Drawing Character Art for Beyond Heroes – Max Dunbar

Drawing Character Art for Beyond Heroes – Max Dunbar

(dramatic music) – My name is Max Dunbar
and I did the character art for Beyond Heroes. The really cool thing and I
think this was a first for me was drawing a series of characters that all belong to the same team but are all created by different people. I can’t think of another time
where that has been so evident because the Legends of
Baldur’s Gate characters, I mean, Minsc and Boo came before when then everyone else
is created by Jim and I. So these were a bunch
of different characters that all had different
descriptions written by different people in
very different styles, and I just found that to
be a really fun challenge. Some people’s descriptions
were like bullet point, they’ve got black hair,
beard, so on and so on. And then the other ones were way more descriptively poetic almost, and you kind of had to
pull the details out. So that was actually I
just never even thought of that as a possibility when it came to designing characters, sort
of a almost like an art jam or concept jam and then taking
all these different ideas and try to make them into
a cohesive team of people but it was really, really fun. The nice thing about having
so many different ideas being thrown in to the mix
is that it feels very DnD, like a group of characters
that are all very different. I like Avren, the warlock character. I really enjoyed drawing
him, I’d like drawing sort of shady, mysterious
characters and I got that vibe from your description. I always like drawing halflings. I love the idea of that, was a moss sort of almost ghillie
suit that she wears, I think that’s a genius idea. So that was really fun to draw. They all were fun to draw,
every single one was a blast, in for different reasons though. I love monsters, I love settings, I love the descriptive nature of DnD where you can see something
in your mind’s eye from the way that your DM describes it or they can show you an
incredible piece of art. In a while imagination
place, a huge part of DnD, I think all of these
crazy different designs that people like Shawn
Wood and Richard Whitters and all the other
artists that work at DnD, all the crazy things they’ve put together and beautiful designs
really helped the foundation of allowing you to imagine
your own take on things or help you realize the
adventure that you’re in. So, I think it’s an incredibly
important aspect of the game.

10 thoughts on “Drawing Character Art for Beyond Heroes – Max Dunbar

  1. Love the art! The idea of many different people's characters drawn by the same artist creates the ragtag menagerie feel of a team within a coherent style, it makes the group look naturally varied in this case.

  2. Do you create/commission art for your D&D characters? Which is your favorite piece of official art in Dungeons and Dragons history?

    Beyond Heroes begins Nov 13th at 2pm PT on http://twitch.tv/dndbeyond!

  3. This is the first time I see the face behind the drawings I've been a fan of for so long. I don't know why I've always imagined Max as being an older guy. Maybe it's because his always so nice/responsive/supporting on Twitter. Really astonishing art and a great guy behind it!

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