DRAWING a ROBOT with my kids – JUNK BLASTER (No.63)

DRAWING a ROBOT with my kids – JUNK BLASTER (No.63)

Hi! Welcome to our Father and Sons
Design Workshop channel. This time, I’ll work from a drawing made by son Ryunosuke about 2 years ago. It was in the notebook for a while. I was waiting for inspiration, and for some time to take care of it. Its head is like a recorder, there is a magnetic tape on the top. The shoulders are speakers. On its belly there’s a kind of vinyl record deck. We can spot a few gauges too. As usual, I started by a research stage. I made a few sketches based on Ryunosuke’s drawing, which is very flat to a three dimensional version. Once this work on the details is completed (arms, hands, etc.) I think about how staging the character in the picture. Since the theme is music (the robot has speakers on its body) I tried to sketch a dancing pose. And I also decided to insert another character that we created before “Acid Grooveman”, a futuristic DJ. These sketches are researches for the pose of the character. Usually I try to be efficient so that all my sketches fit on one single sheet. You can see here that I wasn’t confident, I tried too many things. It was a bad omen about what will happen later. Based on these sketches, I started the final drawing, did all the pencil work, the inking, the watercolor, and completed the illustration. And here is the result. The robot is here, in the pose I designed, in front of a sky with dynamic speed lines. and… After finishing it, I took a look back at it, and realized that I really didn’t like the result. It’s a lot less spectacular that what I was hoped, because of various reasons, such as the color scheme. Too much blue, blue shadows all over the character, on the metallic parts, the background is the same color, therefore the character has no impact. And even if the design may be nice it doesn’t tell any story, it’s just a show off pose of the robot in the center of the picture. I was disappointed. Usually after I finish a drawing, I’m satisfied, I’m having a break, I take some photos,
I prepare posts for social networks. This time I didn’t do any of this. I sat again on the drawing desk, and I started another attempt. I thought a lot and even if it’s only a small drawing, I made this new sketch A totally different direction for the illustration. The robot became some kind of metal giant coming out of a waste dump. His entire body is made of rusty metallic parts and it holds in its hand Justice, a character we made previously, with her friend Noah, who’s around. A completely different attempt, with strong silhouettes on a white background. I took Ryunosuke drawing to analyze it again. What pointed me to this new idea? It’s this area, around the head. There are some cables hanging down. The lower part of the face is dislocated, wobbly, leaning on the side. Those elements gave me the idea of the broken robot, made of junk. I start with the global composition of the drawing, roughly. I had some hard time to draw Justice’s pose. I tried to have her holding her cross-shaped sword. Eventually, I gave up and she has a simpler pose. On top of the first pass of drawing I made, I add lots of details, improvising, as it’s a broken giant, made of metal parts from the dump, it needs some randomness. I can follow my inspiration, my imagination, while drawing many small details. Now I’m drawing Noah, Justice’s buddy. I often draw them together, on the same illustrations. And now, I draw the garbage dump, a lot of junk and mess, very randomly. But I try to give some depth to it too The pencil work is finished I’ll start to ink it… The inking took a lot of time, because of all the details That being said, there’s nothing too structured here. I don’t need a ruler, and I can go quite fast. I add a lot of little strokes to make the scratches, the metallic parts twisted, torn apart… It’s pretty fun to do. On the human characters, I have to be more precise, you can see that they’re very small if you compare them next to my pen’s nib, or my fingers. Real time, now inking Noah. I use the same felt pen to ink all the picture. It has a fine nib, but soft. If I press harder, the stroke will be bolder. It’s convenient to keep the same pen to ink small things precisely and being able to make bold strokes from time to time. Almost done… The drawing is ready for the coloring. The coloring is a little special on this one. Usually I paint flat, even colors at the beginning. But this time, the character is somehow also a background. I put some efforts into giving him its rusty aspect. There are color gradation on most of its parts. Grey is blending into rust colors. prepared in advance a color palette with shades of grey, rust, brown, red… Greys mixed with some green, light grey, dark grey… Here you can see I’m mixing grey with a lighter one, adding rust onto it, a brown color, and they’ll mix while drying. resulting in smooth effects. When it will be dry, I’ll make another pass to add small rust marks. You’ll see that on the finished piece. Adding some details…
Ryunosuke drew some red on the face of the robot So I try to be as close as possible even if I took a lot of freedom on this one. I paint all the little cables in red.
It adds some color touches to the picture, it’s nice And to give more realism I add a layer of shadow with a shade of grey-green. All the grey colors of this drawing have been mixed with some green. The purpose was to find a nice harmony in the global color palette. And here is the finished piece! I personally find much better than the first attempt. I think this drawing tells a story,
there’s an atmosphere. I hope you enjoyed the video I think it’s interesting because it shows that from one drawing source you can adapt it different ways. And also, I hope the video demonstrated that it’s important to allow yourself to criticize your own work. Even if it’s difficult to redraw entirely a finished piece. To say “No, it’s not good. I have to start over”. But it’s sometimes important to do if you want to go further and have a better result in the end. And I hope you’ll like this second drawing more than the first one. That’s it, thanks a lot.
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  1. Moi je me posais quand même une question, est-ce que tu sais parler japonais comme tu sais parler français vu que t'habites au Japon ou alors c'est un peu chaud ?

  2. Est-ce que tu pourrais dessiner un dessin que j’ai fait je te suis depuis pas mal de temps et sa me ferais très plaisir que tu reprenne un personnage que j’ai fait

  3. Top! J'adore toute l'ambiance mise en place dans la 2nde illu. Comme toujours tes enfants réalisent des illus super détaillées avec de thèmes originaux j'adore regarder tes vidéos 🙂

  4. Hm…perhaps Justice and Noah find this robot and offer it as a gift to the Acid DJ as a bribe or peace offering and he fixes it up and decks it out with new speakers and sound systems. That could explain the separate drawings 🙂

  5. Bravo pour ton travail à toi et ton fils 👍 je voudrais savoir si tu pouvais pas mettre en ligne la vidéo ou tu as dessiné le premier robot, car bien que le 2eme soit meilleur je regarde souvent tes vidéos comme des tuto coloriage et j'aimerais voir comment tu as fait ce fond dynamique à l'aquarelle car c'est une des choses que j'ai du mal. Merci et continuez comme ça 😉

  6. Je vois que vous avez travaillé sur Space Dandy, il y a quelques années, j'ai réalisé un dessin de Honey ( https://www.deviantart.com/zabullionaire/art/Honey-Space-Dandy-431571925 ) ! Mais ça ne vaut pas votre travail ! Faites-en des t-shirts .

  7. Hallo Thomas! I did liked more the redraw of this character than the first one, even though I don't think that it was necessery to put those cables on him. That's just me. Also I really liked the advice you gave at the end of the video. It was really inspiring and useful as I am a young amateur artist. Next year I am going to enter the art school and I will study graphic design and animation! What do you think?. Is there something I need to know before I enter the school?. Finally, will there be any news about the 2nd season of Oban?. It's been a while since I saw the announcement and I am very curious.
    Keep creating! Your work is amazing!

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  9. Vraiment impressionnant, le résultat en lui même, mais ce qui m'a le plus émerveiller c'est le processus mis en oeuvre et l’intérêt porté à la démarche. Une seule chose, bravo !

  10. Deux ittérations d'un même personnage mais dans deux contextes complètement différents, les deux sont excellents mais c'est vrai que le deuxième raconte quelque chose.

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  13. That second rendition is just awesome , lts a lot more animated than you first version , though l like the idea of that one too 😊👍

  14. pour l'épée de justice je lui aurais fait porté l'épée a la main mais en biais de sorte a qu'elle ne touche pas sa main. comme un sabre ou un katana attaché a la taille .

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  16. J’étais deg parce que je trouvais le premier dessin sympa, mais la qualité du deuxième est ahurissante. vraiment hâte que vous sortez un deuxième bouquin Traits de Famille pour soutenir la chaîne !!!

  17. J’étais deg parce que je trouvais le premier dessin sympa, mais la qualité du deuxième est ahurissante. vraiment hâte que vous sortez un deuxième bouquin Traits de Famille pour soutenir la chaîne !!!

  18. Personnellement, je préfère le premier dessin que le second car je trouve que ça donne du punch avec les couleurs et en plus le fond était magnifique. Maintenant, chacun a ses goûts et sa propre interprétation.

  19. Oooo that self-criticism part seems new~

    I prefer the 1st one tho as there are more cooler elements to look at on the main robot creature.
    2nd one seems messy even tho theres better staging/composition

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    이분 컨셉아티스트로 진짜 겁나 유명한분임. 그냥 엄청난 그림쟁이로 유명하답니자..ㅎ 그냥 저렇게 슥슥그리는거 아니에요.. 웬만한 실력자들도 저렇게 못해요. 저분이 그냥 대단하신거..ㅎㅅㅎ..

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  23. Just some thoughts, but I thought a good idea if your son drew a robot, and then you took the idea and made a new, crisp looking robot, then have a Derelict, old, ancient version of the robot. With your first attempt the robot looked sleek and new, and the second attempt, the giant looked old, fatigued and surviving on scrap ect. Could the two attempts at This robot be the same robot?

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  29. 2:52 There a mistake in the english translation. He doesn't say « J'me pause », "I'm having a break", but « J'le pose », "I put it down".

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  31. Génial le fait d'avoir inclus "l’échec" et de nous avoir expliqué pourquoi il ne te convenait pas ! L'autocritique est très importante quand on veux apprendre et j’espère qu'on aura le droit à plus de moment "pourquoi ça ne me va pas" à l'avenir !! (Enfin, je souhaite pas non plus te voir recommencer chaque dessin XD )

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