Drawing – Art Anatomy  – Disegno – misinterpret what you see  – Ita – Eng sub

Drawing – Art Anatomy – Disegno – misinterpret what you see – Ita – Eng sub

Hello In this video I give a small example of how easy it is to misinterpret when we look at a drawing or construction methods. Because watching does not always mean understanding. I would like to stimulate people to learn more about things as they are in reality, because even looking at a right drawing it is possible to misunderstand. If I realize a classic construction of the skull, where the large circle defines the cranial vault, and the lower part of the circle touches the pyriform opening of the nasal cavities, this area that I am drawing, we see that the anterior nasal spine touches the circle like see, it can then be interpreted that the final part of the nose or the lower part will be found in this area, but no, when I begin to draw the nose you will see that it will be lower. seeing the drawing you will understand. So looking at this type of construction one can interpret that the nose is at that point, but it is not. When you watch tutorials or books try to learn more, don’t stop at what you see, it could also be wrong or misunderstand what you see. Returning to the example, in the finished version the end of the nose or the columella, does not touch the large circle but is lower than the piriform orifice. Try to draw the nose in the two ways and you will see the difference, if the finished nose touches the circle the drawing will not be very beautiful. I would like to make you understand how important it is to know the reality, and don’t trust only the drawings or diagrams you find,
because they can also be correct but if misinterpreted you can make mistakes This is an example but there are so many things that if you misinterpret will make you make mistakes. In these videos it is not important that you understand everything that I drawing, it is a simple example to show how easy it is to misinterpret something that is correct starting. I wanted to make this example in the first videos because I would like to let those who begin to draw, or deepen the artistic anatomy, understand that one of the most useful tools to have results is to want to understand, deepen, don’t stop at the first book you find try to go further, it will not be a book you have read that will give you results, but the many books read, all the things you will know, and above all the desire to learn more, or the curiosity to understand how things really are, for me it is one of the most important aspects. bye bye

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  1. Non ci avevo pensato, però è vero. A volte si vedono delle costruzioni discutibili con risultati ancor più discutibili (in particolare la forma del cranio e la posizione dell'orecchio nella testa vista di lato)

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