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  1. When I was a kid I used to cry watching this. Now I feel so disturbed by the creepy smile at the end when she wrote draw with me and he was clearly petrified 😂😂😂

  2. so let me blow everyones mind:
    this whole thing is one giant metaphor. the "unbreakable glass" is a mirror, and the person on the other side is who they want to be.
    (also this explains why he hurt his hand when he tried to punch through, because there is only one side and the other one is not reality)

  3. I first saw this when i was still young and as i grow up i struggle to remember who made this video, then i saw your gumball video then scroll to see your videos, then i kind of feel deja vu about the thumbnail of this video then started to watch it, it's surprising because i finally remembered, thanks for making this video and fill my childhood:)

  4. I remember this… Back in 2013 our computer teacher in high school showed us this. I loved it so much I still remember to this day, and it motivated me to draw better. Never thought this is the same guy that made Gumball stuff LMFAO, I guess I've been your friend for quite a while now ❤


    me:thats dedication or she just was really stubborn

  6. Omg you made me cry uuh this is so sad
    Sorry that I said that why you doing sad stuff btw
    This story is so amazing I wish I can animate I dont know how

  7. I remember watching this back when the game Whirled was still a thing… Sadly the company that created it went defunct awhile back and the website is gone, so watching this again sent me on a feels trip back to 2009. I'm somewhat saddened but, happy, this brought back good memories. I'm glad I found the original video. Thank you. Your art is beautiful.

  8. Ау …
    Концовка сделала по-настоящему больно!
    Сложно описать словами … Нарисовано довольно просто, но и в таком стиле анимация вышла прекрасной, за сердце трогает, спасибо за шедевр~

  9. Missing halloween//Draw with me (promise I watch this every day)😭it's make me happy
    It make me cry
    It make me …

  10. Primera ves que veo el vídeo, pero ya sabía que es lo que iba a pasar… 😓
    Y que yo sepa esa no es toda la historia (según como está en mis recuerdos)…
    Alguien me puede decir si hay una historia, cuento, película o algo relacionado a esta temática, pero que haya salido más antes que la publicación del vídeo?

    Es que sé que vi, escuché o soñé(no creo que sea probable) algo parecido hace mucho tiempo

  11. me at first after seeing what i THOUGHT was the ending: awwww…. thats sad….

    me after seeing the actual ending: nevermind… thats less sad… that just scary

  12. I remember my homeroom teacher having everyone watch this because not only was she the homeroom teacher she was the art teacher and she wanted to get people interesting in graphic design.

  13. ok i need some things explained.

    1:what is that glass
    2:why is that glass there
    3:where are they
    4:why cant i stop watching this
    5:how did they break it
    6:how did she cut her arm off?
    7:where is god
    8:how didnt they run out of charcoal
    9:where did he get the coal from
    10:why didnt she murder him when he called her flat?

    these are serious questions

    but on a real note this is freaking god tier animation

  14. It’s like the hedgehod’s dilemma. They want to be together because their are cold but if they tried, they hurt themselves.

  15. Woah this bring back memory! I remember watching this video years ago and it was nice watching it back after a long time. It just have this 'ompph' feeling ya know? 😉

  16. The most beautiful piece of animation related art ive ever seen. 10 years later, and i still havent seen anything with more impact than this.

  17. And this was the start of a great man who went on to make good hentai and some good animations to keep it up mike

  18. Before watching the end:
    The animation is very cute and pretty, congratulations.

    After watching the end:

  19. I watched it three years ago, and I rewatched it untill now. I still cries
    (Edit: For those who confused about the ending, she cut her hand to give it to the boy)

  20. Wait a minute if they can get things like boxes or things like that than why they just don't try to surpass the grass ,y mean that glass isn't even so much high if they can get some objects they could easily surpass the glass

  21. O sea se quita el brazo para que el pueda dibujar usando el brazo de ella… bueno pero como le dio ese regalo? si se supone que no puede pasar por culpa del cristal que los separa.

  22. Well, the chalk can be thrown to the other side, but why can't he throw himself there? The force of something of the glass stops him…

  23. Mute this video and put this one at full volume in another tab, it'll fit properly trust me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk3UjeKfDDQ

  24. All this time and I never wondered until now…..


    I mean, even if there is a top part to the wall then that means he could have gotten something to use to just climb over the wall😐

  25. Как же мир тесен. На сайте беон.ру, 7 лет назад, это видео было очень популярно. Столько аватарок делали, много раз выкладывали видео. Хотела найти автора, но было столько перезаливов и замазан текст. Всего пару месяцев назад я увидела в одном топе мульт "Missing Halloween" и оказалось, что эти две короткометражки рисовал один и тот же автор.

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