna draw?! [Ross] What? We’re drawing uh… the Incredibles!
[Kids] Really?! [Kid 1] Can I be Violet?
[Kid 2] No, I wanna be Violet! [Ross] I wanna be Violet!
[Kid 1] Do you really think you can pull that off? [Ross] Yeah I can pull it off.
[Kid 1] Oh yeah? [Ross] Yeah.
[Kid 1] Are you a girl? Can you act like a girl? Ross Draws!
[Kids] The Incredibles! [Baby] Incredible
[Everyone] Yay! [Ross] So who wants to be Violet?
[Kid 1] Me! [Kid 2] Fine, you can be Violet. [Ross] That means you can be Dash! So I’m Mr. Incredible, obviously, because uh.. And, so this is Jack-Jack! We needed Elastigirl. Only if we had a Mom around here! [Mom] Hello.
[Ross] Mom! Oh my god! You ascended from the grave. [Laughter] Yea! Mr. Incredible! I look like Spider-man. [Kid 2] Where are your guns?
[Ross] What? Right here! [Kid 1] Your guns are flat.
[Ross] Hey! One, two, three! Oh my god, that’s so crazy! How do you do that!? Ow. Two, three. [Mom] Aaa! Oh my god! [Ross] Mom, you have to do something too. Oh my god, ok! One, two, three. Ow. Oh my god, how do you do that? [Mom] Oh my god, yea! One, two. We got it! Yayy!! Ohh! Oof. Aggh. Oh! The reference photo we took! And my tablet’s okay! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle. Yeah, this is a photo that we took. I’m Mr. Incredible. My cousin Laurie took one for the team, and she’s Dash. And we have my mom as Elastigirl. Xander! Oh, so cute. He’s gonna be Jack-Jack. And we have Leina, as Violet! This is our Incredibles family and let’s start working on it. A simple photo of a nice family and then.. I promise we’ll make it awesome. I’m just gonna attack it and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, this is the progress of our Incredibles piece so far. This is our reference photo, that we started with, and this is where we are now. I thought maybe we could add another character. Like a robot holding a controller. So let’s do that real quick. I’m trying to draw one of the robots that’s in the film. And now we added a fourth player to the game. Since I’ve been drawing so many cats lately, I feel like this piece could use a pet. So, let’s draw a cat. Nice! We just added, just a bunch of more personality to the piece and I think it’s coming together. We still have a lot to do, so, I’m just gonna keep working on it, and I’ll check back soon. I added some fire elements to Jack Jack. You know, there’s robots, there’s cats and controller wires to enforce the perspective. I feel like this is a great opportunity right here to give Violet some awesome powers. She’s all about the force fields and the magic, so I thought she could levitate a controller. So let’s add another controller. And maybe it’s funny if she’s levitating a cat.[Laughter] Yeah, I’m really excited about the potential of this piece, you know. It has a lot of character. Its vibrant! There’s a lot of personality. I just need to really work on Dash.[Laughter] It’s like a weird scarecrow. I’m just gonna wrap this up and I’ll check back soon Hey guys!
[Everyone] It’s color dodge time! [Ross] Aw man here we go!
[Everyone] Oooo! [Ross] Yeah! [Laurie] It’s Dash time! Yes! [Leina] Violet’s here! [Ross] Ow! No, my poor tablet! You destroyed my tablet!
[Leina] I didn’t do it. [Mom] Elastigirl!
[Laughter] Elastigirl here. Ooo. [Ross] Jack-Jack, show me what you got! I’m on fire Jack-Jack! Hey guys, welcome back. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. What’d you guys think? [Leina] It was fun.
[Ross] You sound like you’re dead? [Leina] It was fun!!
[Ross] It was fun! Even Milo has a costume. You know what? Mom, where’s your costume at? [Mom] Oh! I need to check the food.
[Ross] What?! Oh my god. I wanted to come home and shoot this with my family! Because there’s nothing better than family. Oh! [Leina] You gotta tell-
[Ross] Milo! And if you want bonus content and video demos, this month I’m giving away an exclusive Milo pin to all my patrons. Yay!! Can you say Milo pin?
[Xander] Milo pin. [Ross] Milo pin! So, I hope you guys check out my Patreon. And the print winner is… [Everyone] Billy Markus! This video question is… Growing up, what was your favorite game to play with their family? I think mine was freeze tag.
[Laurie] Mine was Monopoly. [Ross] Monopoly?
[Laurie] Monopoly?! [Ross] Let me know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. Aaah! Oh my god! Xanders on fire! Xander, you’re on fire! Also we’ll be at Anime Expo this year. We’ll have two booths and lots of swag. Please come by and say hi! We’re on the main show floor, table sixteen, thirty-two. The Incredibles is officially out in theaters, so, go see it with your family. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember
[Kids] Every day is a color dodge day! [Kids] Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Yea!


  1. (っಠ‿ಠ)っHey guys! Friendly reminder that the Special Milo Pin i'm giving out to all my Patrons ends July 1st! 🐾

    Hope you guys have an INCREDIBLE weekend. Get it..? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  2. The thumbnail made me wonder what the incredibles would look like if it was an anime 🤔
    (Btw I literally sat in my chair and paused the video for like five minutes because I forgot what a thumbnail was called 😂)

  3. When people say six hours drives are nothing I wanna throw my phone at the wall my fam can survive 2 hours without getting board and that’s to Kansas

  4. "Don't worry I'm only going like 2 mph" "If only there was a way to get there faster"
    ……drive faster….

  5. the kids need wacom training.. they're not wacom trained..
    lesson one in wacom training: we do not hit the wacom..
    anywayz, cute.
    but when you said Robot… I imagined a huge robot behind them.. O o

  6. I was hoping a draw of a super incredible Asian family but I had to admit that your work always impress me

  7. It would be more better if u kinda keep their real features.. Maybe slightly edited… Cos it's like ur drawing the incredibles from scratch and not from ur photo…

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