Drawing a Sphere with a fantastic Pencil 3D Illusion – Fine Art- Tips.

Drawing a Sphere with a fantastic Pencil 3D Illusion – Fine Art- Tips.

Today I am going to draw a sphere in 3D. I’ll use Fabriano recycled drawing paper,
lead holders with 3B and HB leads, a soft brush, a kneaded eraser and an 8 ball. The theory is that if we follow the sight
of a person looking at a sphere, and we project that on the surface, we wouldn’t get a circle,
but an oval shape. And, if we drew this oval to the exact proportion,
and someone looked at it from the right viewpoint, it would appear to him, he was looking at
a 3 Dimensional sphere Here is the 8 ball. I’ll make a little base
with my kneaded eraser, so that it doesn’t roll while I am drawing it. Carefully, I’ll draw the outline of the
figure that is being projected on the paper. Remember that I am not above the ball, hence
this is not going to be a circle, but an oval shape. You won’t believe this but I am drawing
with my left hand, and no, I’m not left handed. I just couldn’t reach with my right hand
because I am behind the camera. Let’s do the last little pieces. OK, here it is. This is how it looks from above. This is its
actual shape. It turns out the best looking part is the one I made with the left hand! Anyhow, I refine the line, now that I am sitting
comfortably. By the way, when you trace the shape originally,
You should be looking through the view finder of the camera, or, if you are not using a
camera, you should be closing one eye so that it works. I want this to have a chrome finish, therefore
I do dark shadows and bright lights. I smudge the graphite with the brush and pull lights
with the kneaded eraser. I get the reflected light bouncing from the
paper. And, I draw the artist’s being reflected
on the sphere. The little base I made at the beginning left
some grease which marked the drawing so that was a bad idea [boo]. But nothing that can’t be simply resolved
with the same eraser. I give a tone to the background so that the
lights on the sphere look even brighter by contrast. This is how it is looking from above. I use a piece of paper to keep the drawing
clean. Remember, that it’s the contrast between
lights and shadows that produces the glow. I want more reflections, and of course, I
do them following the round shape. The last details, and it is ready! [ahhh] If it was helpful, please give it a LIKE and
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Tauranga, New Zealand

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  1. very awsome tips hey where did the finger people go I heard them in the background lol i remembered them from one of the videos they were grumpy made me laugh and made my day Thanks

  2. It was very useful for my face drawings, they look different when I see them with the page straight up than when I look at them on top of the desk.

  3. Wow! That was amazing! I love the technique and the 2 drawings at the end!  The angel is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. Wow, this video was really great and it gave me a lot of inspiration! Thank you so much it helped me a bunch.
    I would really appreciate it if you would stop by my channel, I teach about the art of drawing, painting, creating and making. I really hope you stop by and subscribe. Thank you and have a nice day:)

  5. Sharing on My Google Plus Page.. Creating a 3 D Object on a flat surface. Drawing with graphite pencils. Using Light & Shadow Illusions.

    Take Care, Bill Kearney 🙂

  6. I dropped my iPad when I saw this, you have talent! I love drawing, and I'll be sure to mention you to my family and friends, since they adore drawing, like me. You just earned a fan and a subscriber!

  7. You could take the ball with the paper outside into the sunlight. When the sun is shining enough then you can draw around the shadow. That way it is more easy to draw the oval.

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