Drawing in TONED TAN sketchbooks!

Drawing in TONED TAN sketchbooks!

Both: Hi art friends! Steph: I’ve got this really big toned tan sketchbook. I actually thought I was ordering the same one as Adam cause he’s got this little A5-y one and when it arrived and it was this big I was like “Yup, there is a definite size difference between these two.” Adam: I’m jealous now, yours it like A4. Steph: Adam’s is completely full so we’re going to be using mine and I’m going to be kind enough to loan him a sheet. because normally, I’m quite precious with my sketchbooks and I don’t like ripping out pages. Adam: It’s serious the glasses are on. Steph: Yeah. It’s very serious now the glasses are on. So something I think that a lot of you have been waiting to hear about uh the results from our Crayola Marker Maker and I’ll really quickly get through this because a lot of you watching for the toned tan stuff will be like, ‘I don’t care about that.’ So we did a mystery marker and we asked you guys to name it. Adam: Yeah, do you remember this guy? Steph: Aaaand, drum roll. I’ll put the winner up on the screen. *drum noises* *laughter* Adam: There were so many entries and they’re all really cool. Steph: The top one, and I hope I’m saying your name right was Janset Nil saying that the name should be Radioactive Mold. There were two other people who were so close to winning and I just wanted to quickly mention this which was, someone had said Jeff The Evil Pen and that comment completely vanished so I don’t know whether you deleted that so… Adam: Where did Jeff go?! Steph: No idea where Jeff The Evil Pen went. And also someone said My Soul cause it’s kind of like a black color. Adam: Aaah. Steph: But that one vanished too- Adam: They were defeated by the Radioactive Mold. Steph: Yeah, they’ve been killed by it. *laughter* Um, and on social media we’ll draw out the label and I’ll put the sticker on it Adam: Yeah, we’ll crown it it’s new name. Steph: Let’s get into the tanned sketchbook. Adam: Let’s do this. Steph: It’s so new. Oooh! Adam: And that’s it. Oh, there you go. There you go. Steph: I can feel it tearing my heart strings as I do this. Have you guys ever used a tanned sketchbook before? This is like the first one that I’ve ever owned. Adam: Yeah, guys. Let us know as well. Tanned sketchbooks are one of my most favourite sketchbooks to doodle in now. Steph: I always felt like I was missing out because I like own tons of like white pens and stuff but I could barely use them before. But you can use so much of them in these books. Adam: Hm! Steph: I’ve grabbed a massive sheet of cardboard that I’ve cut to the same size of this page. Adam: Have you cut it? Steph: Yeah, I have. Well, it’s a similar size. Adam: What did you measure it with?! *laughter* Steph: And we’ve both just grabbed like a handful of different, like, markers and pens. I’ve mostly brought like, Cool Gray Promarkers but seriously, any markers will do. Adam: And I’ve brought some pencils and Posca pens. Steph: A couple of white ink pens if your looking for recommendations: I like the white Posca brush pen and I’ve got a white Jelly Roll. What’s this even called? Adam: It’s the Zig Posterman one isn’t it? Steph: Yeah, you usually use this one. And we’ve got a little thin white Posca as well. Adam: These are really new. I hadn’t realized that Poska made pens this small so I really like the fine liners that they do. Steph: Personally, I find this one probably the most effective. Adam: I think that has the best pigment out of them all. Steph: Yeah. I do as well. I think it’s actually like a chalk marker but yeah, if you’re looking for a good white, cause a few people have asked me on Instagram. That’s the one I recommend. Adam: That one! Steph: So, what are you gonna draw? Adam: I kind of already have an idea. What about you? You’ve been very quiet in this one. Do you have any ideas? Steph: Well, with this sketchbook, what I’ve been doing recently –ah, let me see if I can go back a couple pages to show you– I’ve been doing like people from like fashion blog websites. Adam: I love those. Steph: And I just do them straight in marker, I don’t do any pencil sketching or whatever, and I reckon I might just do that in a doodle date. So this could go horrifically wrong. I love watching you sketch in real time. *laughter* Adam: It’s like the pressure’s on now. *mumbling* Steph: Is that the little nose you just put on that line there? Adam: Well, sometime yeah. Sometimes I’ll do a little circle but you can do a massive nose, like little button nose. It’s more so to let me know where I want to put it cause sometimes I want to give them a high nose or a really small low nose. Steph: Have you got a high or a low nose? Adam: I think I’ve just got a big nose. *laughter* Steph: Oh, I want to get in close to see these details. Adam: And these are going to be some hands. A good way to, uh– with hands that I found is to just do a basic shape first, cause I get asked that sometimes. Steph: You’ll have to do a tutorial on hands one day. Adam: Oh, God. The world is not ready. *laughter* Adam: I’ve got this thing chasing me around. *groaning* Steph: Me with the camera? Adam: Yeah. *laughter* Steph: Oh, I’m just chasing wherever your hands going right now. Adam: We got this really nice Faber Castell rubber the other day. I’ve torn the label off but it’s a really good– Oh, look! Look at this little dude. Steph: *gasping* Oh no, what is that? Adam: Don’t hurt him. You should draw him! Steph: No, I’m not going to draw him! Can you help me? I’m too scared to move. Adam: He can probably fly but don’t– Steph: What do you mean he can fly?! Adam: Just… promise me you’ll just chill. Steph: He looks tiny on camera but he’s really big in real life. Adam: He’s not. Look at my finger. Steph: Don’t poke it. Don’t poke it. Don’t poke it. Don’t poke it. Don’t– Adam: How am I going to save him? Steph: I don’t know. Adam: Let me have a look at him. Come here you. Steph: Ooooooooh. Adam: Come on. Come one, there we go. Steph: Oh my God, he’s on your finger. *Eeeeeeew* Adam: So you just stay there. The hands are really just nice and warm so he’ll probably just want to chill out there for a minute. You just stay there. Steph: I’m not going anywhere. *laughter* Well, I’m traumatized. Adam: Okay, I took care of the bug. Steph: Yeah, the bugs gone that’s why I’m smiling. Adam: –go right. He wouldn’t let go of my finger. I was like, ‘You can go now. You be free,’ and he wouldn’t let go so I just started to blow him like Pfff *blowing sounds* and he went like “Nooooo” Adam: But he was okay he was fine- Steph: He must have really liked you Adam: He ran away so he’s safe. He’s okay Steph: Have you seen my cute new jacket that I’ve got as well? Adam: She’s a member of my fan club. Steph: There’s tons of clothes in fashion lately that have had an A on them so I always buy it because I’m like “Oh Team Adam” hahah I’m so lame Adam: Where’s my squad at?? Steph: Anyway, back to the purpose of the video and not bugs and jackets Adam: We should both incorporate a bug somewhere in our pictures Steph: okay but I’ve found a reference lady that I want to use Adam: so what have we got going on? Steph: I really like to play around with the shapes Adam: Look at that, boom! That’s no fear, right there! Steph: I like the scratchyness Adam: so is this the face? Steph: yep! Adam: that’s obviously some kind of neck thing going in Steph: This is how I do most my drawings to be honest Adam: and all you’re doing is looking at your reference and then going back Steph: yeah just trying to simplify the shapes Adam: that’s something that I’m trying to get better at this year Steph: ugh my hair’s in the way trying to draw hair and mine’s interrupting me Steph: that’s how you know I’m getting down to business I’ve got my geggs on and I’ve got my bobble in Adam: *sings* Lets get down to business! Steph: Do any of you guys call glasses, geggs? It’s a very North Eastern English term Adam: I’d never heard that til we met hun are we going to get down to business? I want to sing Mulan to you again Steph: oh you always used to sing Mulan Adam: EY Mulan is a good film Steph: I like Mulan, I’m not complaining! Adam: What’s this? Is this the hair? Steph: mhm! I usually go in and neaten up the shapes afterwards Adam: you’re just getting the rough ones in first Steph: Ooh I know, she doesn’t have an ear in the reference. I’m sure she has one in real life but lets add one is this even the right grey I’m using probably not Adam: it doesn’t have to be perfect though! Steph: I might darken up the neck Adam: yeah because that adds a bit of depth then that’s pretty good lookin Steph: I might do the hair straight on this side so we’ve got straight on curve going on does anyone else like using chisel tips aswell? I’m asking you so many questions haha I’m like an annoying interviewer Adam: People are going to be like, I DIDN’T STUDY FOR THIS TEST! Steph: Tell me your favourite colour! What’s your favourite animal? Adam: can you tell me pi to 9 decimal places? Steph: DO YOU LIKE DOGS? So can you tell us some information about your drawing? Adam: You’ve never asked this before! Where’s this come from!? Adam: It’s like this is becoming a pop quiz Steph: What emotions does this evoke? Adam: Freedom. Steph: hahaha FREEEEDOM Does it evoke freedom of speech Adam: noooo, freedom in the sense that you’re free to do whatever you want to do Steph: haha you can have her screaming a curse word Adam: ahhahaha YAY Steph: so many words I could say right now but I’ll spare your ears Adam: You are not going to say those words! Steph: EY in one of our last videos you said purple nurple, which everyone in the comments told us it means bruised nipples! Adam: FREEDOM TO THE BRUISED NIPPLES Steph: ahha oh dear Adam: no she’s not freeing those! Steph: yeah she can keep them under wraps Adam: Oh geez
Okay now I’m going to do something that might confuse you a bit Steph: oh dear these are going to be bruised nipples are they Adam: yeah they’re flying bruised nipples “FLY MY PRETTIES” I never draw frizzy hair all that much Steph: I have frizzy hair if you want to use mine for reference and its really satisfying to watch you look very stern though Adam: TAME THAT FRIZZ. Steph: You have to channel that frizzy energy Adam: You gotta own that frizz gurl Steph: Adam’s been so excited to do a tan sketchbook video like we had a few ideas for videos that we could be doing for today Adam: and I’m like… how about a tan sketchbook one??? Steph: and I’m like how about this suggestion, or this suggestion.. or this other suggestion Adam: those are good, but it’s not a tan sketchbook Steph: do you like saying “TAN SKETCHBOOK” Adam: I do it’s one of my favourite things Steph: lots of people have mentioned that one of your favourite words seems to be “pooches” Adam: because I like Pooches Steph: do you like pooches and tan sketchbooks Adam: I should’ve drawn a pooch in the tan sketchbook that would’ve made my day Steph: EY why are you rubbin out all that frizzy hair Adam: when I was doing it I was like “yeah, this is pretty good.” and then when I stopped I was like “that’s a mess” I might just make it a bit more less busy lets see what you’re getting up to, give me that camera Steph: this is the white posca pen brush, it’s not the most opaque one that we have and if you want to get more of the paint out, there’s this little button on the top if you click it a few times it’ll bring more paint to the brush Adam: that’s important to note, only the brush Posca pens have those that’s a really cute outfit already *knock knock* Steph: Someone’s at the door? Adam: I have to go art friends, the door needs me *door opening sounds* Steph: Adamo, what was at the door? Adam: Oh it was Brindle’s guinea pig sticks Steph: HAHA you made a big deal out of this? Adam: I just thought people might be curious about what’s at the door .. and that’s what was at the door! Steph: haha there you go Adam: I’ll feed him some of those later Steph: He’ll enjoy them! Bumble enjoys eating them aswell and Bumble doesn’t even need them hahaha Adam: what were we doing before we were interrupted? Steph: I coloured in some more of her chest Adam: I really like the little strap details, that’s really cute Steph: I always get nervous when I go straight in with ink that I might make arms too long but sometimes it can add to the character design I might add some details on the dress too because you know me, I like patterns Adam: if you were a marker, what colour would you be? Steph: Warm grey Adam: want to know something else? I jsut noticed your coat says North Sailing Academy Steph: haha you know me, I love my North Sailing I love putting in the details of the ears Adam: and that’s a Pigma brush pen isn’t it? Steph: there’s a really nice dark pigment in this pen Adam: there’s a nice variation in the thickness of the line too Steph: OOH I’ve just started to realise what you’re working on there Adam: WHAT ARE THEY… Steph: Are they little stylised birds? Adam: that’s what I’m hopefully going for, yeah! Steph: aww I was drawing some birds the other day Adam: you know, that’s what inspired me to give them a go Steph: awww on my drawing I’ve started to draw a really, really big white smile in With this method you can lay in your entire base, because when I work digitally I tend to work from a silhouette and then I’d build ontop of it with layers so it means you can layer white ontop of darks, but obviously with something like watercolours you have to work from your lights to your darks awww look at all these little birdies Adam: we’re getting there I think Steph: he says as he rubs most of it out haha Adam: “BE GONE” but do you get what she’s trying to do now? she’s trying to like, flap with the birds Steph: you should give her bread in her hands Adam: Wha? Why?? Steph: people feed birds don’t they Adam: I’ve never seen someone flap their arms with their fists closed full of bread Steph: She could have a French loaf in both hands Adam: hahah but then it’d look like she’s trying to smack the birds with it! ooh she’s got legs out of nowhere! Steph: yeah and some facial features I’ve started to put in that I haven’t finished ahha Adam: it looks like she has a jelly belly jellybean on her face Steph: I need to do some really little details and I’m nervous to do these Adam: ooh here we go! Steph: I never know what character’s are going to look like until I’m finished Adam: that’s all part of the fun though! Steph: then I’ll put some little nostrils in Adam: that looks really good I need to play catch up really soon Steph: I really, really want to quickly say thank you so much to whoever the anonymous persons are that submitted some language transcriptions on our channel Adam’s birthday video is now available in Spanish Adam: that’s incredible, thank you! Steph: and the birthday doodle challenge is now in Portugese and someone even helped me transcript some of the Screentone video because I transcript the videos into English and I do it all myself and as the videos get longer, it takes us longer to transcript and to do 3 videos it’s been taking me about 7 hours Adam: it takes a looong time so we just really appreciate it Steph: whenever you guys help me with that stuff, seriously! You never tell me who you are and I want to know who you are because I feel like I owe you a big hug you’ve helped me out SO much! Adam: we know how long it takes so we really appreciate you guys doing it Steph: I literally have no idea why someone would decide to do that for fun but yeah thank you guys so, so, so, so much! ooh you can get such a thick, dark line out of a pencil Adam: oh it’s because it’s the 10B, these pencils are really soft Steph: look at all the Mitsubishi pencils he’s hoarding over here Adam: I have a problem! Steph: you know what I’ve just realised we haven’t done yet? Adam: hmm? Steph: THE BUG Adam: oh yeah! we’re definitely going to add it in! I’m going to put him right on this little piece of hair Steph: ugh I always get bugs in my hair, it’s one of the worst consequences of having light coloured hair in Summer I’ll show you whereabouts I put the bug in mine if you want! Adam: ohh Steph: I put it over here Adam: oh wow you can definitely see him Steph: I thought it might look like a cool bug tattoo Adam: she’s like “gotta keep it together for the selfie” I’m giving the bug a gold butt Steph: oh yeah I can JUST see it Adam: what have you been doing? Steph: well I had a very good reference infront of me so she’s now stood next to Brindle’s sticks Adam: ah look at that, it’s even got a pig on it Steph: should we go brindle.. should we go brindle *stumbles over words* Adam: should we go “brindle” him in? Steph: awwww have you come in for some sticks?? Steph & Adam: you’re going to make such a mess, Brindle! Steph: are you running off with it haha?! Adam: if you could hold a little pencil we could do a doodledate with you he said it’s been a while since he’s been in a doodledate so he’s going to behave himself Steph: can I put this behind you? Adam: okay Brindle, you stay there for me a second Steph: Subscribe if you’ve enjoyed it and if you’re already subbed then thank you very much! Adam: thanks for joining us every Sunday guys, we always appreciate it DOOODLE DATE Steph: P.S Brindle’s gone home and he’s left a REALLY big mess

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  1. I just bought that exact type of sketchbook. I haven't even seen the video yet. It's my first ever tan sketchbook.

  2. Adam is so friendly towards insects it's cute :'33 I there was an insect in my sketch book I'll probably smash it to the ground unit ll it becomes a red mess….SORRY bob

  3. My mum was born in the southern US, but we have family from the UK. When I was younger they said geggies for glasses because I couldn't say hard R's very well, lmao.

  4. Interview time:
    Have you guys ever used a tan toned sketch book?: No
    Do any of you guys call glasses gegs?: No
    Does anyone else like to use chisle tips?: Yes
    Tell me your favorite color: blue
    What's your favorite animal?: Wolf
    Can you tell me pi to 9 decimal places?: Yes, 3.141592654
    Do you like dogs?: I LOVE dogs!

  5. Im binging your old videos now that I've found your channel, and haven't been commenting on any of them because it feels weird to reply to year+ old things I guess but
    for this one I HAVE to say something – Thank you for being nice to the tiny bug friend, Adam!!!

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    I have one question, why do people use tan colored sketchbooks?

  7. 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164 06286 20899 86280 34825 34211 70679 82148 08651 32823 06647 09384 46095 50582 23172 53594 08128 48111 74502 84102 70193 85211 05559 64462 29489 54930 38196 44288 10975 66593 34461 28475 64823 37867 83165 27120 19091 45648 56692 34603 48610 45432 66482 13393 60726 02491 41273 72458 70066 06315 58817 48815 20920 96282 92540 91715 36436 78925 90360 01133 05305 48820 46652 13841 46951 94151 16094 33057 27036 57595 91953 09218 61173 81932 61179 31051 18548 07446 23799 62749 56735 18857 52724 89122 79381 83011 94912 98336 73362 44065 66430 86021 39494 63952 24737 19070 21798 60943 70277 05392 17176 29317 67523 84674 81846 76694 05132 00056 81271 45263 56082 77857 71342 75778 96091 73637 17872 14684 40901 22495 34301 46549 58537 10507 92279 68925 89235 42019 95611 21290 21960 86403 44181 59813 62977 47713 09960 51870 72113 49999 99837 29780 49951 05973 17328 16096 31859 50244 59455 34690 83026 42522 30825 33446 85035 26193 11881 71010 00313 78387 52886 58753 32083 81420 61717 76691 47303 59825 34904 28755 46873 11595 62863 88235 37875 93751 95778 18577 80532 17122 68066 13001 92787 66111 95909 21642 01989 38095 25720 10654 85863 27886 59361 53381 82796 82303 01952 03530 18529 68995 77362 25994 13891 24972 17752 83479 13151 55748 57242 45415 06959 50829 53311 68617 27855 88907 50983 81754 63746 49393 19255 06040 09277 01671 13900 98488 24012 85836 16035 63707 66010 47101 81942 95559 61989 46767 83744 94482 55379 77472 68471 04047 53464 62080 46684 25906 94912 93313 67702 89891 52104 75216 20569 66024 05803 81501 93511 25338 24300 35587 64024 74964 73263 91419 92726 04269 92279 67823 54781 63600 93417 21641 21992 45863 15030 28618 29745 55706 74983 85054 94588 58692 69956 90927 21079 75093 02955 32116 53449 87202 75596 02364 80665 49911 98818 34797 75356 63698 07426 54252 78625 51818 41757 46728 90977 77279 38000 81647 06001 61452 49192 17321 72147 72350 14144 19735 68548 16136 11573 52552 13347 57418 49468 43852 33239 07394 14333 45477 62416 86251 89835 69485 56209 92192 22184 27255 02542 56887 67179 04946 01653 46680 49886 27232 79178 60857 84383 82796 79766 81454 10095 38837 86360 95068 00642 25125 20511 73929 84896 08412 84886 26945 60424 19652 85022 21066 11863 06744 27862 20391 94945 04712 37137 86960 95636 43719 17287 46776 46575 73962 41389 08658 32645 99581 33904 78027 59009 94657 64078 95126 94683 98352 59570 98258 22620 52248 94077 26719 47826 84826 01476 99090 26401 36394 43745 53050 68203 49625 24517 49399 65143 14298 09190 65925 09372 21696 46151 57098 58387 41059 78859 59772 97549 89301 61753 92846 81382 68683 86894 27741 55991 85592 52459 53959 43104 99725 24680 84598 72736 44695 84865 38367 36222 62609 91246 08051 24388 43904 51244 13654 97627 80797 71569 14359 97700 12961 60894 41694 86855 58484 06353 42207 22258 28488 64815 84560 28506 01684 27394 52267 46767 88952 52138 52254 99546 66727 82398 64565 96116 35488 62305 77456 49803 55936 34568 17432 41125 15076 06947 94510 96596 09402 52288 79710 89314 56691 36867 22874 89405 60101 50330 86179 28680 92087 47609 17824 93858 90097 14909 67598 52613 65549 78189 31297 84821 68299 89487 22658 80485 75640 14270 47755 51323 79641 45152 37462 34364 54285 84447 95265 86782 10511 41354 73573 95231 13427 16610 21359 69536 23144 29524 84937 18711 01457 65403 59027 99344 03742 00731 05785 39062 19838 74478 08478 48968 33214 45713 86875 19435 06430 21845 31910 48481 00537 06146 80674 91927 81911 97939 95206 14196 63428 75444 06437 45123 71819 21799 98391 01591 95618 14675 14269 12397 48940 90718 64942 31961 56794 52080 95146 55022 52316 03881 93014 20937 62137 85595 66389 37787 08303 90697 92077 34672 21825 62599 66150 14215 03068 03844 77345 49202 60541 46659 25201 49744 28507 32518 66600 21324 34088 19071 04863 31734 64965 14539 05796 26856 10055 08106 65879 69981 63574 73638 40525 71459 10289 70641

  8. It's sounds like you guys said (moo lon) and I am American so I say it like (muu lon) your accents make it sound like the cow moo

  9. Ok I will awenser all the questions
    No I haven't used a tan sketchbook
    I have no clue on what that bug was and I hate bugs alot
    I use chizel tips sometimes it just depends on the marker
    My favorite color is purple
    My favorite animals are Guinea pigs
    I do like dogs
    If I were a marker I would be a pastel purple one
    There. I awensered all your questions.😃

  10. yes and purple and pink are my favorite colors my favorite animal is the blob fish because they look hilarious and i love dogs

  11. 7:27 actually yes i can. i can tell u to 101 places… (anyone else obsessed with memorizing pi?)

    i swear no references 3.141592653

  12. My favorite color is YELLOW CHEESECAKE
    My favorite animal is a FERRET

    You asked us Steph.

    edit: and yes, i like dogs
    (EDIT) I do use and love chisel tips

  13. My dad's an entomologist so bugs are just cute to me. Except Daddy Long Legs which are the worst and I hate them

  14. I've not used one but I wanna get one for my birthday which is september 18th sooooooooo excited 😝😝😝

  15. Hi guys…Toned sketchbooks are awesome!!!! Your blacks, reds, browns and WHITE pencils, markers, fineliners etc WERE MADE for Toned Setchbooks. I have to be honest, for years just drawing on white paper, I had to step out of my comfort zone, and I'm so glad I did, they are amazing. I especially love to draw in reds and browns, like the Renaissance artists used to, I just love that sketchy rough look especially in those earthy colours. Although the quality of my artwork is questionable… however they are so much fun to draw in. Real fun video to watch as always..love and best wishes to you both.

  16. For doodling in school, my mum used to buy me a three set of mini-tan toned sketchbooks from a shop called flying tiger. Speaking of which. Please Google this shop! They sell so many art supplies. It's in like, every city mall in Britain. It's based in Denmark, but the art supplies there are actually kinda good and REALLY affordable. Please just check it out!

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