Drawing in a SOLID RED Sketchbook?!

Drawing in a SOLID RED Sketchbook?!

Hello there, so, the other day I found a black
sketchbook, and I drew in it and it was very challenging, but fun. And up until then I had no idea you could
even buy anything other than regular white sketchbook paper or toned beige paper and
I didnt even know that different colored sketchbooks were a thing. Until I thought to myself one evening….I
wonder if I can get some strangely colored sketchbooks. So I went to the world wide web, did a search
for “different colored sketchbooks” and didn’t have much luck until, I searched for “red
sketchbook” and lo and behold look what I found. It is a solid red toned sketchbook and I am
going to draw in it today and I am very excited to try it out. It had no reviews so I didn’t have a clue
what to expect when it came. Um, so, yes. Should be interesting. But before we begin I would just like to quickly
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so..you’re welcome and thank you to wix. And now lets get started and seeing what we
can create in our red sketchbook. Ok so here we are we have our lovely red sketchbook. This one is by the brand Global Sketchbook
Inc. It has a really lovely smooth velvety matte
cover. As you can see it shows fingerprints beautifully. And inside we’ve got a nice shade of…..pink. It’s… pink. Not red. It’s pink. This is not what I was expecting, at all – oh
ok, wait hang on there ok there we go there is some red paper in here. The MULTI RED TONED makes sense now. Ok. So here we have it, our red sketchbook. It’s…it’s shiny. The paper, is…it’s shiny. It’s got this waxy shiny shine to it. This is not..this is not a good start this
is not a good sign. This is not normal sketchbook paper it’s like
magazine paper. Have you ever tried drawing on magazine paper? Yeah, me either. Which makes me really nervous. Now I initially planned on using copics or
cawpics, however you say it, but i’m not really sure if that’ll just wipe off, so lets test
them. Yeah, ok, so I am missing one don’t ask me
how, this thing has been on lockdown for like 2 months but I’ve still managed to misplace
it, so…welcome to my life. So lets try one of the copic markers. Ok, so it…kind of looks brown. Lets try another one. That one looks a bit brown too. Ok well, ok. Well, it’s kinda brown. It looks…it looks ok it’s not rubbing off
so that’s a great sign. But, the deep red paper we’re gonna be using…it
makes me a bit nervous. I think it’s just going to be way too dark
to show any form of decent color from these copics. So, yeah, as you can see, it just looks brown. It’s just we don’t want brown art. You know? No thank you. Ok i’m going to get out these bad boys. The “prismacolor pencil” now prismacolor pencils
are the only thing I’m currently aware of that’ll look good on paper that isn’t just
plain white. uh, I’ve used it on black paper before it
looked great. Um, I’ve used tanned paper before, it looked
great, but since this is also not mixed media paper I can’t use acrylic paint on it, because
it’s also very thin paper so it’s just going to go really really weird. So I’m fairly limited, but that’s ok, wish
me luck, that these work. I’m going to swatch them, swatch them…just
going to keep on…keep on swatching – DONE!! Ok, so, swatches look somewhat better in color
but not that great. Uh…definitely better, but the paper..mmm…it
doesnt agree with the pencils. The pencils don’t love the paper. As you can see it’s pretty…eugh. Uh, it’s kind of time to decide what to make
and cross our fingers that this looks ok. I thought I’d look at the color wheel because
you know…I’m a professional, totally 100% a professional….not really….I decided
to make something green because it’s greens complimentary color you know? You can’t go wrong with compliments. You are beautiful red paper. Thank you, for bringing me joy. I hope I CAN say the same once I have actually
used you but thank you, you are beautiful. So once you’ve complimented your paper fully,
it’s important to decide what you’re going to draw on it, and I wan’t to make…Mike
Wazowski. *shrill scream* Today, with some luck I should hopefully be
able to make a semi decent Mike Wazowski. Hopefully the fact the prismacolor pencils
are waxy and the paper is like, waxy and shiny itself won’t affect the way it applies too
much, but, judging by the way it looked when I swatched them…I don’t have much luck. *shrill scream* But for now I’m starting with a standard mechanical
pencil. And i’m pretty much just scratching the paper
at this point. It’s just literally just scratching it around,
but you know, it’s honestly just like I’m trying to draw on a magazine page. To be honest markers, black markers would
probably be the best way to use this paper. But I really didn’t want to make an ink drawing,
I’m not really someone that uses markers in that way. I didn’t WANT to make an ink drawing so i’m
just going to stick with pencils. I did find if I erased the paper before actually
drawing it with pencil it definitely applied it a little bit better. I’m not sure if it’s somewhat removed some
of that like, nasty waxy shiny surface but I decided to erase the entire paper that I
was going to be coloring on before using the prismacolor pencil to see if it made a difference. I don’t want to give you any spoilers here
but it didn’t make a difference. So I’ve actually not drawn or painted animated
characters much at all. Except for that one pixar painting I did about
40 years ago on my channel. I really, really, REALLY love Disney. I love the characters and i love making disney
fan art. My dream has pretty much always been to be
able to make licensed disney art, that is my absolute dream. But I’m not quite good enough yet, i don’t
have enough disney art to show in a portfolio and i’m just kind of going to start making
more of it off camera, maybe on camera too but off camera and not just, I’m going to
just blast it all over my instagram so I can just not so subtly tag disney and just be
like HELLO I EXIST CAN YOU PLEASE LET ME MAKE ART FOR YOU no but seriously its always a
good idea to have a goal and that is mine. How am I going to do it? I have no idea. Because it’s pretty much the dream of every
other artist I know. But hey, wish me luck, you never know. You know, while on the topic of Mike Wazowski
shall we discuss the fact that Disney ended the movie saying “Boo?” and then she goes
“Kitty” but you know, 10 years later, or whatever however long it was, they decided to make
a prequel, not a sequel. Like I don’t care about them in university
Disney I want the sequel. I want to see what happened. Was she older? Was she a teenager? Was she a mother? I want to know. I’m still annoyed about this. Is anyone else annoyed about this? You know, Mikes a cool character not one of
my favorites but he’s fun to draw. Fun to draw. You know why? One. eye. When in doubt, and unable to make the other
eyeball match, make it a cyclops with one eye. You are welcome. So as you can see it really did not like the
paper. In the slightest. It just kept scratching off basically, it
was just like I was drawing and layering and layering and I tried lightly layering then
I tried heavily layering and it just…it pretty much just would pull it off the paper
again. It’s just not the kind of paper that wants
to have a pencil on it. It’s pretty much really only good for fineliners
and markers if you make a lot of ink drawings, that would probably be good. The prismacolor pencils just did not like
this kind of paper. I knew they wouldn’t because they’re pretty
much best on regular sketchbook paper. Or proper pencil paper. It just doesnt work on this kind of waxy shiny
surface. And I did kind of know that going into it
but I wasn’t really..I’m not one to use a lot of markers or make a lot of fineliner
art. I really don’t know how people make amazing
ink drawings I really don’t know how they do that, it’s just not something that I’ve
ever put much time into, so I’m not very good at it and I didn’t want to do that I wanted
to make some lovely brightly colored Disney art. Didn’t work did it? Not very well. It just kept pulling off the paper. Also, Mike Wazowski has pink eye. So that’s great. But overall, this is what it kind of looks
like for now. Should’ve maybe stuck to an ink drawing but
again I didn’t want to do that. It doesn’t interest me too much, so, we’ve
got a lovely pink eye Mike Wazowski as you can see. *shrill scream* It was very difficult to show you on camera
how it actually looked because obviously the shiny paper, the reflective lights, the shiny
waxy prismacolor pencils, couldn’t really show you the proper way that it looks but
just take it from me – its…its not applied very well, to the paper. It’s difficult to show. Very very…very shiny. Shiny shiny. Uh but yeah. This is how it looks. As best as I can show you. I would like to quickly mention though that
if you can like…look at this. This is something I made on regular normal
sketchbook paper with prismacolor pencils, versus what it looks like if you drew on magazine
paper. Yes, big difference. As you can see. This is nothing to do with prismacolor pencils
by the way, you know prismacolor pencils, I love them. I haven’t used them much but I love them. So, this is pretty much just me using conflicting
art materials. I wish and if anyone knows of this, let me
know if there is actual proper red sketchbook paper that’s just like normal sketchbook paper. Because I cannot locate any, anywhere. At all. Maybe it’s just not a thing. Maybe I should’ve just used construction paper. You know? Maybe that would’ve been the best plan for
me to go. I have got some blue paper by the way got
some blue paper to try out in the future if anyone wants to see me try that. Maybe I’ll draw a sully. Who knows? Uh so yes this is it, this is how it looks. Thank you for watching I hope that you enjoyed
it. Let me know in the comments down below what
your favorite disney character is and if you would try this paper maybe? If you’re an ink artist. I think it would work well for you. but uh..yeah. This is how it looks. What do you think? Thank you SO much for watching I hope that
you enjoyed the video. Thank you to Wix for sponsoring this video
today. Do check them out if you’re looking to make
an art portfolio. Highly recommend that you do so, as I say
it’s free, check out the link in the description and…yes. I think that’s everything for today. So thank you so incredibly much for watching
I hope that you enjoyed the video. Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you in
the next video.

100 thoughts on “Drawing in a SOLID RED Sketchbook?!

  1. There are some Canson Mi-Teintes Pads, that come in assorted colors. I found them at utrechtart.com. that shine on there, I don't know what medium would work on it? maybe it's folding paper, like for origami?

  2. Omg Being a Disney Licensed Artist is my dream too! I've decided this year to actually let myself draw Disney Fan Art! So I'm working on it.

  3. I think something like oil bars would work – I have done oil painting before where I have painted the panel red to give warmth underneath the skin

  4. Monsters Inc. is one of my favorite Movies when I saw Monsters University when I was around 5 and was angry that is was a prequel and not a sequel liked I assumed

  5. Woah!! A Red Sketchbook!! 👀👀 yes you’ll have to be careful which colors to use. But the drawing came out beautifully

  6. the idea of this sketchbook makes me angry and some company actually decided ''shit thats a good idea lets sell it'' >:(

  7. Why would they consider that, “drawing paper” when it’s shiny? Ridiculously overrated paper. You did prevail though. Even if poor Mikey has pink eye😳. Hopefully he can get an appointment with a physician to get an ointment or something!

  8. My dad can make a sketchbook with red sketch paper at his work, if you want i can let him make one for you ^^ it's his job to print stuff and make little books of the paper,i sometimes ask him if he can make a sketchbook for me it's very handy ^^ (the question is though if you will ever see this comment ^^")

  9. https://www.dickblick.com/products/shizen-faux-leather-journal/?clickTracking=true&wmcp=pla&wmcid=items&wmckw=00507-3011&gclid=CjwKCAiA4t_iBRApEiwAn-vt-3xv9_ex1vCnjUNxBZ9ayTP8d6KJSHolRPIHr0VZz7PUVS9aNP9rSRoC1LUQAvD_BwE#photos
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    Wonder who thought it was a good idea to put shine on sketch paper. It seems more like something that should be repurposed into printing paper or something.

  11. You might be able to get a red tone of Mi-teintes pastel paper. It takes well to pencils and watercolour, but is made for pastels

  12. Hey Chloe,
    I know you are a professional and wanted to work with copics. But if you just want to scetch on colorful paper you can get colored copy paper – for pencils this might be totally fine. I mean we are talking about scetches – not sellable artworks.
    And the shine of your paper would make me crazy xD

  13. I used to take different colored ink pens and changed the makeup on magazine models, I would also black out teeth. I had forgotten how much fun I had doing that until you jogged my memory with the mention of magazine paper.

  14. I have never tried Ink craft store from Etsy but this looks really well done and might be what you're looking for. It's not a professional brand but pfft, who cares. New note, this is done on flax paper… not sure if you know anything about flax paper but it apparently handles oil paints really well so, there is that. You're a painter like me, thought you might enjoy. Good luck Cloe! I wish you well in your endeavors on this red paper quest!

  15. But I have tried drawing on magazine paper…..I don't know why I wanted to write something down and I was too lazy to get a paper…but I knew it would not work that well so I have no idea why I used it 😂

  16. I was hopping around the Internet and an ad for something called The Blu Book popped up. I know you were disappointed with the red sketchbook but this looks a little more like what you were hoping for: https://blunotebooks.com/pages/designblu

    It’s got the graph lines (dunno how you feel about artbooks with graphlines- I’m not keen but some enjoy them).

  17. Colored card stock paper might be your best bet. It takes Copic and colored pencil quite nicely and is fairly heavy weight. Another thought is mat board. It comes in a lot of colors and you can use paint on it as well thought it is much thicker.

  18. How to be a pro artist:
    Step 1: Compliment the paper. Caress the paper, handling it with care
    Step 2: Beat the paper into submission. Assert your dominance
    Step 3: ???

  19. Metallic markers or acrylic can be an alternative? It's so shiny like magazine pages lol but great review though ☺ I love Winnie the Pooh. But is he even a disney character? Hahahahah

  20. Wow! This book is just a big a gimmick. I'm guessing when you bought this there were no reviews of it. There are two that I see and they're both one star. There's no weight, acid free or anything listed on the book. Just a company trying to make a buck on cheap crap.

    My suggestion is to use colored cardstock or acid free, lignin free high quality construction paper. Construction paper's not just a school item. DickBlick.com has their own construction paper with these qualities and 80lb/130gsm. They also make colored cardstock 140lb/300gsm. There are many types of colored paper. Have a look at the link below to get an idea of what's available. They ship internationally. But you could ask about any of the ones you're interested in at your local Michaels. They probably carry some of these.


    Excellent video! 👍 😁 Your art looked beautiful! Nicely done considering you had to fight with crappy paper.

  21. “So once you’ve complemented your paper fully.”

    -Chloe 2019


  22. WAIT A SECOND?? Chloe You Really Didn't Know About Colored Paper?!

    wHEre dO yOu lIVe foR nOt KnOwiNG aBouT tHem?

  23. I think you should use construction paper like you said! Might not be perfect but a lot better than that.
    Redemption round!!!

  24. Try some Astrobright paper by Neenah. Office supply stores typically carry a mix pack of colors. And on Amazon. A variety of paper weights can be found, including cover/card stock. Then you can make your own toned sketchbook.

  25. I don't know about sketchbooks but as far as toned drawing paper you might want to look at canson Mi-teintes. Every color you could want.

  26. I'm sure somebody's told you this already (it's been months), but Michaels has tons of different cardstock in different colors! I use it to make sketchbooks! 😀

  27. Idk if you already know this by now. But better pencils than Prisma are: Faber Castrel Polychromos and Caran d'ache Luminance.
    Luminance is wax based just like Prisma. But it's better quality, the points don't break every 2 seconds
    Polychromos is oil based, if you're used to wax you're gonna get some getting used to the blending I think, but I think they blend easy. But, I started with them before I tried wax based.
    Both pencils work amazing on toned paper. My main paper use is toned tan. (My avatar is also drawn on toned tan paper)
    I hope this was helpfull!

  28. Is there something going on with Chloe and Rea?
    Because I see multiple comment with hearts and YouTube friends always like each other’s comment
    You know like Rien commented and got hearted and rea posted two and zero hearts

    Or I’m just overthinking this 😅

  29. First of all: I know this paper was very bad to draw on, as she said it was like using a glossy magazine. That's not my point. However…

    I think this deserves another shot in the future… No Mike didn't look as good as he would have in white paper, but he never would, would he? Let me put it this way: You wouldn't use black paper to draw a sunny winter day, would you? You have to choose a subject to draw that would fit into the red paper instead of trying to make it look like it would on white paper. I really, honestly believe this kind of paper has a lot of potential for creative art if one was to find the perfect subject or object to use.

  30. I wonder if Posca Pens would work on this surface? With how opaque they are, they'd theoretically look amazing. Same with like a Gelly Roll.

  31. I am not sure but I heard, that some companies uses red shiny paper for notes and sketches, because it is nearly impossible to copy things written on red shiny paper,so nobody can steal your ideas.

  32. There are 1€ toned RGB sketchbooks in flying tiger.
    With paper that seems recycled but I don’t know if it is. They work fine.

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  35. That drawing looks so good. Especially considering how annoying the paper looked to use! I love your goal of wanting to draw for Disney, it reminds me of a story my mum's told me before. I can't remember if it was one of her friends or someone she read about, but she told me about a woman who had her own side job of making and selling her own cross stitch sewing patterns of Disney characters. She'd constantly send her stuff off to Disney but they didn't reply for ages. Then one day she gets a response saying they loved her work and they ended up hiring her to make official licensed Disney cross stitch patterns (apparently she even gets to see the new movies early so she can figure out what designs to make). It's one of those things that sounds like such a wild shot in the dark, but it eventually worked for her and all the hard work and effort paid off. Just goes to show sometimes all it takes is the determination to keep trying and the time for everything to fall into place. I hope it works out for you too 🙂

  36. I bet it would look really good if you drew something on it that incorporated the way the red is going to bleed through due to the flaking.

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