Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Elves

Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Elves

Hi, I’m Jay French from jayfrenchstudios.com
and I’m going to show you how to draw elves. Mostly we’re going to concentrate on the face
because that’s where most of the differences are. And, we’re doing the style of elves from
Tolkien, the Tolkien tall elves which are also used in a lot of role playing games and
that type of thing, and in most fantasy. When you get to elves, they’re usually thinking
that way. Okay, well of course you have, here we’ve got a basic head, we’re going to do
our facial diagram. Let’s get our pointed ears in there. You can go a number of different
ways. You can make them short and pointed, like Vulcan ears. I tend to go much higher
to make them more prominent, leaving the shorter pointed ears for something like half breed
elves. Of course, in a lot of styles, such as the Japanese Anime, the ears are almost
as long as the entire head. There’s often more of a slope to the forehead. There are
always very pointed and delicate features to elves because they are supposed to be a
beautiful race, that’s how Tolkien described them. That’s how the Slav’s and the Norse
described them. They usually have long noses. One, because this kind of depicts, in a way,
age whilst still having the delicacy and the sharpness to the features to depict the beauty.
Having longer faces makes them seem a little more mysterious and ancient. Of course, a
very important factor is the very angular eyes. And, again, you can take this to any
number of levels of exaggeration. I tend to make eyes look over sized on elves and pretty
exaggeratively angled. Most elves are usually depicted with very fair eyes, blues, greens
and golds, very angular lips, again going for that whole beautiful race, and very sharp, to continue the whole sharpness
of the features, very sharp and angular brows. Perhaps give them some sharp cheek bones.
And, they often have very flowing hair. We’ve got a male figure here. And that adds to their, again, their beauty
and their mystery. They’re usually depicted as thin and lithe. And there you have our
basic lesson in how to draw elves.

100 thoughts on “Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Elves

  1. @orangejuiceandgravy yes, everyone can copy a drawing, but try to make it without watching, and then make it again with watching this video. then you will learn about the mistakes (:

  2. he really does remind me of an elf…I'll be honest and admit that I looked at his ears after I saw that grin lol. Anyway, really good video, and very talented dude 😀

  3. Hi Jay. Thanks for posting this video. Love your detail and description throughout the video, it really helped me make sense and kind of lodge it better in my brain. 😉

  4. he doesn't have 1.6 million, expertvillage does. Expertvillage covers EVERYTHING. 99% of the videos won't be by this guy.

  5. I could say both of them 😀 But it will be pretty ridiculous to like a fictional character which is drawn by a cute artist ^,^

  6. FINALLY someone who draws with a damn mechanical pencil… every art tutorial video I've seen, they use pencil. And I normally use mechanical pencil and thought my drawings turned out like shit because of it. But no, it can come out just as nice with either. 😀

  7. I used sharpie after to outline it and since I didn't have a small sharpie I had to use a big one and it ruined it 😐 0/10 sharpie

  8. The tutorial with the commentary is very nice and I really like the style, but pleease in future, don't make a weird camera angle. We want to see the drawing and not just from the side, because it's really difficult to concentrate on a drawing when the angle is so weird. It's always necessary to be able to look at it from a straight angle

  9. This is just bad, the linework looks like that of a toddler who has absolutely no control of what he is doing whatsoever. It makes the drawing look stiff and unnatural. Please don't imitate the way he works with the pencil, a line should not be like scratching the paper, but a continuous line full of energy and life. This is just embarrassing for a "professional illustrator" who has worked for 19 years in the industry, even if its a 3-min sketch. Please don't try to learn from this video, for there is nothing to learn from (except everything on how NOT to draw). As an aspiring artist, you should be looking for great illustrators, definitely not this (for this cannot be called the work of someone who has worked in the industry for 19 years).

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