And oh my God… I tried? Hello it’s me. Someone who says they aren’t going to do
a thing and then I do a thing. I know, I know it’s been over a year and
a half since my last Pokemon from memory video, and I know in that video I said that I was
not going to be doing anymore of these Pokemon by memory videos because I didn’t want to. So much so that I forced myself to do the
third generation despite not wanting to do it because so many people demanded to do it,
so I pushed through and did it. And the voice over for the video was just
me saying “I didn’t want to do this.” and it was miserable and then everyone got
mad at me, so….. Hah. Learned my lesson. If I don’t want to do a thing, then just
don’t ding dang do it. Well, that was then. Now I want to. I don’t know if it’s the release of the
new Pokemon game coming out soon, or if I’ve just been having so much stress that I wanted to just have a really chill illustration where I just draw really stupid things and have
fun with it, but this was both a lot of fun and a lot of work because, you guys… I am really familiar with the first generation
and the second generation because I grew up with those. I have played the remakes a hundred times. But as each new Pokemon generation comes out,
I get less and less interested in it. In fact in the first Pokemon by memory video
I mentioned that I still haven’t beat… what is it? … Sun and Moon, I think is the newest one? Uh, still haven’t beat it. But I think it would be really fun if I try
to do all the Pokemon by memories in order, and then when the new game comes out I play
through it once and then I draw them from memory because then… I mean yes it will be fresh on my memory,
but at the same time I do play Pokemon Go still and I have seen these generation four
Pokemon lately, and I still donk them up. Like…a lot. So here’s a poll. Why not? Do you want to see me do 1. All of
the Pokemon by memory, if I don’t burn myself out. And also play through the game once and then
draw them from memory because I think it will be really funny. I will have to look up the Pokemon that I
Didn’t encounter in the game because one play through does not guarantee that I will see
all of them, so I’ll have to look up the Pokedex. I don’t know- actually hold on, I don’t know
if I can do that because they usually end up releasing Pokemon later, right? Or do we get the whole Pokedex right away? I don’t know sometimes I feel like they release
Pokemon throughout the year… now I don’t know what to do. Anyways, so like I said I was not going to
draw this but, you know, people change their minds and like I said I just needed something
very silly to draw so I drew it. [Music Plays] So the first three videos you may have noticed
I started off by flipping through my sketchbook where I sketch the whole generation, I guess
because I already was pretty familiar with the Pokemon. By sketching them first I would be able to
notice details that I missed, but honestly I know the generations from 3 beyond so little,
there really was no point in sketching The 4th generation beforehand. I just went straight to the paper with pencil
and was like, you know, whatever I remember is what I remember. There were a couple of times where I sketched
a evolution line for a Pokemon, be it two or three Pokemon, and after I had done the
final evolution I looked at the first one and was like “Yeah we’re going to need a
little bit of editing on that one. because they all look exactly the same.” Though, as you can see, they are… gosh,they
are just so simple. I just… when you need to remember something
with so much detail and you can’t think of any detail, you just leave it at the bare
bones and everything looks like a very generic animal that just looks slightly weird. It was almost stressful but at the same time
I just kept laughing at how stupid they looked and especially there are a few Pokemon that
I just couldn’t remeber. For example: Kricketot and Kricketune. I, for the life of me, could not remember
what they looked like and just ended up drawing these weird humanoid cricket creatures, and…
why? Even after I completed this illustration I
went back, looked at them for my reaction, and then an hour later I was just like “What
do they look like? I can’t remember.” I think for the most part I got the general
form and I mean would you think this was a Pokemon if you saw some of these on their
own? Absolutely not. But, I mean for as little as I’ve played these
games I think… I don’t know. I mean it was funny but whatever. I fear the day when I do Generation 6 and
7. I just… oof. Snover and Abomasnow are just kind of my own
creation apparently. I think what I drew as Abomasnow looks like
Snover and then I just didn’t know where to go from there because I had already drawn
Snover for Abomasnow and then I didn’t know what to do for Snover so things are very confusing…
and that pretty much just sums up this whole video in the process. Especially when we get lower and lower and
lower especially to the final evolutions and then things like the legendaries, I…wow. The more detail Pokemon has, obviously the
more messed up it’s going to look. But you know what? The results are funny, so I’ll take it. I do want to mention one very important detail
that I know people are not going to hear me say. I drew Chimeka in place of Chingling because… I drew Chimecho in place of Chingling because
when I drew Get the generations 3 and I was supposed to draw Chimecho I actually drew
Chingling. So just to make sure I drew every Pokemon
from memory I did have to end up swapping them again, so Chingling is not in this illustration
because I accidentally swapped it was Chimecho. So… that is that. I did not draw the different forms for Burmy
and Wormadam just because they’re so similar and I don’t really care so I just did one
form. Unlike Shaymin where the form is different
enough that I did go ahead and draw the two forms. Same thing with Rotom, because his forms are
so different, I thought it would be fun to draw them. So I did. Poorly, yes. But I drew them. Some of my favorite mess ups are Gallade. He just looks like a little Lego man. Magnezone, I drew him looking like a dang
magnet crab. I mean what even happened there. Lickilicky just pretty much looks like Lickitung. So… good job me. Oh that reminds me, also for Gliscor I basically
drew it’s pre-evolution and same goes for Mantyke where I drew the evolution because
I just didn’t know what it looked like, and then I looked at my previous generation
drawing and I was like “I already drew those and that’s all I can think of, so what the
heck am I suppose to draw?” So I just drew the same thing because what
was I suppose to do? Not to mention Buizel, I just put a floaty
around it’s waist. I knew the floaty wasn’t around it’s waist
but I couldn’t think of where else to put it because… brain dead. I don’t even know. So it’s basically a little weasel hanging
out with a little floaty with around its waist. We’re not even going to talk about Mismagius. Wow. That is… probably takes the cake honestly. I don’t know why I put the most effort in
detail into Bronzong… Bronzong. I just really like the way it turned out. And it was silly and I liked the colors. So, I guess I gave him some extra love. And Dusknoir, you might say he’s mummy thicc.(
͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ‘Cause he’s like- I drew him thick and he’s a mummy, get it? ‘Cause you know… dummy thick. Why? Wait, is my favorite actually Heatran? I mean he just looks like this zombie creature. I mean he’s a weird looking Pokemon but,
I drew him just as this zombie dude. Like what is happening there? [Music Plays] It was a struggle but I had a lot of fun with
this one. So I hope you guys enjoy my mistakes, and
let me know which of my mess ups is your favorite? And which do you think I did the best with? I think Drifloon was pretty dag spot on. The only mistake was that I gave it a little
circle tie, so it looks exactly like a balloon. Leafeon was also pretty dang good. Is…is that it? Did I just do well on two? Yeesh. [Music Plays] And just for fun, let’s record myself looking
at the actual images of the Pokemon, shall we? So let’s just bring up an image here…
and oh my God. I tried? I think I got the general idea for most of
these. I think the funniest one… I mean did I… did I try? Did I try? ( Idk, Kasey. Did you?) I think overall my issue with these is just
a lack of detail. I jus don’t know what to add so I just kind
of… do nothing, and they end up like a black bird. Oh my gosh, the Magnemite guy… that is just
truly not what he looks like. So one of the Pokemon I was super confused
about was the Abominable snowman. And… yeah. That- I mean mine are cute, but they are nothing
like what they’re supposed to be. Well, I tried. Thank you all so much for watching this disaster. I hope you had fun. I had fun, and I will see you in the next
video. Bye. And now a huge thank you to my wonderful Patrons
for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end
of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my
Patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye!


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