What do you draw when you only pick pastel colors? I went through my markers and picked out all the pastel colors. We’re gonna draw with only these today. Can I push these up? By the way, this is gonna be a goody because we are doing 2 art projects today. Okay, let’s do let’s do like a fall Anorak jacket, that’s what we’re gonna do. Should we make her kind of awkward? Maybe looking over like hey you’ve got me out in public I guess I guess I’ll wave. You guys ever get caught in those awkward Situations? Mm-hmm. It’s always the day that you’re dressed like a slob and you’ve run into like everybody in public. Wouldn’t it be fun to have like a dog with her like some big old goofy dog? Have these fineliners giving her a slightly frizzy hair style like it’s uh who needs a bad hair day She just kind of woke up started walking her dog mm-hmm, not quite the mouth that I was hoping for but uh Sometimes you gotta roll with it some details on the jacket. It’s like an Anorak jacket kind of. The fun part about this drawing is I Purposely, did a fall outfit? Even though I’m challenging myself with pastel colors. I just thought it would be a fun little way to go about a drawing. Unexpected color scheme. The style is very different. Every time I use fineliners it alters my style a little bit. Which just another little plug-in, I’ve been talking about this for a while. I am releasing digital coloring book pages the first week of October along with enamel pins, stickers, Tons of original artwork and whatnot. So for those of you who have been asking me about like hey Mira, why is there nothing in your shop really right now? It’s just because I’m waitin. So, yeah time is coming man. I’m excited. She has an interesting a boot choice, some weird buckles and then some laces going like this up her leg. Alrighty. I have the outfit down Let’s just thicken some lines here and there all right So my options are pastel colors. Great. This uh, Mm-hmm. It’s gonna be difficult. What’s this orange look like? Yeah Wow, yeah, maybe not orange hair what’s this green look like? Yeah I could use this for the coat. Yeah, let’s do that start with a coat. I guess I need to shade the coat. We can do purple Right, okay her skin I’m gonna make her really pale because I think it’ll pop really nicely Against everything else. The shading on this is gonna be flatter than normal just an FYI Okay, let’s do some pastel blue jeans Oooh, should we do a pink dog? Yes Yes a pink dog. I’ll color the whole thing in light pink and then and some colors. A bit on the legs I’m gonna make this hind leg this bright pink color too. Why not? It’s cute Okay, her hair we need to do something with this hair. Mmm, I kind of like this. Do some bluish purple streaks up front Make her bangs bluish purple too. Oh, yes, I like it Shaded her bangs with this cool blue color. It actually looks pretty dark layered on top purple So not completely pastel anymore. Something like that? Yeah, I Think I’ll shade the rest of her hair with pink. Gives it a fun vibe. Give her some blue eyes. There we go Hmm what about this sweater? Oh! And her shoes. I kind of want to do purple shoes With a bright yellow circle. Yeah. Okay. She’s gonna wear a yellow Shirt What do you think? Pink stripes? Well, you can’t change your mind now. I’m gonna shade her pants with this too- I really like it Make things a little more uniform and shade the jacket too – Yes. Oh I like this There we go. Hmm I think it’s missing a little something Let’s give it some Sha-Bang. There we go. That’s better. Maybe some white hems here Some White hems on the jeans All right, she was only designed with pastel colors, what do you think guys? Still passes for fall right? Maybe? Meh? So let’s ink this guy and then we’ll do pastels on him too doing all these little beard hairs. This one would be a fun coloring book page. Look at this beard so much hair Beards are really fun to draw actually, I really enjoy it. Whoo, look at that facial hair. Reminds me of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets except it’s not yeah, okay We’ll erase all of this pencil underneath and color this guy with some pastel. I Can add this to his mustache, I guess I could be using this eraser but I’m in the mood to use this one. So. First things first, let’s figure out. Hey, whoops. Let’s figure out his skin tone. He’s gonna have mint colored skin shading All right, we’re good. All right, so instead of doing a regular skin tone we are going complete Pastel on this and he’s gonna have mint colored skin because you know, what? Why not make life fun? All right, let’s do a little bit of shading now give him some darker eyelid, yeah Hmm purple eyes. What do you think? Yeah. Let’s try it Since We’re doing all pastels here. I don’t know. I’m debating on the pupils. I kind of like the thought of just like Leaving the eyes like that, but I’m also tillering I don’t know. Maybe I’ll shade them a little bit though Oof look at that look at that. It’s kind of hard to get a nice light contrast but Oops, I should do purple lips. That sounds fun. Let’s do it Yeah, you you can have some purple lips. It’s going real cool Now what do I want to do for the hair You know, I’m really feeling pink like Bright pink. Yes. Wait, what’s this? That’s kind of Boring grayish cherry. No, thank you. What’s this Oh wicked Yo, I could oh, yeah, super colors so bright it is sugared almond pink. I’m coloring all the hair this color and then We will make adjustments later. But this is what I want Wow, I like this this is so bold Fluffy pink caterpillars above the eyes wiggly wiggly wiggly So much pink so much beard Would you look at that Doing some beard to lower lip blending here. Yeah Alright, alright. Alright. Alright, let’s see. Do some of this. Yeah. Yeah right here a Little bit of contrast Okay I think we should do some shading in the eyebrows just to balance life out a little bit Hmm the ends of the beard could be like an orangey color Or the mustache. Oh, yes. I Like that. Hmm. Should I do that with the whole beard kind of looks fun? I Am trying to only shade along the hair lines Giving it a really cool effect actually Okay, now I have to decide Do I shade with purple in the beard or darker pink? Hmm Maybe I’ll do both -oops not that end. Purple time purple time This is some fun contrast. I like it Yeah, look at that Hmm should I? Shade the hair up here too at this purple Pull some consistency through here. Oh, yeah This blends like a dream Darken some areas on his face some more. I just feel like he needs a little more contrast in certain areas. Oh, look at how angry those eyes are All right, I’m gonna highlight the hair a little bit There we go, I think I want to add another pop of fun to this what should I do a green outline minty color or yellow No too much mint. Okay, green. No, I Think that’ll pop the most just one bold outline all around the edges Just felt fitting to use this little Posca pen at the end, there we go. I think we’re done. Yeah. Well, that was fun I did a simpler character and then more of a detailed one with only pastel colors if you got this far at congratulations And if you want to continue binging my channel here is the playlist Watch away, have fun, draw stuff Just have a nice day. Bye!


  1. That beard is absolutely glorious Mira! When you were drawing in the hair sections, it looked like you were just drawing lines anywhere, but (and I know you weren't) it was all purposeful. The sign of a great artist is to make something difficult, look easy, and you, my friend, mastered that with that glorious beard!

  2. I love your videos so much! They make me so happy 😃 Keep up the great work! You are so creative, talented and your videos are amazing 😁❤

  3. Love the pastel colours. But there's no scarf so it doesn't look autumn outfit to me lol. More like early spring thanks to the colours (and no scarf) :). But it's nice anyway :). And the bearded guy is quite fun drawing! And ended up so shiny with the posca pen outline! 😀

  4. After trying urban sketching I finally started drawing in my own style again and I think it’s so hard, because I just can’t get the same level as before. (I was very bad before, but better then now) any tips?

  5. That guy is a coloring book page. Well, super similar, he's in my "Penny Dell, creative expression, bursts of color book, the one with the vw bus on front. I'm sure it's purely coincidental, but funny, thought I'd tell ya

  6. I love how his eyes turned out! Seasonal colors for clothes are overrated. I love my happy tints that are plentiful in the Spring & Summer. I wear them ALL year round. Gets tricky finding them in the Fall/Winter but I manage! Have you ever heard of “Dressing Your Truth”, it’s a Dressing to your energy program and as a type 1 in that system tints and many pastels are my jam!

  7. I am so disappointed in 3 of your viewers who felt compelled to give you the dislike of a thumbs down! Maybe they put sour milk in their coffee this morning and they let it ruin their day, and have set out to ruin others? SAD! I was so excited to see “pastels” in the title, but my enthusiasm dwindled with markers, I am looking for soft pastel paintings, Ever think of using that medium? I know you will have wonderful coloring pages, I enjoyed your previous ones quite a bit! I am looking forward to seeing your videos on those subjects! I hope you have a lovely evening!

  8. Great video as usual 👌😊, I love the concept of ur drawings and those colors was beautiful😍💓, also I entered ur giveaway and I can't wait to see the result! hopefully I win 🙏🙏, I want to win for many reasons, one of them, that the supplies are from you! 😊🌼

  9. Mira: Do I shade with purple or the darker pink?
    Me: Both!!!
    Mira: Maybe I'll do both.
    Me: O.O she's in my head XD
    lol Awesome video Mira!!

  10. Remind me of Caudesus Clay from Critical Role! But more beard! Anywho good job. Glad you had fun with pastels. You can also use more black ink and shadows for higher contrast if you want but low contrast may be intentional stylisticly as it was pastel. Fun video.

  11. I like your video and also you are doing a amazing job with your awesome artwork and you are so creative person.

  12. I'm so late 😭 But you know I couldn't miss a Mira video! Loved it, as usual! I agree that the bearded dude would make a great coloring page! Can't wait for all the new goodies to release in October 🤗 Proud of you, girl! 😀

  13. YAYYYY I am love the vibes your videos give me, I sometimes use them to go to sleep!!😁😂💚
    Thanks for getting me through a rough day Mira!

  14. I would definitely suggest using more references to improve your anatomy on the girl! Also, when you’re sketching, it always looks so much better when you break the body down into individual shapes, instead of just focusing on drawing the outline – think about the structure within the outline. Same with the face – just starting with a couple of guidelines will make sure the eyes and nose and mouth are properly in line, and don’t look wonky! I hope that makes sense!

  15. These came out so cool. I love coloring so I am super excited that you will be releasing coloring pages in your store!!!!! Hope you do some Halloween ones for October! I have a coloring Channel so I will color one on the channel and give them your store link as well as your youtube link!

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