Drawing, Cooking & What I’ve Been Up To | JSheetz Vlog

Drawing, Cooking & What I’ve Been Up To | JSheetz Vlog

Hello everybody in this is actually my first fail with my new phone and I’m testing up the camera to see how this looks so Glad Lippmann the comment below what you think I think I need a haircut But the way my hairline is as high as it is Starting to look old but it makes my hair look funny because the side stick out. Well if I have it like this and then I Think that would look awful but I Think I’m due for a haircut When I got a cut last time it was cut quite a bit too short on accident So I think I’m gonna grow my hair out Especially for the winter so I can stay warmer Although I have a headache and aware of it It’s helped me stay a little bit warmer at least have you ever cleaned your eyeglasses and no matter how much you clean them They still get smudges on them Seem to have that problem Wondering what’s that blue tint is and my guy glasses. That’s a UV protection Or not UV Cuz it’s similar to it, but it’s actually a blue light protection from devices like monitors Phones and other things like that it was an extra cost adding it to the glasses, but Being that I do so much with my phone and mostly video editing. I find it very useful. I just realized something I Think I forgot to take my trash out Tuesday Hmm but my trashcan didn’t have much in it at least that’s a good thing because there was a one time where I forgot to and there was trash piled up all over the place and Then the next week they’d come pick up trash because it was a holiday So it was three weeks Yeah, there’s a lot of trash buildup I started this drawing about five days ago, and then I get really busy working on things And then before I knew it a week is almost gone by and I haven’t even finished it more than halfway I was doing it with Broaching our graph here 0.35 This is my standard. Go to pen size For doing a lot of these doodles in my Moleskine sketchbook, but I’ve gotten and most of the way done with it. I Got maybe Let’s see here. I Think I’m maybe 80% done Something like that but most of sketchbook is done and all I’ve got left is Let’s see here, maybe What’s it look like to you 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 oh No, I lost count maybe 15 or 20 pages don’t have that many left to go but Getting there. So I put a spaghetti squash in the microwave and I forgot to make it a little notch in her hole and I had my headphones on and I Heard a loud boom, and I looked and part of the spaghetti squash Like the side once I have it exploded in the microwave So you got spaghetti squash all over in there and gonna have to clean that out Looking good This is actually a pretty good meal it’s just this mess of rocks it makes this look horrible, but It’s just chicken Chicken tenderloins. I cut up with some yellow cooking onions and Now I’m going to add some seasons to it. All those these over here all of them so I Did end up picking up some salt? I was forgetting to get this for like a month and then I finally remembered I needed some sea salt Whatever you do if you’re cooking don’t don’t let it end up like this this is what happens when they get busy working a lot of things and then I just make food and then I get busy working up stuff Tell myself I’ll plan it later and then a few days ago by and it looks like a complete mess So I haven’t really uploaded a lot of failures in the past week With any drawings, although I did upload one yesterday but then busy working on some stuff philosophy some speeches and editing videos and arranging all the files on my computer But I will be uploading them again here shortly Probably maybe tomorrow possibly later today kind of depends on how things go, but right now I’m drinking myself some It’s called fire chai tea as ginger vanilla. I Can’t really name the other stuff Mabel take a look at it actually have it on my table here It is ginger fire chai and It has did root yerba maté a cinnamon natural vanilla flavor natural gender for I’ve never had it before but We’re gonna find out and see what this tastes like But I’m also making myself Some chicken with some cut up onions going to eat that and I just got off work maybe two hours ago And head over to the other store bought myself some butternut squash again some sweet potatoes this tea here Really strong flavor, I didn’t add anything else into it yet but yeah, when I have some stuff for this drink this and then eat my chicken and then Work up some doodles

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  1. That intro was nice. I can relate when it comes to not finishing a drawing, there's a couple doodles I started last month that I haven't finished ✍

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