Drawing a portrait in CorelDRAW program

Drawing a portrait in CorelDRAW program

Hello friends,
My name is Alexey Oglushevich. I’ve decided to write a new lesson, “Drawing a portrait in CorelDRAW program.”
In this lesson, I’ll show you some tricks I use. As usual, we’ll draw a portrait of a girl.
We limit the portrait area, draw the face oval, and then we build a template. We divide the oval into 3 horizontal parts, And 4 vertical parts.
We divide each vertical part into halves. We divide each vertical part into halves. We divide the horizontal part into 3 parts. Our template is ready. Let’s arrange it into groups and turn by 3 degrees. Now we start to make a sketch using the template.
We mark the area of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Since the template functions are over,
and it will only detain us, let’s put it aside. We continue to concentrate on the sketch, drawing the curls of the girl’s hair. The sketch is ready — now we start making a vector drawing. Then using our sketch,
we draw the primary objects of the portrait. We apply shadow and light areas, eyes, nose and mouth,
The primary objects are ready. We draw smaller objects of the person Now we put our sketch aside. As for hair,
One piece of advice: “The more you fantasize,
the more natural result you’ll get,” so activate your fantasy. Now let’s draw dark and light curly hair. I won’t bother you with the meticulous drawing of every curl of the girl’s hair.
I’ll just show you the final result. Let’s open the layer with our sketch; it seems we haven’t deviated much from our design. I suppose that’s all I wanted to show you in this part of the lesson.
See you later!

5 thoughts on “Drawing a portrait in CorelDRAW program

  1. Просто шедевр, мастер своего дела. Очень хотелось бы увидеть как происходит вся работа от А до Я, а еще вопрос, для создания этого шедевра нужна мышка, клавиатура, или дополнительные гаджеты?

  2. Круто конечно, но самое главное в этой работе как будто вырезано, например переходы между полутонами.

  3. давно слежу за вашим творчеством, спасибо за видео. рисую по Вашей методике получается но не все, точнее волосы. но я работаю над собой :))). еще раз спасибо.

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